Cryptomineholdings Review – Hyip Scam Exposed In Details

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Cryptomineholdings Review

Cryptomineholdings Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 5%-7% daily for 22 days. The site claims that they are a highly sophisticated mining site that will take your money and mine BTC for you.

It didn’t take us very long to crack through this facade and discover that Cryptomineholdings HYIP scam is not a true mining site. If you don’t want to lose your money, take care with this program!

Truth About Crypto Mine Holdings: Beware!

Following the footsteps of fellow scam artists who master in befooling the HYIP traders, the Crypto Mine Holdings is another chip from the same block. Twisted financial plans merged with dysfunctional and bogus social media pages having no existence at all, sums up the whole story of Crypto Mine Holdings scam. Selling their plans by posing as one of the top HYIP firms, the Crypto Mine Holdings with its belligerent moves and deceiving marketing tactics is trying to get hold of all the investments which the inexperienced traders are putting in to buy the cryptocurrency from this firm.

How our team of experienced investigators dug this out and how to shield yourself against such scams, let’s find out more about Cryptomineholdings scam.

Erroneous Website full of Typo Mistakes:

Our team of experienced investigators carried out an insightful survey and after critical analysis of several aspects of the website of Cryptomineholdings scam, they found several errors related to the website’s overall design and its content. These mistakes are not even fathomed by the companies which are registered and are doing legitimate business.

Cryptomineholdings Ponzi is a scam business firm which aims to loot the hard-earned coffers and then fly away for their own good. Dozens of typos, usability and functionality bugs have been pointed out by our investigators and one of which is being shown in the following image:

Cryptomineholdings Scam

Invalid Redirects and Dysfunctional Social Media Plugins:

A note to the newbies, if you really want to check out the legitimacy of any HYIP firm, just try clicking the social media buttons embossed perfectly for further advertisement. If the site is legitimate, its social media page will be flooded by the followers and it will have a well-endowed material over the page.

On the contrary, if you happen to click on the Facebook or Twitter advertisement button, and there is nothing shown after that link, just pull out the trust-pin that you were about to plug-in by investing in the fake HYIP organization.

Our team of investigators tried this after clicking on the social media plugins of the ponzi scam and guess what they found! Nothing beyond those pages except broken link and malicious advertisements.

No Customer Support Portal or Contact Us Page: HYIP scam is one of its kinds in being hilarious as well. Ever heard of any scam which is so easy to identify and report as this one is? Most probably you wouldn’t have! And the reason is, the orchestrators of this heinous scam have developed its website in total hassle.

Talk about any customer support portal, you won’t find any. If you really are in need of your queries clarification, you won’t find any “Contact-Us” page. And yeah, there is one page specifically designed to address the customers’ queries where we tried sending multiple emails but even after one-week of time, we didn’t get any response.

What does it imply? For a sane person having not forgotten the rough and tough days of earning money, these proofs are enough to call it an obnoxious scam having no other purpose but to loot the coffers of those who try hard in their life to make both ends meet.

Not Regulated by CySEC:

Many out there claim to have an agency of their own but no, you can’t trust everyone just because they are claiming this. You need to check out its regulation over a trusted website which shows you the exact truth as whether an XYZ company is registered or not? It also gives you an insight into its legitimacy and if it’s illegitimate or a scam, not only does it refrains you to invest in it, but also take strong actions against the so-called company and hunt down the conspirators.

Throughout the website, you won’t find even a single clause mentioning any numerical stream which says that yeah, the Crypto Mine Holdings is legitimate. The scam artists of Cryptomineholdings HYIP have tried to grab your purses but all the gratitude goes to the investigators who put in their efforts and came up with the proofs against the third-class scam of Crypto Mine Holdings.

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Is a Scam?

Yes! Cryptomineholdings is a scam that should be avoided. They are not paying the full return on the investment and have already closed many customers accounts without any warning. Even worse, we have received scores of emails from people who have told us that Cryptomineholdings is NOT paying.

Don’t fall into this web of lies. There are better ways to earn money online! Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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