CryptoBitForex Review – Hyip Scam Exposed In Details!

Before you invest online, please read our complete CryptoBitForex Review for the latest report. Is this HYIP paying or have they already turned into a scam? The answer might surprise you!

The internet is flooded with new investment sites. This means that you have hundreds of options on how to grow your money and earn online. But don’t get too excited. Almost all of the sites online today are scams. We hear from people each day that have lost their money online. Every single one of these scam sites shares one thing in common.

All scam sites have a beautiful website and nice design. They sound and look completely legitimate. But they aren’t. How do you tell the difference? Keep reading! Below we have outlined the main questions you should ask yourself before joining any investing site.

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CryptoBitForex Review

CryptoBitForex Review scam is a high yield investment program that promises an ROI of between 4%-20% spread out into various investment time periods. The site gives you a guarantee that you WILL earn money and that they will ALWAYS pay you.

These are lofty promises. So is CryptoBitForex paying and are they legitimate and honest? Before you invest with an HYIP, please always look for the following information. We investigated the claims and promises of this site and what you see below is a result of our query!

Who is the owner?

CryptoBitForex HYIP does not reveal who the owner is. They have an anonymous website registration and no known legitimate address. This is the first red flag. A legitimate working investment site will be happy to show you their owner because they will be proud of their success.

How old is the site?

The site is less than two months old (at the publication of this review). This means that they do not have a much of a track record to examine. However, if you are an HYIP investor, you will know that it is always better to join an HYIP at the beginning of the program while they are still paying.

How does make money?

One of the most important questions you should be asking yourself is, “How does this company invest my money?” The nature of their investment will be a good indicator of how successful their long-term business plan will be.

CryptoBitForex scam claims that they make money by trading in forex and investing in cryptocurrency. This sounds vague and most likely fake.

What proof do they give?

You should expect to see clear proof that this site works and is paying before you invest. However, the site itself offers no proof that it is paying. We scoured other sources to look for information of successful returns and investments but found nothing.

This site expects you to invest on the basis that they have a nice looking website. That’s all they offer. Would you trust a stranger on the street with your money just because he had a nice website? Hopefully not.

Is HYIP a legal company?

The site itself is registered with the UK as a business. However, they don’t carry insurance nor are they regulated by anyone. This means that after they file their initial business papers, they are on their own. If they scam or fail to make money, nobody is watching them or regulating them. The business registration with the UK is pretty useless.

User Reviews

The next part of our review is rather tricky. Please don’t be confused by our analysis. CryptoBitForex is paying at the publication of this post. But don’t get too excited! We do NOT trust them and we have not invested any of our own money. We aren’t even recommending them. Why not? scam has only been running for a little over one month. Most HYIPs do pay in the first few months so that they can increase trust with the public and get more deposits. It is only after they have reached the maximum success that they will steal the money and run.

Our readers have been very excited about this new HYIP. Many people have been paid and are placing their trust in this HYIP with their long-term investments. We want to issue a warning. Don’t put all of your faith in this site.

Firstly, this site is brand new and doesn’t have a long track record of paying. Secondly, they have not shown any proof that they trade in forex. These two facts in union with the questionable identity of the owner will be the deciding factor in our own involvement.

We will NOT join CryptoBitForex scam and we do not recommend that you do either.

Legitimate Earning

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Is CryptoBitForex a Scam?

To date, this HYIP is paying, but not for long. They will ultimately fall into the same scam routine as all other HYIP and Ponzi schemes have done. Don’t waste your money. CryptoBitForex is a scam.

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • Mats Ahlqvist

    The fact that this company is a legitimate registred company makes it possible to look up who the owner is and the basis for their operation. They gives a daily 2-4% and that is no scam warning to me. The site is not that beautiful but they do claim to love their members and wanting to help them out. That may be hard to live up to after 33 days and 738 members.

    • Hi Mats – Our review reflects that this is a new company who is paying right now, but we don’t expect that to last long term. Their business registration does not include the name of the owner. If you know his name, please let us know! Thanks!

  • Tomadey’

    Dear Admin, Kindly give us an update review on BitConnect.

  • Uttam agrawal

    Hello. Thanks for all information these are all very useful .. can you tell me cm trading .how can I earn it’s daily basis.