Cryp Trade Capital Review – Viral Hyip Scam Exposed

Before you invest your BTC, you need to read our complete Cryp Trade Capital Review! We have collected the evidence you need in order to decide if this company is legit or not! If you are already working with Cryp.Trade HYIP, please send us a message and let us know how it is working for you!

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Cryp Trade Capital Review

Cryp Trade Capital Review

Cryp.Trade is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers a high ROI (return on investment) for moderately low deposits. They are absolutely viral right now and are gaining scores of new investors each day.

We wanted to know if this site is as good as they claim it is, so we opened our investigation into them last month. During the past month, we have been monitoring them and listening to what our readers have told us.

The bottom line is that this HYIP is a Ponzi scheme that is currently paying but will NOT last long. We outlined the most important questions you should ask before investing with any online company!

– Who is the owner?

Nobody knows who the actual owner is, however, we do believe he is operating out of Panama. The Cryp.Trade scam website was registered from Panama a little over a year ago. Other than that, nobody knows who he is and what his history is.

We have seen time and time again that investment scam sites ALWAYS hide the name of their owner. That way, when their website runs off with the money, nobody can attack their name personal online. Scam artists like to remain anonymous.

– How does the site earn money?

Cryp Trade Capital claims that they have a highly skilled team of managers that are specialists in cryptocurrency trading. This information is highly doubtful for several reasons.

Firstly, the names and histories of these “highly skilled managers” are not revealed. If they are so talented and skillful they should have no problem revealing their name and trading history. It would increase the trust! But for some reason, they have chosen not to tell us who they are.

Secondly, they do not show any proof of their cryptocurrency trading results. Do they trade on Forex? If so, where is the proof? They have nothing to show for their trading history!

– Is the site regulated and insured? Is it safe?

The answer to these questions is all the same: NO!  Cryp.Trade scam is not regulated by any investment police and is not insured against hacking, or loss of trading. This means that when you deposit, you are assuming all of the risk for your money.

We do not recommend investing with any site that is not regulated and insured. There are very serious risks to you if you do so. We try to help as many people as we can by advising them on how to reclaim their money. However, we have learned that it is much harder when you are dealing with an unregulated website! Beware!

Return on Investment?

Cryp Trade Capital Scam

Cryp Trade Capital offer several high yielding programs that all have a year long investment period. The lowest amount they offer is 215.35% up to 361.35%. These amounts are incredibly high and in our opinion completely unrealistic.

We have never seen any HYIP that offers such a high ROI. So how are they doing it?

Crypt Trade Capital is a Ponzi scheme. They are not trading forex or anything else for that matter. They collect deposits and then pay people their earnings with the money of new investors. When new investments start drying up, people will stop being paid. This is a typical pyramid scheme and is the basis of thousands of scam sites each year.

It is possible to make money with Ponzi schemes but only if the owner is honest and the site is growing daily with new investors. With a site like Cryp.Trade scam, we believe it is highly unlikely they will continue paying for much longer. Furthermore, they will most likely ask for additional deposits in order to keep your account active.

If you are already working with this site, don’t invest any more money. They will not pay.

Safe Online Earning

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Is Cryp Trade Capital a Scam?

After examining all the evidence we collected the emails from our users. 74% of our readers who invested with this scam have been paid, but almost all of them are being asked to continue depositing fresh money. We advise against this.

Several of our readers have not been paid and when they attempted to dispute this, their accounts were blocked and closed without warning.

It is our opinion that Cryp Trade Capital is a scam. Tread carefully! It is possible make money online, but stay safe!

Happy Earnings!

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  • They literally do NOT have a real office to go too. Good luck with your investment and after you lose your money, please return and we will advise you on how you can try to recover it. They will scam you and everyone else.

    • Joe Robertson

      I have been trying to get support from cryp trade capital for over 4 days. Not good if they are en company. Well maybe someone is sleep there as no one ever answers especially James AshmoreSupport Agent

      • I am afraid to say that they won’t answer you, because they scammed you already. Try CM Trading instead.

  • J taka

    Totally SCAM.

  • You are 100% wrong. After you lose your money please come. Ack and share your story. Thanks!