Copy the Pro Scam Review

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Copy the Pro trading replicator is here! I seriously couldn’t get through their ridiculous video without laughing. The entire things is fake, from the actors, the photoshopped offices, to Brad Christian himself. If you are reading this because you are considering signing up with this replicator, please read through this first before continuing.

An actor going by the name of Brad Christian tries to convince us that he’s a professional binary trader who is well respected in the field of binary trading, therefore he posts trades on a replicator account for you and I to trade with. All we have to do is open an account with his broker and we can copy his trades for free.

Copy The Pro

There is only one small problem with this claim. Brad Christian is a fictional character created by the makers of this scam. He’s not a real person. Trust me when I say that nobody in this industry has ever heard of him. Every word out of his mouth is a lie.

Copy the Pro is one huge scam. You will lose your entire investment within a month or two of starting. Stop and think for a moment about Brad Christian. Would a super successful trader really give away his trades for free? Of course not! The people behind Copy the Pro are working with their broker to get a commission sale for each customer they convince to sign up. This is how the game works. You sign up with their replicator, make a deposit, and then copy a few trades. At this point the broker sends a payment to the Copy the Pro creators as an affiliation sale.

If you ever dreamed of losing your money while following someone you’ve never met before, this is the perfect program for you! But please don’t fall for this scam.

Conclusion: Copy the Pro is a scam!
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