Copy Buffet Scam Review

Copy Buffet Scam Review. The following is our honest and in depth review of the viral new Copy Buffet software! Please read this entire review before investing as we have some valuable information that will help you make the best decision for you and your goals!

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DESCRIPTION: The Copy Buffet software was built off Warren Buffet’s strategies. Safe and slow gains that build up over time to make a nice side paycheck…

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Is Copy Buffet a Scam or Legit?

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We rarely, and I mean rarely, ever review a product that we support. That is why you’ll notice we only work with a very few select companies. We are very skeptical about any new auto trader that comes out. When we first saw Copy Buffet about two weeks ago, we liked the look of their website so much, we decided to wait a few weeks to see what customers and other bloggers had to say about it. We decided to give Copy Buffet the benefit of the doubt before writing a bad review, because we honestly appreciated the honesty of their website. For two weeks we sat, waited, and watched. This review is the result of that waiting and research. So what did we find out? Let’s crack open what Copy Buffet is and what it is not to better understand our conclusion.

Everyone in the trading industry knows Warren Buffet. He is a genius trader, above and beyond what most people will ever achieve in the stock market. His strategies are unparalleled and beyond compare. Everyone has the highest amount of respect for this man. Below we have included a video of Warren Buffet himself talking about his trading strategies. Everyone has a lot to learn from this man.

The Copy Buffet software was built off Warren Buffet’s strategies. The creators behind Copy Buffet came up with a trading algorithm that essentially, to the best of its ability, copies the methods used by Warren Buffet. The result is NOT a million dollars a year, but rather safe and slow gains, that build up over time to make a nice side paycheck for anyone who wants to take a safer risk. Please remember, that this software does not claim to make you a millionaire. Neither does it make any false claims about crazy earnings or guaranteed profits. Copy Buffet is a “what you see is what you get” type of software. It’s honest, even at the expense of losing traders who are only in this for a quick buck. Please walk away now if you are one of those “make me rich overnight” type of person. Even Warren Buffet himself does not have this mentality!

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We’ve been getting a ton of emails from our readers who are curious about Copy Buffet. Many of them have asked a very valid question. Does Copy Buffet claim that Warren Buffet actually helped them build this software? The answer is no. We read every word on their site three or four times and spoke to the customer support personally to get to the bottom of this. Copy Buffet software does not work directly with Warren Buffet and in their defense, they have never made such a claim. This means they are honest! They openly admit in their customer service message to us that Warren Buffet is not connected to their software. They simply use his strategies. There is a big difference there, a good difference, because it means Copy Buffet is not lying like most other auto traders we review.

We checked out the news articles they include on their website, and they are all real. So kudos to Copy Buffet for being one of the very few auto traders that has not resorted to lies! This is impressive and encouraging. Copy Buffet is setting the bar higher for future auto traders!

So what does Copy Buffet offer?
1. Trusted and steady gains over time. No lies, No tricks!
2. Uses Warren Buffet’s trading strategy genius!
3. 30 days FREE software trial, after the trial period you will share 5% of your profits. This is legit, because they need to keep their software engineers well paid so the software continues performing at 100%!
4. No actors or fake reviews.
5. Available World Wide including USA! (India, Nigeria & Uganda are not included)
6. 24/7 customer support!

Many of you are probably wondering if we tried out Copy Buffet ourselves? We joined up with another trader friend we work with. He opened a trading account with Copy Buffet and we split the earnings with him just for the purpose of this review. This was 8 days ago. We started our account with $300. At the end of 8 days our account sits right at $750. This is exactly what we like to see. Some people might think this is not enough. Please get your eyes checked! We went from $300 to $750 on auto pilot without working or leaving the house. If this isn’t good enough for you, I don’t know how else to impress you. Just keep buying lottery tickets and waiting for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Copy Buffet is for mature traders who understand that any gain is a GAIN!

Don’t take our word for it! Try Copy Buffet out for yourselves and give us a complete review of your results!

Thank you for reading our honest review of Copy Buffet! Please leave your own experiences below!
Conclusion: Copy Buffet is NOT a scam!

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