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Copy binary Review! CB is a viral threatening scam that has already infected thousands of traders with devastating losses. Do NOT invest with this malignant and disgusting company that also goes by the name of The Amissio Formula. Before you read any further take note that this viral scam offer most likely came to you from an email spam that has been linked to multiple other scams as well. Count yourself as lucky for finding this review before signing up!

Below, we have exposed the entirety of the Copy binary .com scam scheme as well as how the actor in this scam has worked for multiple other scams as well. There is nothing real about this company. They have been warned several times to stop scamming new day traders, but they have not heeded our warning. We need your help in stopping them for good!

If you are reading this and you’ve already been a victim of this scam, please send us a message ASAP and we might be able to help you get your money back! In the meantime, make sure to read our review exposing The Amissio Formula as well!

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Copy binary Review

Copy binary Scam Review: What is it?

Copy binary .com is a new website featuring the classic binary options auto trading scam that has already been busted multiple times. The owner of this scam was pretty clever. He decided to take the scam video and place it on a new website with a new url web address and remarket it to save money. This scheme actually worked! Because his new url website address is “” it tricks the google algorithm into thinking that this is a new auto trader.

Not only that, the new url also makes it very hard to find reviews on! For those of you that are unfamiliar with google ranking and algorithm, it’s important to learn that this scam goes by three different names! Besides copy binary and The Amissio Formula, we also have “AutoTradeProfits”. All three of these are the exact same scam!

So what is copy exactly? It’s a binary options auto trader that DOES NOT WORK! More than that, it was actually designed not to work. How are we so sure? Keep reading below!

Who is Craig Phillips and How Many Scams Has He Been In?

Craig Phillips is INSANE! This guy has literally been featured in FOUR scams! We aren’t even sure how he keeps getting work. We know for a fact that he’s not the actual creator of these scams, he’s merely an actor. Take a look at his large acting list of accomplishments below!

1. The Automato Formula

2. Orion Code

3. The Amissio Formula

He has previously gone by the names of Edward Robinson and George Coleman. This guy has really been busy. His face looks trustworthy but every word out of his mouth is a complete lie. He has been busier than a rabbit during mating season!

Copy binary Scam

Craig Phillips is NOT a real person! He claims to have taken four of his top stock market traders and software developers and started this new auto trader. That was proven to be a LIE! Nobody in Wall Street has ever heard of him nor do they recognize his face. He’s a two-bit cheap actor hiring himself out to scams.

The Software That Never Loses!

“Craig Phillips” and Copy binary .com tells us over and over that their software is “the only software that never loses”. Let’s clear the air. Number one, the vast majority of their trades are LOSING! And number two, they are not the only auto trading software that has made this claim. Many have come and many have fallen. There is NO such thing as a 100% perfect software trading system.

Anyone that tries to convince you their software does not lose it a liar and a fraud. Every professional trader in this industry loses trades. If a perfect software existed nobody would be blogging about it, we’d be using it!

There is one thing in common that draws all of “Craig Phillips” cheap scams together. In each of them, he claims to be super rich and super successful. And in all of them, he is lying.

But wait, that’s not all!

We have also previously exposed another binary options scam that is produced by the same person. The Virtual Income scam uses the same production set (office setting) as the Copy Binary .com set does. This proves that they are actually part of the same conglomerate of scams.

We predict that within a few months, we’ll be exposing another scam that is also tied to this ring!

Copy binary .com Earns Money?

In our quest to determine the legitimacy of the claims on this website, we ran into several traders that had already signed up. They were shocked when we showed them that this same man has been working with multiple scams. We actually advised them on how to take a withdrawal before trading started on their account, however, we were not successful.

The unregulated brokers that work with these scams move much faster than we do. Within seconds of depositing money, they will immediately take losing trades to collect that money back as quickly as possible. Once you enter your information and email, they will now sell that email to their scam friends and you will be spammed daily with new “make thousands overnight!” offers. Do not click on any of these! Many of them are filled with malware as well.

Copy binary .com does NOT earn money. It only loses it. Time and time again. We estimate that the man behind this has banked over a million dollars and counting. He receives $250 each time one of you signs up (as a commission sale) from the broker. He then had to pay some of this to the actor and production team and filmed his video for him, but that still leaves him with a large chunk of money. This is why he will keep scamming, because enough is never enough.

Earning Online Safely?

Despite what you may believe, it is actually VERY hard to make money online without losing a lot in the process. We have made things easy for you, just check out our favorite system for earning, My Paying Ads. It’s safe, legitimate, and trusted! For those of you that like to trade, we also recommend checking out Social Trading with Tradeo.

When in doubt about any financial system, please message us and we can advise you based on our personal experience.

Is Copy binary .com a Scam?

By now there should be no doubt that copy binary .com is a scam. This has been presented as fact and proven true.

1. Copy binary .com is the same scam as The Amissio Formula.

2. Craig Phillips is a fake person who is portrayed by the same actor who has gone by several other names.

3. No software can generate 100% wins. This is nothing but an evil lie.

4. None of the earnings or profits here are verified. There is no real proof here.

Important Alert!!! What do you stand to lose if you sign up with copy binary .com? You will lose your $250 initial investment. But more than that, you will be hounded by nasty brokers who promise to help you make your money back.

They will convince you and manipulate you into investing additional money, which you will also lose. When you attempt to get them to explain their lies, they will block your phone number and close your account. You will never hear from them again!

Thank you for reading our Copy binary Review.

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  • Michael F

    Thanks for the warning, I got an email from them telling me to deposit. Thank god I didn’t

    Please recommend me an alternative.

    • Hey Michael 🙂 We are glad you didn’t fall for it!

      I’m sure there are many people falling for this scam right now.

      if you are interested in trading and making money, I would suggest you go with Tradeo. You can read the review in our social trading tab.