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Welcome to our Review. If you are thinking of joining this HYIP, you might want to reconsider doing so. This is a matrix pyramid scam, and the only people who are benefiting from this are the early members who joined, and to be specific, the affiliate marketers.

In the last few weeks we have seen a highly aggressive ad campaign under way to collect more people for this program. You have probably heard about it from a friend or social media group that is targeting you! This is also why you decided to research it before joining, and you’ll be glad you did!

As you will see below, Coolfund only works if you have the ability to get a large amount of referrals who are also able to collect their own referrals. This program is NOT for people who do not want to work hard for high quality referrals.

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Coolfund is a Ponzi scheme that operates as a member to member matrix created by unknown people to “put a smile on someone else’s face” as they claim. But that’s not true! We will expose this system with common sense and evidence.

Why Donation Will Never Work?

The pyramid matrix is an old marketing system that scammers use to get more money from people. The only ones who benefit from this matrix are the owners of the matrix and their affiliate partners.

Despite their claim, regular people will not be able to take advantage of this.Why? You will need to refer other members to earn. Without referrals, you can’t make a single cent. But that’s not just it, your referrals will also need to refer another people for them and you to earn. If your referrals can’t refer other people, you and your referrals will stop earning.

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Is A Scam?

We signed up directly to the website with a six different email addresses without any sponsor or referral to see how the admin is benefiting from the Ponzi scheme he created. We found exactly what we thought.

What we noticed is that our six emails got attached to 3 random sponsors in the matrix. Each of these three sponsors got 2 of our email accounts. This means that the admin has three blockchain (Bitcoin Wallets) to collect payments from the users who signup directly without a real sponsor.

The admin has organized his matrix system to select his three fake accounts to be the main sponsors for any user who registers directly to coolfund. This system is not … “A community of friends that care for one another” Rather he only care for himself by collecting all the payments from the individual users instead of sharing it with the other members.

It’s not even a real matrix. It’s a pure scam. For a matrix scheme to work, the admin has to share all the profits with the members or else it won’t work for a very long time.

It’s true that if you sponsored someone, then that person will pay you directly, but this isn’t going to work if you are not getting part of the payments that comes from users without sponsors, because your referrals may not be able to get their referrals which will cause the whole line to stop.


If you are an internet marketer or a YouTuber, then this matrix is perfect for you. However, you need to know that you will be scamming the individual people who won’t be able to get their referrals. Therefore we are not recommending scam due to it’s inherent dishonesty with people.

Thank you for reading our Review and email us with any questions you may have.

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