Review – Hyip Scam Exposed

If you are like thousands of other people, you are dying to invest in a HYIP that actually works. For this reason, you NEED to read our full Review before you become another victim of the HYIP scam that is going absolutely viral right now.

Perhaps you are already working on this site and you have lost your money. If so, please contact us immediately for advice and to share your experience. If you want to read about the best way to earn online, please keep reading for our number 1 recommendation!

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Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) of 1% a day with a term limit that never expires. This sounds pretty good, but without a term of expiration, are we supposed to believe that this one-time investment continues earning forever? Sounds a little unrealistic.

The site describes themselves as an international team of forex traders that have a long history of turning out profitable trading weeks. They even have detailed Forex reports dating back over a year showing their supposed trading results. It all looks incredibly promising!

Earning 1% daily is a reasonable and low enough offer that it might actually be possible to maintain long term.

Is a Ponzi scam?

We took a long look at the trading results that are demonstrated on the website and we are happy to report that everything appears to be legitimate. However, we also strongly caution anyone from joining due to the signs we discovered below. We have listed the major reasons why we won’t be recommending this site nor joining ourselves.

Many people like to take a risk in return for a quick pay out, and you might be one of the lucky one’s who ends up getting paid, however, the signs still point to a strong and likely Ponzi scam.

In a Ponzi scam, the owners pretend to invest your money into some sort of earning program, when in reality they are simply moving money around inside their own site, without truly investing it. For example, when you deposit, your money is given to someone else for their withdrawal. When you request your own withdrawal later on, you will only receive it if someone else comes after you and deposits.

We can’t say for sure that is a Ponzi scam, but it’s possible.

Signs of Scam

Despite the above great signs, there are also some pretty damaging facts about scam. Let’s take a look at what we found to be false or missing information.

1. Fake Address

The address listed on the site as 17 Marble Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, M2 3AW is actually not a specific office but rather the address to a large building full of offices for rent. If this building actually was home to Control Finance scam, they would have listed a more direct and specific office number.

Instead, they have used a very common and general address that anyone can use simply by googling office locations.

2. No Regulations scam is not regulated. They show off several legitimate registration and incorporation certificates, but none of these carry the same weight as a simple regulation would.

When a business is legally regulated, it means that they have submitted their business to a higher authority or watch dog that will make sure they follow the rules. Control Finance scam has chosen NOT to be regulated, which makes their credibility drop several notches.

3. Anonymous Owner

The site includes a great video from the supposed owner but this man does not even give us the courtesy of introducing himself. He carries a strong Russian accent, which makes his supposed location in the UK even a little more strange, but not impossible.

We find it more problematic that he didn’t introduce himself and carries on explaining his company without even sharing his name. The possibility that this man is an actor is VERY strong. Not only that but the “team of highly skilled traders” also goes without a name. Any talented trader would be happy to share his name and credentials. This is another red flag.

Is Paying?

Now for the moment, you’ve all been waiting for! Is Control Finance paying or not? We have collected several emails that people have sent us detailing their experiences with this site. The first and foremost thing that sticks out to us is that everyone who messaged us reported the following experiences.

1. Horrible customer support. When they had a question or experienced a technical problem, the customer support was nowhere to be found.

2. Delayed withdrawals that sometimes lasted up to a month. This is another huge red flag that points to a Ponzi scam.

3. They closed accounts without warnings. Some users reported that their account was closed without any warning.

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Is a Scam?

While it seems the admin of Control Finance HYIP scam have tried very hard to convince us that they are real, we do NOT recommend joining them. Many signs point to the fact that we believe is a scam. The risk outweighs the potential. We’d rather stick to a regulated forex system like the one above!

If you need any investment advice or would like us to research a site for you, please send us a message! We love to help!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!




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  • steve

    have you reviewed Bitconnect hyip yet?

  • We censor to protect our readers against the enormous amount of spam for scam sites that people post daily.

  • Ken Expo

    It’s funny everyone also said bitcoin was a Ponzi scheme when it first came out. Now a lot of people want to join that Ponzi scheme. I’m not sure how many of you remember or know about Bernie Madoff? Biggest Ponzi scheme in US History $65 Billion worth. How long did that Ponzi scheme run for. How many people became rich beyond their wildest dream with that Ponzi scheme.

    • And how many people lost their money so that the other ones became rich? You can’t fix good with bad Ken.

      See here is the thing, if there is any company that would like to operate a Ponzi, they just have to say we are running a Ponzi. Therefore we will let them run and we will not blacklist them. Because people know they are joining a Ponzi and they understand the risk. But saying bullshit such as investing in forex and this crap like guaranteed income, then we will always hunt those fraudsters and blacklist them.

      Anyway Ken, so are u just a regular member of control finance or the fraudster owner?

  • Exiled in Babylon

    I was looking at C-F and thought to look for reviews.. Caution received, thank you.

  • steve

    it stopped paying they have gone

    • Yeah, we keep getting positive comments from the same scammers running this Ponzi scheme but we never approved it. They were probably trying to get as much victims as they want and close down.

  • Frank

    Control finiance has nothing to do with crypty though, other than the fact that they are stealing your bitcoins instead of $$$. It’s a standard ponzi scam. And now they have already stopped paying.

  • Well anyone arguing that it’s not a scam what do you say now? I mean they just deleted all of their social media and the website itself lol. A guy i work with just lost $10,000.

    • Socrates WM

      If he has this much money its better to invest in something legitimate.

      • He’s not gonna ever get it. Now he’s talking about throwing a bunch more into USI-TECH and bitconnect which i think are also both scams. He sees this fast money shit and looses his mind. I’m trying to get him to just throw it into different cryptos and just sit on them.


          You don’t know personally CrypTown shut the fuck up.

  • Anita Machie Enegbuma

    I am trying to get data on how long programs like this operated. Control finance and bitpetitie. Any leads