Compound Trader Scam Review

Compound Trader Scam Review. Coming back from a long week off, we were hit with several viral scams blowing up our inbox. We chose to review Compound Trader as it is racing to the top of the scam list, taking no prisoners. As always, please check with us before investing with any auto trading software or rev share company. We enjoy blowing up scams and exposing them for all to see. This is our passion. If you have a signal service or trading robot you’d like us to review, please send us a message before signing up with it. This industry is a dangerous one, but despite all the bad apples, it’s still a great way to make extra money on the side. We are here to answer your questions and guide you away from devious scams such as Compound Trader. Another viral scam we did a review on can be READ HERE.

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DESCRIPTION: Compound Trader is racing to the top of the scam list, taking no prisoners….

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Dr. Albert Henderson spent 7 years developing Compound Trader Software?

Compound Trader Scam

An actor going by the name of Dr. Albert Henderson introduces us to the newest binary options trading robot scam, by claiming he and his buddies spent 7 whole years crafting it. This can’t be confirmed as the Compound Trader software was just released a few days ago and is not a legitimate business, therefore has no registered owner. The elusive and shady Dr Albert Henderson has no online history in trading and seems to have popped up out of nowhere to wow us with his audacious binary options claims. He does not exist and the man claiming to be him is nothing but a failed actor turned scam artist. A scam we wrote about a few weeks ago, also used an actor, SEE HERE.

The “Compound Effect” is what exactly?

The entire premise of the amazing profits behind the Compound Trader is based on the concept that you can compound your profits by placing additional trades on a winning trend. This isn’t a new concept and doesn’t really have anything magical about it. The actor behind the Compound Trader wants us to believe that he and his friends created this concept, which is completely false. It’s not special nor is it new. Understandably, if you can identify a trend in the market, you can take out multiple trades on that trend, thus compounding your profits. However, as any good trader knows, a trend in the market can just as easily change at any given second, therefore any additional trades placed on that trend will subsequently lose.

The “compound effect” only works as long as the trend is still in action, and there is no solid way of knowing for sure when this trend will quit. Sometimes it is 2 hours into the future, and sometimes it is 2 minutes! With those numbers, it’s really not smart to place multiple trades on the same trend. No serious binary options trader would recommend opening multiple trades based on a single trend. It’s not smart and it can result in staggering losses. The notion that the Compound Trader auto trading software has somehow capitalized on an old and very dangerous strategy is ludicrous. Another scam recently made equally as damning claims, READ HERE.

You can view the scam for yourself, by watching the video below.

Compound Trader Scam Any proof it actually works?

The Compound Trader website features a section of happy and successful traders that have made millions of dollars off of Compound Trader. This is not only impossible, it’s downright laughable. This particular trading robot software has only been available for a few days, but somehow they already have people making millions of dollars. It was no surprise to us that all of these successful traders were fake, just like their owner. The Compound Trader doesn’t have a Facebook page, so where are these so called facebook comments being posted? They are fabrications with fake pictures and fake FB accounts, with comments posted to a non-existent FB page. Why does this all seem so familiar? Another scam used this same deceptive tactic, READ HERE.
In addition to their fraudulent and fake traders comments, we also have no evidence that any of this is legitimate. There is not a shred of real proof to show that any real trades are being placed. A few photoshopped bank accounts are flashed across the screen as proof. Anyone who is familiar with our reviews knows how much we hate those photoshopped bank statements. They trick a lot of good people into losing a lot of hard earned money!

12 Thousand Dollars a Day or not?

One of the wilder claims we see Compound Trader scam making is that you will make 12 thousand dollars a day with their auto trader. This has never been done in the history of binary options trading and we don’t have any reason to believe this is the magical system that has somehow done it. Given all the staggering lies above, the 12 thousand dollar lie just goes right up next to them as being unbelievable. Even professional traders don’t make 12 thousand dollars a day. Some days they might, but binary options is anything but consistent. It is virtually impossible to have the same results every day. There is a good reason pro traders don’t waste their time on empty and ridiculous systems such as the Compound Trader. They know they simply do not work. 99.9% of binary options auto traders don’t have a good track record, like the one we reviewed, SEE HERE. 

How can you find a good trading service you can actually trust?

Most signal services don’t live up to their claims, that is true. However, knowing and understanding this is part of being successful at binary options and forex trading. Please read our post important trading tips  HERE about protecting yourself while trading. Before even starting with a system you should understand the risks involved and be prepared to take them. After understanding those risks, it is important to research a system that actually works.

The best system we have seen is Social Trading with Tradeo, which we wrote about HERE. This system has never failed us and consistently works time after time. Please take a few moments to check it out and then message us with any questions! If you are looking for a slower yet less risky way to make money online, check out My Paying Ads, READ HERE. Both of these systems deliver consistently and you won’t be disappointed!

As always, message us with your concerns and questions and we’ll be happy to talk with you.

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