COMEX Brokerage Limited Scam Review

Comex Brokerage Limited Scam Review. If you are reading this review it is because you are trying to earn money online and someone recommended Comex Brokerage Limited to you! Be very glad you found our in depth review, because we will help you make the best choice for you when it comes to investing with this company or walking away. We will explain exactly how the Comex Brokerage Limited corporation operates and how and if you will make any money with them. Keep reading and if you still have any questions afterwards, please send us a message or leave a comment below!

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DESCRIPTION: Comex Brokerage Limited is an online investment firm that allows you to deposit small to large sums of money with large returns…

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What is Comex Brokerage Limited and how does it work?

COMEX Brokerage Limited Scam

COMEX Brokerage Limited Scam

Comex Brokerage Limited is an online investment firm that allows you to deposit small to large sums of money with large returns. They supposedly make this money by investing your small deposit into various stocks, profiting, and then returning it to you. However, this isn’t quite the whole story.

Comex Brokerage Limited actually pays you before they even make enough profit off of your investment. How do they accomplish this? They accomplish this by paying you with the money that they investor who comes after you deposits into the company. Likewise they pay that guy with the next guys deposit, all the while hoping they make good on the initial investment, so they can break even and make a profit for themselves as well. As you can see, this creates a “pyramid” of payments, where each person’s payout is dependent on more investors after him choosing to invest. When these new investments dry up, the last people to join will not get paid at all.

Normally companies like Comex Brokerage Limited will entice new investors by allowing them to withdraw small profits so that they build the trust between the client and the corporation. This works and the client deposits a larger sum of money, which is then not returned as promised. Using this strategy, companies like Comex Brokerage Limited attract larger investors by gaining the trust with the initial smaller deposits. Perhaps this has happened to you before. You have chosen to start with a small amount, you deposited it, then you took a small withdrawal of $10 or less to make sure the company is legit. When your money is given to you, you assume the trustworthiness of the company is sound, and you deposit a larger sum of money.

Then the scam starts. As soon as the investment company has a larger amount of money from you, they don’t really care about you anymore other than to do “damage control”. When you attempt to make a withdrawal they will say, “We have a great idea for you! Instead of withdrawing, how about you reinvest your profits and make your money grow even larger!” This is 100% false. They are lying to you, because they don’t actually have any money to give you. After they are done paying themselves, nothing is actually left over. However, thousands and thousands of people continue to fall for these scams every day!

Comex Brokerage Limited has three different investment programs, which you can view below. They claim that you can take a daily withdrawal, which they are currently paying for low investors. Recall what we said above about how their manipulation strategy works. We have not spoken to a single person that has successfully withdrawn a larger amount of money from this company. So proceed at your own risk!

COMEX Brokerage Limited Scam

COMEX Brokerage Limited Scam

Understanding the risks of online investing!

The singular most important fact you need to keep in mind when considering signing up with Comex Brokerage Limited is that they are  HYIP. HYIP is an acronym for “High Yield Investment Program”. If you take a quick look on Wikipedia, you’ll find that the common understanding of HYIP’s is that they are a SCAM! Wiki states that “A high-yield investment program (HYIP) is a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment scam that promises unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors.” These types of scams have blossomed in the past few years due to the ease of creating an internet company, licensed or not.

The second most important thing to understand about HYIP’s is that, if you lose your money, you have virtually no way of getting it back. All of these HYIP websites come with very detailed disclaimers that inform you that you might lose your money, and if you do, you assume all of the risk for that loss. This means that in the VERY likely case that your money is lost, you will have no recourse to reclaim it. Our advice to you is the NEVER join a HYIP. However, if you want to try it out with a small amount of money, we strongly assert to you that you will never be able to regain that money should you lose it. Absolutely DO NOT invest more money than you can’t afford to lose. If you do, you only have yourself to blame and don’t go whining about it. The company customer support will ignore your phone calls and nobody will help you.

Honestly, we’d love to be able to help people reclaim their money in such cases, but it’s not possible. As we said above, these websites all have very hefty disclaimers that make it impossible to hold them liable. Don’t get angry that you failed to read it, just learn from your mistake and move on. You might wonder how this is any different from binary options or forex? It’s not. In binary options and forex, you also assume all risk for any losses you will have and your money will also be impossible to recover when you lose it. The only recourse you can try is to take out a claim with your credit card company, which you will likely lose because every broker also has an extensive disclaimer explaining the risks and telling you that in the likely case of a loss, you are out the money and can’t reclaim it. We are always shocked by how many traders and online investors don’t grasp this. Binary options trading, forex, HYIP’s, they are all a game, which you are signing up to play with the big boys. If you can’t handle it, don’t play! This is not a game for cry babies and whiners. Nobody enters into these businesses without losing money. We have lost a lot. Our goal with this website is to minimize those losses and find the best programs, but even those will sustain losses that you must assume before you invest!

Is there a better way to make money online?

Yes! At least with Forex and Binary Options you have a chance of making and withdrawing money. HYIP’s are just trash, plain and simple. Just remember, even with Forex and Binary, you still must assume all the risk for your investment choices and you will probably lose some or all of your money at various times during your trading adventure. This is just the nature of the game! All that being said, we’ve been trading for several years now and have had many positive experiences!

We recommend you start with an easy system such as Tradeo or NEO2 Software. You can read about both of these programs on our website as well as educate yourself on hundreds of scams that are currently going viral!

Make sure to stay far away from these other HYIP scams!

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Conclusion: Comrex Brokerage Limited is a SCAM! Proceed with caution and don’t come crying back to us when you lose your money!

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