Cointower Review – Hyip Scam Exposed In Detail

Stop whatever you were doing and read our full Cointower Review before you lose another BTC! You absolutely need to read this report if you were considering investing your money into this fake crypto mining site. They are going viral and have one goal in mind: to steal your money!

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Cointower Review

Cointower Review is HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 10%-15% daily with no expiration date. The website claims to be a cryptocurrency mining site that will take your investment and return high profits to you each day. The profits they offer are considerably higher than most sites we have reviewed recently.

It’s no surprise that Cointower scam has over 14 thousand Facebook followers. They have only been open for seven days but they have been marketing their scam to all of the top HYIP review blogs for a few weeks in order to drive up the hype and excitement.

We don’t really care how they get their investors and we certainly hope that everyone involved can make money. However, there are some serious problems with and we would not be doing our jobs if we failed to point them out. After you read all of the evidence below, we hope you’ll choose NOT to invest your Bitcoin with scam. Now it’s YOUR turn to judge for yourself. Scam: The Facts

Whenever we research a new HYIP we always look at the following areas. Who owns it? How do they make money? Are they regulated? Are they paying? After we find the answers to these questions, we can pretty much predict the longevity of their site and whether our readers should trust them or not. So let’s take a closer look.

Who owns Cointower HYIP?

The most obvious question you should ask yourself is this. The owner of this site is UNKNOWN. This means that whoever designed and opened this site has NO interest in telling you his name. Why does this matter?

He expects to gain your trust (get your money) but he doesn’t even respect you enough to tell you his name? He’s going to take your name when you register, but he won’t even tell you his own? This is a sure sign of someone who is dishonest and manipulative. He is hoping that his cute website will be enough to make you forget the fact that you don’t even know who he is. That’s a big red flag.

Is Cointower Scam Regulated?

NO! scam is NOT regulated. This means that they are operating without any oversite or protection. They have not submitted their business to be reviewed by any financial authority. They are hoping this is another fact that you’ll overlook when you see their offered ROI of 10% daily forever.

If you chose to trust an unregulated site such as Cointower HYIP, you will have nobody to report them to when they close up and scam you. This is EXACTLY why they have chosen not to be regulated. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that this doesn’t matter. In a day when 99.9% of all HYIPs don’t even last two months without closing, you shouldn’t trust anyone that doesn’t get regulated.

Does Cointower HYIP mine BTC?

The central point of the website is that they mine for BTC and share the profit with you. They want you to believe that when you deposit your BTC, they will use that BTC to mine for even more BTC and then give you a huge profit. Please remember…

Mining for BTC is not free. It requires enormous resources and solid and trusted management. Moreover, it needs realistic goals. Offering a return daily “forever” is NOT realistic and doesn’t take into account fluctuating prices or equipment failure.

However, make no mistake. is NOT a real mining site. They do NOT mine BTC as they claim. They are merely a Ponzi scam that recycles money from one person to the next in order to increase trust and get more deposits.

How do we know that Cointower scam isn’t a real mining site? They offer ZERO proof that they have any mining going on.

But this is consistent with them. Remember…

Cointower scam doesn’t care about you. They don’t respect you enough to give the name of their owner. They don’t respect you enough to get regulated. They don’t respect you enough to tell you the truth about their Ponzi scheme.

Do you still think they won’t run off with your money the first chance they get? A Ponzi scam only lasts as long as the site feels like paying. Whenever they get bored, they will close their site and keep all of the remaining BTC.

Special Alert

If you invest your BTC into a dubious site like the scam, you will not be able to get it back once they steal it. When they steal your money, don’t come crying. You made the decision to give a known scam your BTC and when they steal it, that’s part of the deal.

Is Paying: User Reviews Ponzi scam has only been in operation for 8 days at the publication of this article. They are currently paying. However, they are using the money of new investors to pay the withdrawals of their first investors in the Ponzi scam style. This won’t last much longer than a few months. We can’t predict exactly how long they will continue to pay, but we can say that most of the people who invest with them will lose their money. It’s just not worth the risk.

Most HYIP sites will simply claim to have been “hacked” when they decide they want to close. They will then blame the “hackers” for stealing your money. In a few weeks or even sooner, they will open a brand new scam HYIP and start collecting BTC again. The story of the “hacker” is a lie. They merely want to pass off the blame onto someone else so you won’t try and find out who they are.

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Is a Scam?

It is without a doubt that we can call Cointower a scam. They are lying pieces of garbage that are focused on mining your personal BTC directly out of your account. They are hoping to find plenty of naive and trusting young people to invest.

The only way to stop this site from scamming is by shutting them down. We can shut them down together by sharing this post to warn people. will only stay open as long as they continue getting new money. Let’s shut these scammers DOWN!

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Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!


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  • PMH zone is scam. Dont invest in this site.

  • I’ve lost all my investment, they don’t pay! Cointower is a lie!

  • İlyas Aslan

    Cointower is scam. It’s only paid 1 withdraw after not pay.

  • k.p3trov is ponzi, do not trust this scam site. only 1st withdraw was completed!

  • Neil Thompson

    CoinTower stooped paying some time ago and is obviously a scam – what puzzles me is why is their website still working! With all the complaints I expected it to be shut down by now!