Review: HYIP Cryptocurrency Scam!

If you want to earn bitcoin by investing in a high yield investment program, please read our review first! Everything you wanted to know and need to know about HYIP scam is included in the review.

Our website has been officially monitoring this high yield investment program for the last several weeks. We have talked with their customer support, our own readers, and monitored feedback online. The results of this investigation are below!

For those of you that have lost money with this fraudulent site, please contact us for advice on how to possibly get your money back as well as help finding a legitimate earning site!

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In order to conclude why is a scam, you first need to understand what they claim to be. In order to best explain it to you, we have set up a true vs false section below.

True or False is a highly profitable team of cryptocurrency traders that make massive profits online. They want to share this investment with you in exchange for your money.


The Coinsz investment program is owned and operated by one or more individuals who do NOT trade in cryptocurrency or any other asset.

There is no proof or verification that shows any trading history for the company named Coinsz. In fact, it is as if they do not even exist anywhere except this one website.

– They have no trading portfolio showing records of trading history.

– They have not told us the name of their owner or the names of the traders who supposedly make these highly successful investments.

True or False informs us on their website that they are an insured company and will insure their customer’s investments.


They are not insured and carry no form of insurance to protect you as the investor. This is a flat out lie.

– No insurance companies will insure a high yield investment program.

– If they lose your money OR steal your money – you have no way of getting that money back.

True or False gives 20% daily for 10 days with an ROI of 200%.


Everyone we have spoken with has lost their money with this scam. Some people deposited large amounts and when they went to take a withdrawal, their account was closed without warning.

Because they used bitcoin, they cannot reclaim that money!

– 20% daily for ten days is a grossly inflated ROI which is not likely to end in a successful investment. These people are lying to your face to seduce you into giving them your money.

– If it’s “too good to be true” it usually is.

Proof of Scam

The most damning piece of evidence against is the honest user reviews we have read. There is a purposeful attempt from several online review blogs to support this malicious scam because they are trying to earn commissions!

User review have unanimously reported that this company is NOT PAYING. If you are one of their victims, please contact us to share your story!

When the website was brand new they initially did pay several withdrawals with a Ponzi scheme. This means that they used the money from new investors to pay their original customers.

This money never came from cryptocurrency trading. It was all just a lousy Ponzi scam just like X-Binary scam.

Earning Safely Online

If you are one of the millions of people genuinely trying to earn money online, we have some safety tips for you!

1. Never trust a website that is anonymous. If you can’t find the owner and verify his identity, it’s most likely a fraudulent site.

2. Locate honest reviews with real people who aren’t just lying for commissions!

3. Feel free to message us at any time for advice and we will give you our honest opinion based on what we know!

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Is a Scam?

After examining the evidence you can plainly see that this HYIP is a no good, rotten, lousy, malicious and dangerous scam! Do not trust it!

There are better ways to earn online!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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