Coinomia Scam Review – Mining for Trouble!

Welcome to our Coinomia Review! Coinomia is the newest, hottest cryptocurrency mining investment plan to hit the market in a long while! We’ve been hearing excited buzz about this program for months now. If you are interested in joining this investment opportunity you will want to read our report on it FIRST! We’ve gotten inside the system and have spoken to members as well as observed how this business plans to operate long term.

Included in our review is a description of exactly what Coinomia is and how to best use it to make profits. We will also be revealing whether or not we joined or not. We have received numerous offers to join but as you have come to expect from us, we only join the best. So what did we find when we got inside the Coinomia platform? Find out below!

Coinomia Trusted or Scam: UNKNOWN

Coinomia Launch Date: November 1, 2016

Coinomia Investment Duration: 15 Months

Coinomia Investment Type: HYIP and MLM

Official Website:

Coinomia Review

Coinomia Review: What is Coinomia?

Coinomia is a combination between a HYIP and an MLM type of investment program. As a member, you can choose between three different price points of investment, each with a 150% return. It takes about 15 months for your investment to mature, but your returns are given to you daily at a small percentage. You can then choose to reinvest these earnings by purchasing more bitcoin mining positions OR withdraw your profits.

The website itself has been around for two years ago but the site  is launching this new opportunity as of November 1, 2016. The creators of this investment platform have spent a lot of time and money advertising for this, in the hopes of getting as many people on board as possible. We took special interest in this venture because we love online investing opportunities but have sadly seen most of them scam and take advantage of their members!

They claim to offer bitcoin mining machines for the average person to have access to. Why is this important? Mining for bitcoin is a very involved procedure that requires sophisticated technology and the ability to pay a hefty electricity bill. Keeping those bitcoin mining machines running takes a great deal of energy. Coinomia proposes to drive down those electricity costs by using solar panels.

Coinomia Review: Investment Plans?

As an investor in Coinomia you are given three choices, with three different price points. This is not a program for people who are out of cash. The top level is only open to those that can invest 10k! This program is definitely geared towards people that have a bit of money to spend without dipping into their pocket change to do so.

There are 3 ways to get started with Coinomia. The following chart highlights those three, but let’s take a closer look! If you plan on opening an account with any of the following contracts, it is best to research for up to date information, as these amounts may be subject to change!


Pool Contract: $100

The Pool Contract gives you shared space on a bitcoin machine with returns up to 150% for a term of 15 months. Your returns are distributed to you each day until your investment has expired.

Machine Contract: $1000

The Machine Contract gives you access to one bitcoin machine all to yourself. This is essentially a rental fee for a period of 15 months until your rental time period has expired and you have received the full ROI (return on investment). Your $1000 with mature at $1500, giving you a $500 increase on your original deposit.

Rack Contract: $10,000

The Rack Contract allows you to rent an entire row of machines (the number isn’t specified) in exchange for $10,000. Most people simply won’t be able to do this, as most people don’t have 10k laying around to invest. Your investment will be given back to you daily for a time period of 15 months until you have received the full 150% ROI. You stand to gain $5000 profit in this plan, which is considerable.

Coinomia Review: Is Coinomia a HYIP?

A HYIP or high yield investment program is typically a scam that promises large profits for a small investment in a short period of time. Coinomia is a HYIP but not the worst of it’s kind. The idea behind Coinomia is that by purchasing a space in one of their 3 programs, you are renting the space of one or more bitcoin mining machines. There are some obvious issues with this, as we will explain further below.

Most HYIP’s are not sustainable long term, have no regulations, and an over all terrible reputation for scamming and not paying withdrawals. If Coinomia ends up turning into a scam, we won’t be surprised, but at the same time, we have no direct or indirect evidence to support that it will. We don’t trust most things of this nature because we have seen far too many of them crash and burn, taking the money of all who invested.

Can I Make Money with Coinomia?

Coinomia works the best for large internet marketer personalities. You know the type… those guys on youtube with large followings. They stand to make real money with Coinomia, because they are making commissions on the sales of all their referrals. This is how most people in the HYIP actually make money.

If you are the type of person that can draw in lot’s of referrals to sign up under you, you could actually make money before (given the possible collapse) Coinomia falls under. However, you would have to be at peace with your conscience that relies on convincing others to make a risky investment in order to give you an extra income.

As it stands right now, the best way to make money with Coinomia is by building a large referral base. Your second option is to reinvest all your earnings by purchasing additional “contracts”. This is called “compounding” your profits. If the program works long term, you can truly triple your investment in a shorter period of time with no additional out of pocket expense.

The catch is whether or not this company will actually last long term. As we mentioned above, most of these organizations do NOT last. You are taking a risk when starting with something like this, so be prepared to follow through with that risk, no matter how it ends up. You won’t have any legal course of action should you lose your money, because you are not guaranteed any earning. Once you click OK to the long list of terms, you have signed away your right to get angry if you don’t actually make any money.

Is Coinomia a Scam?

Coinomia is NOT regulated by any governing body of authority. If you chose to invest, you are placing your trust in the owner’s good will and the success of the bitcoin mining machines.

That brings us to a critical point. From the explanation given about Coinomia, it sounds as if they are operating a large warehouse full of bitcoin mining machines for ‘rental’. Being that they claim to have thousands of sign-ups, is this really plausible? They would have to have access to some pretty significant machinery to fully meet the needs of the Rack Market alone!

We have some serious doubts that this set up is real and no real reason to believe it is. In the day and age when anyone can set up a website and make lofty claims, we should take everything we read and see with a large grain of salt. There are safer ways to make money online.

We will NOT be joining Coinomia. We have chosen to work with better alternatives that are more trustworthy. If you chose to invest with Coinomia, please contact us and let us know how it goes for you. Just because we aren’t personally working with them, doesn’t mean we don’t care about it. We need your stories to better inform our opinion.

If you are looking for a safe investment, please read our review of My Paying Ads which has enabled us to withdraw thousands of dollars over the course of the last year. We also support Social Trading with Tradeo. If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a message!
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  • We have already received messages from people that have not been paid from Coinomia so we don’t trust them at all.