Review – Is It Legit Investment Or A Hyip Scam? Find Out!

Don’t throw your hard earned money on this hyip, You need to read this full Review before investing a single Bitcoin with this nasty and viral scam! We have all of the information you are looking for to find out whether you can trust this HYIP!

If you have already joined Coinmin scam, please take a moment to send us a message and tell us about your experience. We need to hear from you! Please note that we have already received numerous complaints about this viral scam and we do NOT recommend joining it!

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Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 0.36%-0.52% daily forever. The site claims that they are a cryptocurrency mining site and trading platform that makes such large profits they want to share them with you (in exchange for your investment).

The reality is that this shady HYIP has not given an ounce of proof to show that they trade or mine for cryptocurrency at all. They are NOT regulated and do not have any history showing they have ever made any real profits out of their supposed business ventures.

Coinmin scam came online just a few weeks ago, and in that time they have amassed thousands of members and Facebook fans. is paying new customers for their first few withdrawals. After they have given a small withdrawal, they stop paying and start demanding more money in order to reactivate customer accounts.

This is where the scam begins!

The Coinmin Scam Exposed

First of all, let’s provide you with the real concept of trading in BitCoin and then we will move towards the exhilarating claims being made by the Coinmin scam.

The actual idea of trading is that, once the trader invests in a certain stock of BitCoin, they will either win or lose. In our experience, trading always carries a high level of risk, one that scam seems not to discuss.

Coming towards the idea of Coinmin Limited Scam, for once we thought it is something that would never attract people’s attention but surprisingly, it did and after getting ratted out, now they are running to us so that we can dig into it and expose this scam. Lucky for the rest of those who were intending to invest in it, now they won’t.

Coinmin Review: Investing Forever?

According to these plans, the traders have to choose the 0.36% plan, 0.46% plan or the 0.52% plan. Once you have chosen a plan, you will have to put in your money thinking that it will buy you a fraction of a BTC. Investment Packages

Once you give them the money, an Autobot will automatically update the screen value but actually, there won’t be any data crunching in the backend. Everything will be fake and only you will be treated as another pawn in line.

An interesting part which should intrigue the common sense of the traders is the fact that how a BitCoin trading and mining company can give such a 100% accurate prediction of the profits? Of course, we all know that trading is always filled with doubts and there is no such thing or concept or even an algorithm which is perfect enough to predict the market behavior up to a level of absolute accuracy.

The stupidity of the con artists can be judged by the fact that they have posted the returns on investment by naming them as hourly profit, daily profit, and monthly profit that NEVER runs out. These profits are listed as being offered FOREVER.

It is not possible to make a profit from a one-time investment last forever. Eventually, the money would run out and stop earning.

Glitches and Red Flags!

Another glitch in the website is the social media plugins which can be seen at the website redirects to the blank pages where there is no content posted. Of course, who would bother to click on those links once they will start panicking for the money they just lost! When you try to engage any representative from the customer support, voila, no one is there except a chatbot which will keep on sending you programmed replies. Scam: More Red Flags

Here are just a few more red flags we dug up about the Coinmin scam!

No known owner!

The owner of scam has chosen to hide his face and name from us. We attempted to contact the site through their chat to ask who the owner was, but the robot that attempted to answer us would not give us the name. Never trust a HYIP or any financial site that doesn’t give you his real name. If he doesn’t trust you enough to introduce himself, you shouldn’t trust him enough to give him your money!

False address!

During our research to track down the real location and identity of these scam artists, we discovered that their address is 100% fake. They claim they are located at: 39 Booker Avenue, Liverpool, L18 4QZ. This is false!

That address belongs to Simply Bathrooms which appear to see bathroom supplies and furnishings. Not surprising that Coinmin scam has stolen the address of a toilet shop, their scam should be shoved straight down the toilet.

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Is a Scam?

After examining all the evidence it became abundantly clear that is a scam. We have noticed that this scam is being advertised in many HYIP groups and HYIP blogs. Do NOT trust these sites. They are lying to you in order to get your referral commission!

If you have already lost money with this scam, please contact us and let us know how we can help you! Share this post on all your social media accounts to help us spread the message!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!


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