Review – Hyip Scam Exposed

If you or anyone you know is looking to invest your Bitcoin online, please read our Review first! This program is brand new and is about to go viral.

Before you are a victim of this scam, we want to warn you to be careful! If you are reading this after already losing your money online with any scam, please send us a message for advice. However, because this particular scam involved BTC, you will not be able to get your money back. We’ll explain more on this below.

Let’s get started!

Official Website: Review Review is an HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI of between .15%-1% hourly forever. They deal only in Bitcoin, which means you will need to use your BTC to fund your account and withdraw your profits.

Key Features: They claim to be able to pay you this hourly ROI (return on investment) each hour for the rest of the life of the program. This isn’t technically possible. In any investment program, there has to be a beginning and an end. Money can’t keep earning forever, which is why a legitimate program will have an expiration date on your plan. scam pretends to be able to continue paying on a on time investment forever. This is impossible. Don’t believe us? Just listen to what users are saying! Keep reading below.

Bitcoin Trading?

The creator of the HYIP claims that he has a team of professional Bitcoin traders that have been working for several years trading BTC. They have been so successful that they decided to help you make money as well.

How does it work?

If you deposit your BTC, they will trade with it and give you a portion of the profit. This is actually a LIE. The “team” of traders does not exist. How do we know?

A legitimate BTC trading site will have plenty of proof to show their gains and losses trading bitcoin. This can be shown clearly with reports. The HYIP does not show any proof that they have a team of people much less any actual trading going on. Scam

What’s really going on? is a Ponzi scheme. Just like all HYIPs before them, they simply pay some of their older members with the money deposited by their newer members. This is a Ponzi scheme.

They do NOT trade Bitcoin. They are nothing but liars who want to connive you into their devious scheme. Ponzi schemes are categorized as scams because they can never deliver their promises. When new members stop joining the site, nobody will get paid and the program will fall.

The Owner?

The person behind the CoinGarden scam is not known. The office claims to be in Belfast but when we check the address, we found that it was an apartment building, not an office. This is just more proof that CoinGarden is a fake business that most likely operates somewhere outside of Europe with an interest in keeping themselves hidden.

Tip: NEVER trust any HYIP that refuses to tell you who the owner is. An honest person will not hide his name from you. In fact, he would be proud to have his name in the open.

Horticultural Trading Foundation Connection?

The second part of the CoinGarden scam lie is their claim to be associated with the Horticultural Trading Foundation. The big problem here is that the Horticultural Trading Foundation doesn’t exist. There is NO such foundation.

What does this mean? scam has literally invented a fake trading foundation and attached their name to it in an attempt to appear legitimate. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Please don’t believe this nonsense.

What do we know? The facts speak clearly on this. The owner of this HYIP scam had created a completely fake and fraudulent back story to explain his Ponzi scheme. He wants you to trust him so that you’ll give him your money. If you make the mistake of trusting him, you will end up the loser.

User Reviews

This site is brand new, only having been open to the public since May 10. That means there hasn’t been much time to collect user reviews. However, we have had several people email us that they have been paid.

So is paying? Yes! They are currently paying. However, this will only last a few more weeks (maximum of 2 months) before they will collapse and close up shop. Remember, this scam is a Ponzi scheme which means they will eventually run out of money.

During this time, the owner is also collecting money for himself. The life of the program depends on his personal pay as well as how many new members join.

We DO NOT recommend using Bitcoin to fund a HYIP account. Want to know why?

When you use BTC to fund an account online, you will have no fraud protection when the program falls. Bitcoin is a favorite currency of online scammers because it is untraceable and impossible to track.

We recommend always using a credit card or bank account card that offers fraud protection. When you are scammed or hacked online, these types of accounts will protect you by returning your money to you. They can accomplish this by doing a “charge back” and forcibly take the money back from the scammer.

Most scams will not give you the option of funding your account with a legitimate card, because they don’t want to risk you making a chargeback against them. It’s up to you how to spend your money, but remember… when you use an e-wallet online, you will have no protection against scammers.

Best Online Investment?

We receive multiple emails a day from people who want to earn online. If you are one of them, please note… we do not support any HYIP program because they are all scams. We spend a great portion of our time each day talking with people that have been scammed by HYIPs.

Choose a wise investment program that is regulated and paying, such as the best CM Trading. If you read our review and have questions, please send us a message! If you wish to start trading with CM Trading, please send us an email for direction on how to sign up in order to qualify for the best traders and settings!

If you want to trade binary options, we recommend IQ Options as our favorite broker!

Is a Scam?

Although they are currently paying, it won’t be long before this company stops paying just like every other Ponzi scam before has done. DO NOT join this HYIP. Save your money and invest with something that actually works.

If you need help finding a legitimate investment program that accepts real bank cards, please send us a message or check our recommended service above! It is our opinion that is a scam!

It is possible to earn safely online but you must be proactive and protect yourself. Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • Marija Dimova

    I really hate Forex scam! it grinds my gears so bad… It just gives a bad name to the Forex world and it really damages the reputation of good FX brokers! I am trading on CMTrading and never had any issues!