Coffee Cash Cheat Scam Review

Coffee Cash Cheat Scam Review

Coffee Cash Cheat is a new scam that was released last week. The creators behind this scam put more time and energy into ranting about different types of coffee than they did making their scam believable. Every portion of this sales pitch is a scam.

The CEO of Coffee Cash Cheat is a man named, Sean Willows. Except that isn’t a real person and the picture they are using is a Polish actor. Check out of picture below to see for yourself. Coffee Cash had to use a fake CEO because they don’t want to show their real faces on this stupid scam.
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Here is a picture of the real Sean Willows…
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Is Coffee Cash Cheat a Scam?
Let’s look at their claims. Coffee Cash Cheat claims that coffee is one of the hottest commodities right now. That’s true, but it has no bearing on whether their traders are equipped to make winning predictions on price direction. I can tell you that Coffee stock is hot right now but that doesn’t imply I can accurately predict if the Coffee stock will be above or below a certain price at any given expiration time during the day. That takes indicators and market analyzation.

Coffee Cash Cheat claims they have a team of guys working behind the scenes to stop any trades they have a “bad gut feeling” about. Binary option trading is probably the worst industry to use your gut with. Try using your brain! Gut feelings are another word for emotions and emotions have no place in binary option trading. Obviously this entire sales pitch is a scam meant to play on your emotions.

Speaking of their team of guys working off “gut feelings”, are they working for free? Coffee Cash Cheat tells us that you will never have to pay for any of the support behind the software system. Ask yourself why anyone would do all of this work for free. Coffee Cash Cheat tells us that they are giving this away for free because they just want to give back to you. Please don’t fall for this line! They are not giving it away. They are working with their brokers for the commission sales they receive when they get new customers to deposit with a new broker.

Coffee Cash Cheat claims a win rate of 94%. Lie! No software is capable of this win rate. No trader has ever accomplished this on a consistent basis.

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Complete with photoshopped paypal and bank statements, a time sensitive offer and a fake CEO, what’s left to say here? Seriously, who leaves 42 million dollars in their paypal???
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Conclusion: Coffee Cash Cheat  is a scam.
However, it did make me want to go to Starbucks.

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