Cobalt Code Scam Review

Cobalt Code Scam Review. After a thorough analysis on the Cobalt Code’s proposal and software, we from Binary Scam Watch Monitor concluded that it is nothing more than another scam. The fake and unscrupulous company has been sending e-mails to uninformed traders who are more likely to fall for these lures. Join our cause in stopping these tricksters by spreading the word out so we can prevent innocent people from losing more money.

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DESCRIPTION: An auto trader scam that claims to win trades 98% of the time…

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What’s the story behind the Cobalt Code scam?

Cobalt Code Scam

Cobalt Code Scam

As many other scams, Cobalt Code begins with a nice, touching story by someone who was in financial trouble. In this case, Bradley Hopkins presents himself as someone with no knowledge of “technology, computers or even trading software for that matter”. He says that even though he was suspicious of Cobalt Code’s Software, but decided to give it a shot and then – wow! – he got a lot of money. The video continues showing more stories about common folks who tried the same software and earned a lot of money easily. Another recent scam you should avoid is READ HERE.

The mastermind behind these miracles is a man who presents himself as Grant Stone who says he’s going to let you in an exclusive deal you simply can’t refuse. After a brief introduction of himself, and his story as a Cobalt miner in Madagascar, he’s shown in the video with a Bentley, in a mansion and interviewing Cathy, one of the winners. Cathy seems to be your regular innocent know-nothing-about-computers girl and praises Grant for his software. All of this seems very legit until we notice many red flags. Red flags run wild in most scams, especially the recently viral Cash Formula scam!

Is Cobalt Code free?

Technically, yes, but of course, as we mentioned before, this is a scam. Which means they might just need your credit card or a deposit for you “invest” and then they will take your money. So do not fall for this trick, no matter how much Grant Stone tells you it’s real. Nothing is free and this is a surefire scam, just like this, READ HERE!

Is Grant Stone a wealthy millionaire who helps people?

A quick search on the internet will reveal that Grant Stone does not exist, which is very suspicious for a self-proclaimed owner of a US$ 600 million fortune. Taking a closer look at his picture in the Madagascar mines will reveal his face had actually been photoshopped to look like one of the workers.

During the video, Grant claims his software has been around for over 2 years, but on the website, we can see it’s a much lower amount of time.

Another blatant lie is the banner that shows many big banks worldwide endorsing the Cobalt Code. This is obviously absurd as no self-respecting company such as Bank of America, Citi and HSBC would risk their reputation to partner with an unknown tycoon like Grant Stone for a suspicious cause of making random strangers rich. It’s simply impossible. Compound Trader has a similar lie!

cobalt code scam

Can the Cobalt Code Scam earn 98.79% of the time?

It’s known that no program in the world can win with such high rate of success. This is because the there are many unknown elements in the market that make it unpredictable to the human mind, how much more so to a machine who is incapable of predicting human behavior? Even great traders can’t win more than 70% of the time in the long run. So, again, this is further proof that the Cobalt Code is a scam, just like another scam we wrote about, READ HERE. 

Finally, if you took the pain of putting your e-mail for them, you will be redirected to another page where Grant Stone will try to convince you to put money in your fake account. As you scroll down, you see a list of “winners” who made a fortune with the Cobalt Code. There’s just one small problem as you can see below…

cobalt code review

Cobalt Code Scam

That’s right, the page is programmed to show your country next to random pictures of people with fake names. The funniest mistake they make is in not knowing that London is not a city in Israel, but at this point, this is the least of our concerns. Another scam you would be prudent to avoid is the Binary Options ProBot!

What is the conclusion to our investigation?

In conclusion, stay away from the Cobalt Code because there’s no doubt it’s a full fledged scam! All evidence points to it and we have absolutely no reason to believe in their online material.

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