CM Trading Review – FX Trading Made Easy With CopyCat System.

If you are wondering whether it’s possible to make money trading Forex, you need to read our complete CM Trading review. Included in this overview, you will find a brief explanation of what Forex trading is and how you can make money with it using the CopyKat system.

We have been working with Forex trading for over three years now and have learned quite a bit about the industry and how to profit with Forex. This review is dedicated to our readers that way to earn safely online without being scammed from the HYIP websites or binary scams.

Everyone wants to earn but most people who invest online will end up losing their money and being scammed. There are ways to avoid this fate. If you chose a safe broker and follow our instructions you can profit safely!

Most of you are just looking for a way to invest and earn online, and Forex trading is a great place to start profiting from the financial markets in an easy way.

It can be tough when you’re first learning about Forex trading and the interesting yet complex strategies that go along with it! A great way to begin is using the CM Trading Sirix CopyKat system; you can learn the best strategies on the market by following and copying successful traders.

If you still have questions after reading this review, please send us a message so we can help you!

Forex trading is not permitted for US Citizens.

What Is Forex Trading?

Forex trading is the buying and selling of currencies on the foreign currency exchange market for a profit. The process is facilitated by a broker. CM Trading is one of our favorite regulated brokers that has a long history of paying withdrawals and honesty.

There are some risks with trading forex, especially for a beginner who doesn’t know how to trade. This is why we recommend that beginners start with the  CopyKat trading system that CM Trading offers. Below you will find an explanation of how to take part in this as well as tips on how to protect your investments!

CM Trading Review

CM Trading Review

CM Trading is a regulated Forex broker. As a trader, you can choose between trading on your own, following signals, or copying the trades of professional traders.

Most of our readers opt to use the copy trade feature which is called the CopyKat system. For this reason, we will be reviewing the CM Trading CopyKat feature.

CM Trading has a large selection of successful traders who trade each day. You can scroll through these traders and see their gains and losses as well as their over all percentage of success. You have the option of copying one or more traders at a time.

When you chose a trader to copy, his or her trades will be taken by your own account automatically. You don’t need to be online or even have your computer or phone turned on in order to profit off of these trades.

Is CM Trading Regulated and Safe?

Yes! CM is a regulated brand by the FSB and has been operating for several years with no issues or problems.  The support team is very helpful and they will go out of there way to help you with any issues you have.

Who is the best trader to copy on CM Trading CopyKat?

When you decide to use the CopyKat feature, you will have many traders to chose from, and the choices can be a little overwhelming. This is why we recommend contacting us after you sign up.

We will be more than happy to give you our favorite traders as well as the best settings to use for your account depending on how much your investment is.

CM Trading Sign Up

Is CM Trading CopyKat Free?

Yes! There is no fee or payment required to use the CopyKat feature. You will need to have a live account in order to copy traders, which does mean you need to invest. However, you can use a demo account to get yourself acclimated to the system before trading with your real money.

How Can I Deposit?

You can use any major bank or credit card for depositing your money into the account. Withdrawals are processed extremely fast without any issues.

Here are a few more reasons why CM Trading can work for you!

– Free educational materials offered when you sign up.

– Easy to use CopyKat system!

– Fully regulated and honest broker.

– Demo account available to test.

– Flexible options for depositing and withdrawing.

If you have any further questions, please send us a message, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

How Can I Get Your Traders and Settings?

If you are interested in using our favorite traders and customized settings, please follow the directions below!

1- Click Here To Sign up – Make sure you use this link directly.

2. Send in your ID documents to be verified.

3. Make a deposit of $250 or more.

4. Let us know that you have finished these steps by sending us an email at [email protected]!

5. You will receive our favorite traders as well as customized settings depending on how much you invested.

How Much Can I Earn With Cm Trading?

The estimated earnings from a $250 deposit is $300 to $500 per week.

Note: Forex trading is not guaranteed. What we say above is just an estimate based on our performance with CM.

Here is a great video explaining how to copy traders!

How To Protect Your Investment?

Before investing in any trading system or program, please follow the below steps.

– Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

– Be honest about your ID documentation and follow all the rules!

– Don’t place reckless trades on your own, Always use the copycat feature!

– Use our trader and settings! (see above on how to qualify)

Please send us a message with any questions! We are glad to help.

Happy Earnings!


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  • Florijan

    CMTrading’s CopyKat has the potential to yield great profit. For 3 months I was trading and learning from their training videos, and after that I was able to notice patterns in the CopyKat platform which gave me great profits. Trade safe my Friends

    • Jeff Wright

      I am very new to trading. Very new. Just trying to figure out how and who to trust. I came across this great website and this Social Trading forum. I had not idea this was a thing. The ability to copy traders sounds to good to be true. Does this really work? Should I know how to trade before I set my computer to copy a trader? Looking to build wealth over a long period of time and would really like to be a full time trader someday. Any insight would be great.

      • Hi Jeff – YES, copy trading really does work! So many people are using this and making good money! Please send us an email for instruction on how to get our traders and settings before you sign up!

  • Hi Laura, We tested the system for a month now. We have an account there with an ROI of 56%.

    There are a lot of traders there, your success depends on choosing the right one for your account.
    For example, there is a trader called usta177 he opens trades with 1.5 lot size which is a lot for accounts that has $250 – $500.

    You will see him on the top list as being recommended to copy, Don’t copy him unless you have over 10,000 in your account.

    • Laura Clarke

      That’s great to know. Thanks for this information! If I sign up I’ll be sure to get in touch to find out who you recommend.

  • Kyle Duncan

    I love the CopyKat dudes and gals. It is a great place to start learning the trade. Alongside with their webinars and e-book I learned a lot. Trading for a few months now and I am more than pleased!

  • Christina

    CMTrading is a good, user-friendly broker which gives withdrawals super fast, and also has free Signals. Their Sirix platform is the place to go!

  • Sameh El Sayed

    Hello, could any one who make trades from time in CopyKat share some screen shoot of profits? is that really you can just copy some expert and get money? if i deposit 1000$, how much can i make per month?

    • Mareta Napolitani

      I am having great success personally so far! It’s stressful to watch the trades, so I just check them each 3 days for one minute

      • Laura Clarke

        Thanks for sharing this!

      • Laura Clarke

        After now getting into the system and looking at traders, I’d be interested to know which traders these came from! I can see they leave their trades open for several days; I’ve not seen many that are doing this. Your P/L figures are crazy good!

        • That’s Forex trading. It’s different than Binary Options. In forex, you leave your trade for hours or days or even months.

          We sent you the name of the trader that Mareta is following to your email.

      • Hemant khandelwal

        Looking at the P/L much excited to join 😀

      • Sameh El Sayed

        Hi Mareta,

        Do you still doing well, what was your starting deposit and how much is it now? in how many monthes? Thanks

      • Emmanuel James

        hello i`m sorry can you help me to how are you following @maretanapolitani:disqus

        this is my email you can help me please [email protected]

    • Laura Clarke

      I will share some when I have some history. Today has been my first day and so far I’ve had 4 winning trades and 2 losing trades, and I’m up overall. Currently have 3 open trades.

      When you ask how much money you can make, it’s a bit like asking how long a piece of string is. It depends on who you copy, what lot size you use (in layman’s terms, how big of a bet you’re willing to put on) etc. Different traders will take different levels of risk, so yes you might pick someone who has a great overall account % growth, but they might also have a high risk. If you want to be conservative, you will generally grow your account more slowly.

      The traders you choose to copy will depend on what you’re comfortable with – as always, don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose. The admins here will recommend some appropriate traders and settings to you once you’ve signed up and funded your account.

      • Thanks for sharing your results Laura and great advice 🙂

  • Laura Clarke

    All signed up, and ready to get going, will update this thread with my experience after a couple of weeks. 🙂

    • Please make sure you use the link in the review to signup with. Then email us after you have funded your account so we can assist you by giving you the recommended traders and the settings that you should use for your account.

  • Logan Were

    Great review on CMTrading. I’ve been trading with them for a couple of months and I am very excited about the level of trading I can do because of their great platforms. The Sirix platform is especially helpful in building connections with other traders, and the CopyKat feature is a game changer

  • Taj Connolly

    These are my results from past week! I am very happy, finally something that actually works!

    I will update my results later. I have another 15 trade opened. Thank you so much guys.

    • Emmanuel James

      hello i`m sorry can you help me to how are you following @tajconnolly:disqus

      this is my email you can help me please [email protected]

  • Bukola Ajayi Adewumi

    How do I join CMTrading’s copycat platform… I need steps

  • Jo Gregory

    Hi, I have just signed up and submitted my documents. Are there any concerns before I go ahead and fund the account? I funded my Tradeo account just one day before it was recommended not to do so, and unfortunately got stung with a withdrawal fee to take my money back out again. Want to make sure all is good before depositing again. Looking forward to getting going. Thanks so much!

  • Hiscom Smsalways

    Hi Admin, I have just registered on CM Trading using your link. I hope to start trading soon..

    • Great! Email us when you are ready and we will help you with everything.

  • Yes, it is!

  • Hi Mike – This is working great! Please send us an email at [email protected] so we can give you the steps to follow!

  • Hi Dibo – You can also use Neteller to fund the account with. Please email us to receive the steps to follow to get our traders and settings. Our email is [email protected]

  • Please email us for technical issues!

  • Harmless

    I have register an account with CM Trading through the link you provided, how do i proceed.

  • Seung Hoe Koo

    I want to start CM trading’s CopyKat. Admin, please tell me what I need to do. At the link, when I make an account, what type do I need to choose? Standard, or mini?

    • Hi! I replied to the email you sent me! Thanks!

    • Daniel Haof

      hello , how is your cm TRADING EXPEREANCE going on ? which traders you copy ? i signed up too recently. , thanks

  • Aleksandar

    I recommend CMTrading.

    I loved their training videos and free signals. I addition, they provide sweet 20% trading bonus of my initial $500 deposit. Their Master Card is universal and can be used worldwide which is convenient for people that don’t have access to Paypal, and wire-transfer is not an option.

    Also, I would like to say that their Support is very helpful and always answer in a polite manner. They are always there when you need them!

    Withdrawals are processed ASAP!

  • Emmanuel

    My balance has went up to $788 after last weeks trading!

    • Sameh El Sayed

      Hi Emmanuel,
      What was you starting deposit? and how much time you are in CM TRADING? How much your success rate?

  • Johnathan

    Can I start with $250 or do I need more ?

    • Hi Johnathan – You can start with $250 or as much as you can safely afford. If you want to get our favorite traders, please send me an email at: binary [email protected]

  • Michelle

    Great and very informative article. I found the Sirix platform to be a great place to be if you are careful who you use as a trader to copy from. You have to watch out for people that use their Demo accounts just to show off and lead you into an abyss.

  • I just sent you an email!

  • Gabby O’Sullivan

    Great intake on the CopyKat feature. I love it. However the most important thing for myself was the Android app which allows me to trade on the go!

  • Walter Herrera

    Is there any way I can use Bitcoin to deposit?

    • You will need to fund a Neteller account with your Bitcoin and then use the Neteller account to fund your CM Trading account! If you want to qualify for our traders, make sure to email us before you sign up! Our email is: [email protected]

  • sami pamppunen

    Hi Bassam! I send yesterday email to you. Account funded and ready to copy. Send me settings 😀

  • Kyle Duncan

    In-depth analysis of CM Trading, great review and above all else truthful. I love trading with CMT and they offer me security, support and boost to my trading balance through the deposit bonuses. Top stuff

  • Robert Davies

    I am very happy with CMTrading’s bonuses and promo offers, their charts are very informative and user-friendly. A con that was fixed was the delay in the withdrawal over the weekends.

  • Thérence Apete

    Hi , I just read your article and I would like to join CMtrading and with time, learn how to trade, I’m very motivated about this. Your website is the best for the information its provide, please tell me what I have to do to copy a good trader ?(I speak french so sorry if I made some mistake while writting lol)

  • Hendrick van Bladel

    Hi Admin, should I close these trades myself and take the profit or or let the trader am copying close it himself?

    • Let the trader close it himself. He knows what he is doing and I think these trades is going to go very well!

    • David Ricketts

      Hey, hendrick if you don’t mind me asking, who are you copying on CM?

      Thanks in advance,

    • Bruno rocha

      How much did you invest?
      And how long did it take 1 week?

  • allan

    Hi Admin,

    i’ve registered using your link provided…

    can you help me what’s the next thing to do.


  • akushode victor

    i love to be part of this trading platform i am completely new in trading pls how do i go about it

  • Anser Pall

    k all figured out problem , Deposit worked today, i actually created new account with Your provided link directly. thanks, please send me instructions by email as soon as possible.


    If I deposit for $300 by using cm copykat for 1month would it be possible to generate my profits average $1000 per month if the market goes well? $1000 for me is very satisfying!….

    • Hi Lim. We really cannot say Yes and we cannot say No. It all depends on how the market goes. The traders are good and they do their best to keep everyone in profit.

  • Johnathan

    This copy trader feature blows Tradeo out of the water! So glad I started when I did. Just a quick question, when I reach my goal account size of $5000, should I get new settings from you? I should be there in about 2 more weeks.

    • Hi Johnathan – When your account reaches 5000$ please send us a message and we will update you with new settings. All of the settings we gave you depends on your account size. Thanks!

  • Mewe Godspower

    Hi admin., pls i hope i’m not too late?? i don’t have the $250 yet, still putting it together! secondly, i wanted to find out if they accept e-wallets like Neteller!

    • CM Trading does accept Neteller!

      • Ketan Harish Pethe

        That just made my day. Beautiful :’)

    • Just make sure to email me before signing up, so I can give you the instructions to follow! Thanks!

  • Trader24

    How many traders, should I copy at a time?…do I copy all the traders you recommended at the same time?

  • David

    This is the best paying program I have ever used. I’ve been using this broker for 6 months and have made $4630!! Thanks guys for sharing about this!

    • That’s nice David. It seems you were trading on CM Trading long before we post this article.

  • Jeffrey Formilleza

    Hi Amanda,

    Have send you an email, I was planning to register to CM Trading, I just need to check with you first before I register,.

  • Oliur Rahman

    hello im looking to join up to CM trading , ive been scammed before by banc de binary and always have been put off binary due to many scam binary brokers out there. Just wanted to know who the best traders to copy and learn from if im going to deposit 500 dollars, who would you recommend ?

  • Alexander Knowles

    Just following up with this. How are the CopyKat trades going thus far?

  • Alexander Knowles

    Just deposited admin so really need you to email with the instructions on how to get your traders and settings.

  • Aleksandar

    Having different options is essential. Let me elaborate: So your USD/JPY and EUR/USD are hitting “That” part of the day, so in order to continue you need to switch. CMTrading gives me just that! When I can’t or don’t want to trade pairs I go for oil or gold!

  • Ramon

    I had enough knowledge about FX prior to my CMTrading experience . The Sirix platform was a game changer for me tho. It was great that I could pass on my knowledge to younger peers.

  • Jonathan Garland

    CMTrading is great for starters. It offers them enough support and learning material for them to be successful. For me as a seasoned trader I enjoyed their different trading options.

  • Kevin

    CMTrading gives you different options to trade with! This is probably one of the most important thing if you want to be a successful trader.

  • Shawn

    Different trading systems and options are essential for success. CMTrading has an android app and the desktop version. Their Sirix is one of a kind! I often times trade oil or gold instead of FX pairs tho.

  • ed acerado

    I am so new with trading and no knowledge how to do it but i am interested to learn and to earn coming from hyip scam.. and hoping that this new venture will finally earn money.

  • Keirra

    I want to join on Monday… what do I need to do to get started? Please respond, i’m really excited about this!

  • Eric

    The value of a broker is in its trading options. CMTrading offers great amount of trading options to cover and follow up your predictions.

  • Hi! It does actually work. We have tons of people using it right now, maybe one of them will jump in and show us some results too! If you want to get started, make sure to email me first for instructions!

  • Robert

    They offer great charts which is essential to being a great trader… They have clear concise cuts and are easy to follow.

  • Diego Patricio

    Hi everyone, I started hj on September 4, 2017 the operations in CM trading. I will not open any order on my own. I followed all the administrator’s guidelines for using copykat with the indicated merchants. In a month I come back here to say the results. I hope it all right. I’m relying a lot on this method. Thanks to Admin for all the guidance.

  • Azor

    I’m interested in staring with copykat, but I want to know if this is still working?

  • El Guapo “Mc” Libre

    I appreciate your work and dedication here. I am very interested in this topic and I try to get as much information as I can to start investing. Always searching for new opportunites to gain some money. Is it actually too late to get in now?

  • Angelo Meazza

    Hello Admin!! I have sent you an email yesterday about my interest in CM. I am looking forward to your reply. Regards

  • Jatto Moritz

    Hi admin! I want to get started and already sent an email to you.

  • merina merina

    Hello, I’m interested to join the copykat platform for social trading. For those who already joined, can i know how’s it working for you? thank you.

    • Hello Merina. We are writing a review for a better trading platform and much larger than CM Trading. Please stay tuned for our next update and make sure to subscribe to our email to avoid missing out!

  • Andrius Brazdeikis

    Hello. Is CMT still working ? If yes – I would like to join it. I am very new to trading. I thinking to invest 300$. So please send me all instructions step by step.

    • Hello Andrius. It does work! However, there’s a lot better social trading platform than CM Trading. Check it out here :-

      • Andrius Brazdeikis

        Hi Admin. Thanks for your answer. So as I understand – still it is possible to invest in CM Trading but you suggest another platform eToro. Why it is better ? How much can I make in a week if I depossit 300$ ?
        Why shoul I trust you that eToro is not a scam ?

        • Hello Andrius,

          You don’t have to trust us, simply open a free account with etoro and you will have over 6 million traders to talk with. Ask any of them if eToro is a scam or not before you deposit your money. By the way, eToro has been online for 12 years!

          • Andrius Brazdeikis

            Hello Admin,
            Thanks for your answers. I have registered in eToro. What steps should I do next ?

          • Hello Andrius. You will need to fund your account and let us know your username so we can check it.

          • Andrius Brazdeikis

            Hi. What is your e-mail that I could write you directly from my mail.

          • Our email is [email protected], you could also use the ” Contact Us” page or the live chat at the bottom to send us messages. It would be better if you keep the comments related to eToro on the review page.

            Thanks 🙂

  • Johnnie Santiago

    hi, interesting this review, can still be accessed through your link?

    • Hi Johnnie, Yes we still promoting CM Trading, The link is working fine, can you send us a screenshot of what do you see?

      our email is [email protected]