Cloud Track Trader Scam – Full Review Exposing This Nasty Software

Hi there, and welcome to our unbiased and conclusive Cloud Track Trader review. Cloud Track Trader scam is the latest binary options auto trader soon to be delivered to your inbox! We are issuing an immediate scam warning for Cloud Track Trader. They have gone on a full-out assault, targeting mass groups of new day traders as well as people interested in investment opportunities. If you have already been scammed by them, please contact us as we can help you retrieve your money. 

In the following review, we will outline the information we uncovered while investigating this fraud. We have been contacted by several of our readers that have lost money with this scam and it is important that we get this information out to has many people as possible before the scam grows worse. Please forward this article to your friends and family members who may have been targeted by Cloud Track Trader.

Continue reading to find out what we learned during our research.

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Cloud Track Trader Review: Who exactly is James Christian?

Cloud Track Trader Scam

Naturally, the first thing we did was look into who the creator behind this shady scam is. As you can probably imagine not a lot was available, largely due to the fact that he is an actor put in front of the camera to spend nearly 20 minutes trying to convince you that you need this auto trader in your life. It also turns out that this same person claiming to be James Christian has also been George Maximus in another scam under the name of Maximum profits! As in previous scams, the same actors turn up under different names hoping nobody will notice! Well, that’s what we do, to save you the heartache of losing money.

Cloud Track Trader Scam: How Does It Work?

So, according to ‘James’ the auto trader is ‘cloud based’ meaning it can detect trades 7 millionths of a second before any other system, which has meant that since December 2014 (that’s nearly 2 years) it hasn’t lost a single trade as it’s mathematically impossible! Really? Are we supposed to believe this? Even those without any experience of the stock markets and the volatile world of binary trading knows that this is impossible. Look what Brexit did to the markets!

What Does Cloud Track Trader Scam Offer You?

According to the video, you will earn $1250 PER DAY FOR LIFE, as the trader carefully chooses trades that won’t lose, but also adds that the trader has 93% accuracy? More lies! Apparently 11 beta testers have been paid $1250 directly into their accounts after the first days trading. Again, anyone with an ounce of binary options experience will tell you that 11 people having the exact same amount of money in their accounts just doesn’t happen for a whole host of obvious reasons.

To make it look even more credible and legitimate they claim to have a Facebook page full of positive testimonials as to how great the trader is. Having searched Facebook it is pretty obvious that there is no active page. An active Facebook page with visible admins and regular member input is generally a sign that a company is legit, but as there is basically nothing on Cloud track trader then it’s safe to say it’s a scam. Try clicking on the Facebook link on the home page……Oh wait, you can’t, another sign of sure fire scam.


Cloud Track Trader Review: How can it possibly be free to make $1250 a day?

Well….it’s not. What ‘James’ will tell you is that with each winning trade his team make 1.3%, hence, why we’re so lucky to be getting such an amazing system free. What they don’t tell you is after you have signed up and 30 days has passed you will be charged an unknown amount, which will be extremely difficult to get out of. The way these scams make their bread and butter money is by getting paid by a broker who your account will be linked to without any choice. No sooner will you open an account with them (for free remember) you will get bombarded with phone calls by the broker to deposit at least $250 into your brokerage account.

They prey on the inexperienced. If and when you have done that (or more money if they can talk you into it) they will then offer you some kind of bonus which will be credited to your account straight away! Free money sounds good, yes? Wrong! They do not tell you that you will then have to trade a certain amount (often 50 times or more) the amount of the bonus until you can make a withdrawal! Then the scam auto trader does it’s work and drains your account.

Cloud Track Trader Review

Is Cloud Track Trader a Scam?

Having seen so many of these video presentations with the promise of thousands of dollars a day for doing absolutely nothing, it’s clear to us that Cloudtracktrader is nothing but a malicious scam, which we advise to stay well away from!

Cloud Track Trader is a SCAM!

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