Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review

Citidel Ltd Scam Review. The Citidel Ltd Investment App is going viral so please read this review before you invest to find out if it is legit or a scam! We reviewed the Citidel Ltd Investment App and what we found is shocking! In this review we will show proof that Citidel Ltd is nothing but another crazy scam!

Is Citidel Ltd a Scam or Legit?

Citidel Ltd is the newest viral binary options software to be churned out of the affiliate marketing establishment. This is a big one and will end up costing a lot of good people a great deal of their hard earned money. Please follow with us through this entire review so we can show you exactly why Citidel Ltd is a dirty, rotten scam!! It’s important to pay attention to this review because these scammers have got to be stopped and their lies are getting more and more brazen and evil the bolder they grow.

For this review we decided to bring back one of our older traditions, named “Count the Scams”.

Scam 1 – Dr. Kent Grifly. We just finished an extensive search of this investment genius and came up with a big fat zero. He simply does not exist. The promotional video claims that he has been heading up an incredibly successful company for many years now. Citidel Ltd also claims that Dr Kent Grifly travels the world speaking at financial conferences for as much as $399 a ticket! If this was true we’d be able to locate a schedule to find out how we can attend. Try a simple search for this and you will find nothing! Absolutely nothing! No speaking schedule and no Dr Kent Grifly. Scam!

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review, Is Citidel Ltd Investment A Scam?

Scam 2 – Grifly Capital LLC. Citidel Ltd tells us that Dr Kent Grifly heads up a hugely successful investment firm called Girfly Capital LLC. If such a company existed it should have a website where investors can go, right? Wrong. There is not only NO website for Grifly Capital LLC, there is literally not a single mention of Grifly Captial LLC anywhere online. Check for yourself! We already proven that Dr Kent Grifly is not a real person, so it’s really no surprise that Grifly Capital LLC is also fake.

Scam 3 – Citidel Ltd actually used a photoshopped picture off of stock footage to try and show that Citidel Ltd is actually a legitimate software being discussed at conferences. Below is the picture from the video.

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review, Is Citidel Ltd Investment A Scam?

And here is the stock footage photo where this picture was taken and edited from. How ridiculous! If Dr Kent Grifly is really attending so many confrences why do they feel the need to take pictures off the internet and photoshop them? This is just ridiculous.

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review, Citidel Ltd Investment App Review

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review

Scam 4 – If you scroll down the Citidel Ltd Investment App page you’ll notice they have some Facebook and Twitter reviews. We checked these out and once again were not surprised to find out they are all fake. The Facebook comments appear to be coming from a Citidel Ltd Facebook group. Such a group does not exist and all of the profiles pictured also do not exist! The twitter hashtag #Citidel does not contain any of the tweets pictured and nothing even remotely close! This is just nonsense!

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review, Citidel Ltd Investment App Review

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review

Scam 5 – Citidel Ltd tells us in the video that they have been verified. By who? There is nothing on the website that says anything about verification. We’re written about verification before. Let’s go over it again. There is NO 3rd party government agency that verifies trading results. Any verification system for binary options is made up by a person with no authority to verify anything at all, whatsoever. You can be sure that any binary options softwares that claim to be verified are lying through their teeth.

Scam 6 – Scroll down on the Citidel Ltd site and you’ll notice a section of people claiming to be using this system and making huge profits. Take a closer look and you’ll see photos that were scalped from other websites around the internet. None of these are real people. It’s actually quite remarkable and how stupid the creators of the Citidel Ltd Investment App think we are!

Here is this guy…

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review, Citidel Ltd Investment App Review

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review

They stole his picture off a website for vasectomies. Ouch!

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review, Citidel Ltd Investment App Review

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review

Here is this nice grandmother.

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review, Citidel Ltd Investment App Review

They stole her picture off a website for lazer skin removal. Ouch again!

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review

Citidel Ltd Investment App Scam Review, Citidel Ltd Investment App Review

It’s important to note that there is an investment company by the same name as Citidel with one HUGE exception. The real Citadel investment company is spelled with an “a” instead of an “i”. Citidel Ltd. That might not seem like a huge difference but it’s basically the Citidel Ltd’s way of making themselves appear legitimate if anyone searches their name on google. It’s actually Citadel and has NOTHING to do with Citidel Ltd. 

Please take care when you see a new binary options system come out. Check out the website that is giving it a positive review. Are they affiliating other scams like Virtnext, Dow Jones, Google Trader, Centument Ltd? If so, take a pass! They can’t be trusted!

Conclusion: Citidel Ltd Investment App is a SCAM!!

We know you want to make money trading online and we know you don’t want to get scammed. We have two great programs that we are currently using that we have 100% trust in. Please check out Social Trading with Tradeo! Thanks for reading and please leave us a comment or question!

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  • David Winstanley

    Hi there

    This is part of an email I have just forwarded to someone concerning Citidel:

    “I also subscribe to Binary Options Watchdog.

    I have just received their latest post regarding Citidel LTD Investment App review.

    I have spent last 2-3 hours researching as I have never heard of it, you stated on your channel to not rely on others and do your own research.

    I am a bit concerned because Watchdog recommend Citidel and when I tried to post a comment on their site saying there is evidence here it is a scam, they did not post what I wrote.

    Also the Watchdog link to Citidel site has a click id link next to it, which would indicate Watchdog is getting paid to direct traffic to that site, being paid as an affiliate.

    I feel that Watchdog might be advising people to invest their money in scam auto trader sites whilst blacklisting others.

    Thus gaining some credibility because they are taking action against a large portion of scam traders.

    To be seen doing something to qualify their existence is how some people would refer to it.

    If you have not already done so I would suggest you check out and do your own research.

    My perspective so far is that it smells like a scam and a very good one, but there are indicators here that it is a scam.

    The founder of this autotrader is a Dr. Kent Grifly, he has a Bachelors and Doctorate in economics from Iowa State University.

    I have emailed Iowa Sate University and am awaiting their reply if a Kent Grifly attained those qualifications from I.S.U.

    The website video also describes him as a speaker of national and international financial standing and attending many institutions and seminars around the world.

    Kent Grifly became the chief strategist and chairman at Grifly Capital LLC.

    He has been a speaker on the FB Investors Cruise, The Financial Expo in Las Vegas, and The WMS in Toronto.

    I cannot find anywhere on the web information or background on Grifly Capital LLC!

    The same goes for FB Investors Cruise!

    There was no Financial Expo in Vegas. but there was a Traders Expo but no Dr. Kent Grifly!

    And the WMS in Toronto was a Woodworking Machinery and Supply conference!

    Not much to do with Financial Investment or Binary Options!

    Now to the website, it shows live results from four people for the month of December 2015.

    It shows their profits every trading day throughout excluding the weekends, when of course there is no trading.

    But it shows trading on the 25th December! Now even I know there is no trading on the 25th because that’s a pretty big holiday right?

    And three of the investors shown, they joined on the 11/12/15, so how could they earn money on those first few days of December?

    Unless of course it is the US month/day/year?

    But then the 4th investor who is called Harry joined on the 23/08/15, he could have earned those profits every weekday throughout December (apart from Christmas day!!).

    But if the date he joined was also month/day/year, that would mean he joined on the 8th of the 23rd month 2015??!! yeah whatever!!

    Also the photo of the investor Jake Bermuda from Chelsea, it’s a stock photo bought online if ever I saw one!!

    And lastly Citidel Ltd copywright logo is 2016!

    Watchdog claim to have tested it for months, earning thousands of dollars!

    Well I may be naive but the copywright logo would be 2015 not 2016!!

    Hope you can ask Watchdog about this as they will not post my comment on their site!”

    Well that’s what I emailed, and I came to the same conclusion as yourselves, if Clark Kent or whatever the f*** his name is existed in such standing, you could easily google him!!

    • Hi David! Wow! This is outstanding! Come work for me! Lol! You are awesome! You picked out some things I didn’t even notice. Citidel has SCAM written all over it. It’s amazing how brazen these guys are at just inventing people and making up facts out of thin air, isn’t it? Thanks for posting this!

      • David Winstanley

        No worries Admin.
        I’m a complete newbie at binary options and the forex industry.
        Have invested with a friend £300 with just before Christmas and realised it was a scam!
        Trying to get out money paid back from eztrader who run the ultimate4trading platform. So if you’ve not already done so, check it out and warn others.
        I am quite taken aback that Michael Freeman and BO Watchdog are promoting Citidel, I came across their sites looking for info on eztrader. They seemed honest and upstanding but now my faith in them has been dented. So I came across your site and posted my comment on Citidel.
        I might be a complete novice but that does not stop me carrying out my own research. And Michael Freeman actively promotes you do that on his youtube channel, do not rely on another persons advice. Yet he promotes Citidel.
        So Admin, who would you suggest I look at broker wise to trade in binary, any tips on strategies to use would be most appreciated.

        • David – This industry can be really dangerous for new traders. When I started out I lost a lot of money too. That’s why we committed ourselves to running a blog that refuses to affiliate anything we don’t trust. If a website is telling lies about their product, we won’t work with it. Citidel is FULL of lies. I’m so sorry you lost money with utlimate. I’ll take a look at them!

          We have listed the best brokers that we work with on our Trusted Brokers section on our blog. Any of those are great. Trading binary options is a very high risk and I recommend you start out with a demo account so you can practice without losing any money. We do have one strategy up for short term trades which you might enjoy practicing on a demo account. Check that out under our IQ Option strategy section.

          • David Winstanley

            Cheers for that Admin.
            Rather than posting comments on your site do you have an email for contact?
            Will not divulge it to others, if you require my email first I will post it for you.

          • Hey David. You can go to our contact tab then contact us from there it will come to our email.

          • David Winstanley

            will do that tomorrow.

      • mirico

        Anonymous tells people to trust binaryoptionswatchdog and doesn’t mention any other review site. What about that? They also vouched for Virtnext. What is up with this? mask and all.I looked for the review email but I must have deleted it.

  • Michael

    Thank you for your review. Beware of! They promote citidel Ltd and they also promote virtnext!
    I’ll guess the’re just making affiliate commissions with them.

  • Sumanta Halder

    But what about Michael Freeman? He is the most known person in the industry and he is also promoting the Citidel LTD. I just saw his review.

    • Hi Sumanta. We reviewed it honestly with nothing to lose or gain. We stand by our review. Michael Freeman has a different opinion and that’s his business. We aren’t making money off of Citidel and he is, you are free to form your own opinion.

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  • D.K. Fynn

    Wow. I must thank you folks for this review, and for confirming a bad feeling I had.

    Let me tell you a short story…

    I first heard about this app this evening, about 90 minutes ago. It was on the site of an industry leader I look up to, and whose FB group I belong to.

    I was enticed by the sales video (as I suppose most people would be).

    So, I signed up. I had my questions, such as whether I was going to have to invest with a broker, but I signed up nonetheless.

    To my surprise, the interface had a nearly dentical look and feel to Virtnext, which I haven’t funded yet, and probably won’t after hearing that it hasn’t been performing as well recently.

    So, this was a bit of a red flag for me.

    Then, the broker: OptionStars, which I had never heard of. They want you to deposit $250 (even though the app’s sales video said I had nothing to risk, and I think it even said “free”). Yeah, the app is free, but you have to invest.

    Anyway, I decided to do some Google searches.

    It’s very interesting that a lot of the Google results that showed up are pages that are less than a day old…some even hours old.

    That, for me, was another red flag. Like, if this thing’s been tested for months, why the sudden appearance of reviews?

    However, one of those pages was this site, and I’m glad I found this well-researched review.

    I would like to express my written appreciation to you. You have gained a new visitor.

    I see that you ask for donations. You’ve earned one from me.

    Again, thank you.

    • Hi D.K. – Thanks so much for the donation and for this awesome story! We never really know how much we are actually helping people unless they say something, so thank you! We have strong suspicions that the same people who made VirtNext actually made Citidel as well. You can always check back with us before investing with any softwares! Thank you again and best of luck!

  • Gobbygov

    Hi, Just to confirm I tried to raise an account with Citidel LTD, knowing my card would be blocked, as I just cancelled it. My bank called to say there was four attempts made on the card from 4 different merchant numbers within 5 mins. Then within 10 mins of registering, the number I provided was called 6 times until I answered. I then got a rather pushy sales guy telling me that he will wait on the phone until I got the card cleared and my deposit made. I of course said “no you wont”. Call me back later. They did twice until I answered. “Chris” he said his name was said, “have you sorted it yet”, I said no and I wont be. My bank has advised me not to. Here is the classic, he then said “well thank your bank for losing you the opportunity of making you some serious money”. I said “you, you mean”!!! The phone was put down on me! Then persistent I tell you another operator called asking is my account cleared to gain the funds, when I explained I knew it was a scam the phone when silent! Be very aware. PS they call from the states but the number shows up as an 0203 number!

    • That is a crazy story and it would be funny if it weren’t true. They are like vultures swooping in for the kill! I’m so glad you were just testing them for the sake of testing! Good job!

      • Gobbygov

        Thank you. Look at the spelling mistakes on their please sign up marketing email


        licenses spots available and you can gain up to 500

        by activate your software license TODAY!

        you have to do, is fund the minimum amount requested

        which will be completely withdrawable at any time, GUARANTEED.

        the next coupole of hours any FIRST DEPOSIT will be matched

        by our trusted broker and will double your chance to earn HUGH PROFIT!

        is in your court now…
        the money is real and right

        in front of you – so go now and get it!



        Citidel LTD Team

  • Faizel

    Hi. Thank you for your honest review. I read this Citidel app review on watchdog a week ago and also saw YouTube reviewers try it and it all worked and working for all of them. So I tried this app myself after reading watchdogs positive review. I deposited $250 and lost all in few days. Why do people like watchdog promote these scammers for few bucks? I had so much faith on watchdog. Looks like you are being honest here. Thank you very much. I will soon try phenomenal signal but before I do I will get in touch with you.

    • Faizel – I understand, it’s the same way we felt when we got scammed. Please contact me and I’ll help you get started with Phenomenal!

      • Faizel

        Thank you very much. This just shows that you are willing to help people like us who are completely new to this. I will definitely get in touch with you.

  • 美光伍 (Mei Guang)

    Citidel is TOTALLY SCAM! I have tested by myself to prove SCAM or LEGIT, it’s completely SCAM

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  • Emmanuel Owoojuomo

    Hello Admin, is phenomenal signal auto trader back yet?
    What is the recent status of the software?

    • Yes they are back and working. They had a great profitable week. You can join now if you were waiting.

  • Gabriel Young

    thank you so much for this review….. God bless you all… please can anyone direct me to a better, legit, scamfree. one… my email is [email protected]