Chevronfund Review – HYIP Scam Exposed And NOT PAYING!!

You are reading our researched and detailed chevronfund review. This is not the type of review we wish to be writing, but one that is absolutely necessary. is a deceptive HYIP scam.

If you are contemplating joining this high yield investment program, please read this review first because…

We have numerous reports that they are not paying and are actually working with alibabainv to target past victims to be scammed again!

Each month we bust close to 30 scams. 2016 has been one of the nastiest years yet for HYIP scams and it’s still going! You are most likely reading this because you have been emailed or targeted through social media.

As you will see from reading below… has ALL the red flags of a scam + terrible user reviews! 

If you deposited with this HYIP, we have a message for you!

It might not be too late! Please contact us immediately to see how we can help you get your money back!

Let’s get started!

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Chevronfund Review

Chevronfund Review: What is a HYIP Scam? is a legal investment firm that claims to invest in natural gas and oil. In reality, they are nothing but a high yield investment program or HYIP.

But wait…

We said “legal” so that must mean they are legit, right?


Although they are registered as a real business in the UK, it is important to understand that the type of business license they have is simply one that states they have declared themselves open for business.

There is NO governing body which regulates these investment firms and very little information regarding the legality of their services.

It is very important that you realize this fact. Most people don’t understand that when a company claims to specialize in investments, they can pretty much get away with anything until enough complaints have been filed.

There are multiple problems with The largest problem is…

They are a HYIP! High yield investment programs are notorious for scamming their investors. They offer you a high ROI (return on deposit) in exchange for a modest investment. This appeals to many low-income investors who NEED to make a large sum of money in a short amount of time.

These types of investors are desperate and immediately latch onto the idea of doubling or tripling their investment in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.

Such high returns are not practical. Worse yet, when you look at their business details you’ll soon realize they don’t actually explain how they invest your money with such high returns!

In reality, 99.9% of HYIPs actually don’t invest your money at all. They simply collect your money and then run away when they are in danger of being shut down. They operate under fake names and fraudulent business details which makes catching them very tricky.

Furthermore, they claim on their website in the small print that you may or may not earn any money, and they offer no guarantees. These warnings are often found in tiny print off the main page. They use this “disclaimer” as a way of protecting themselves when you try to sue them.

What Investment Plans Do They Offer?

Take a quick look at the five investment plans below. Something stands out…

Chevronfund Scam

All of these plans have incredibly high returns in a short period of time. Recall the HYIP scam we defined above!

Take a look at the “Standard Plan”. This is the most basic plan. Following this, if you deposited $1000, you would earn back $2700 after just 45 days!

That’s not just incredibly, that’s miraculous. Nobody makes this amount of interest. Even high-value Wall Street investors are not able to bank this much money.

There’s MORE…

If you invest the minimum of $3000 into the “Daimond Plan” (should be spelled Diamond) you will earn $6000 after only 20 days!

Let’s be real.

This is not possible. If it were, you wouldn’t be reading this, because we’d be sipping margaritas down by our private beach in Maui.

If this was real, everyone you know would be a millionaire.


The golden rule of life! “If it sounds too good to be true… it probably IS!”

How Does Make Money?

The most important part of any investment firm is where they actually earn their money from. The idea is that you give them your money, they invest it for you, and then make your money grow because of their investment skills.

In the case of they claim that they specialize in investing in natural gas and oil. If you were hoping for more of an explanation (as are we) you’ll be sorely disappointed. There is no more information!

There are many ways to invest in gas and oil. You can buy stock with a gas company, trade in gas and oil in binary options or buy and sell gas and oil yourself. Which of these ways (and more) is using?

Despite their lofty claims of delivering massive profits, they do not give any information at all about how they plan on making this money.

Worse yet…

They want YOU to believe they are a well-established investment firm but they have no record in the financial markets of making any money at all.

That’s right. The truth of the matter is that is a big fat nobody. If they were making such huge profits, they’d be easy to find in the world of online trading. They don’t even have a basic online portfolio. Rather, they seem to have popped up overnight claiming to make millions investing but showing NO proof.

Proof that is Working?

You are probably reading this, hoping to find proof that chevronfund actually works. We hate to be the bringer of bad news, but in reality, this company just doesn’t work.

They have no legitimate or verified proof that anything they claim is real. We invite you to take a look at their Facebook page to view another reality of HYIP scams.

HYIP scams like chevronfund understand one important rule of online scamming. They NEED to gain your trust in order to get your money. This is possible by paying out small withdrawals (under $10 amount).

Most investors will open their first investment with the minimum amount of $10. They want to add more, but they want to make sure the company is paying first. After a few days, they request a small withdrawal and immediately receive it.

This makes them trust the HYIP and they immediately deposit a larger sum of money. Shortly thereafter, they see their money disappear. When they request a withdrawal it keeps disappearing from their account.

What comes next is truly horrifying!

They contact customer support to attempt to settle the problem and their account is closed!

That’s right. Chevronfund will CLOSE your account if you attempt to claim your money!

This is happening over and over again with multiple customers. We have been contacted by many people who can’t even log back into their account because their account was shut down.

You might be tempted into thinking that you are one of the lucky ones who will actually make money. Please don’t be fooled.

Nobody is actually making any money at all. The largest withdrawal reported by a real user was $1. ONE dollar! Anything higher than this was denied.

Who Owns

There is no valid information about the owner of this scam. He keeps his identity quiet secretive. Only a scam artist would be too afraid to reveal his name. We believe that he is Asian. Take a look at the video towards the bottom of the page.

A video appearing to be a white man in his 60’s plays. Please pay attention to the worst voice over dub we’ve ever seen. The man in the video is NOT talking about His mouth is saying something completely different but the voice coming out of the audio on the video sounds like someone with a strong Asian accent trying to speak English.

This has shady written ALL over it. 

The real owner of does not show his face. He claims to have a “team of highly skilled investors”. This is also a lie. No proof of such a team is given.

We strongly believe that the owner of this HYIP is the same owner of several other HYIP scams we’ve busted lately. Most of their websites look the same and they all operate in much the same fashion.

These are either creepy coincidence or a direct connection!

Is There Any HYIP That Actually Pays?

We have good news and bad news.

The bad news comes first. We have NEVER encountered a HYIP that pays on large withdrawals. Each day we speak to people who have been scammed by fake investment firms. Every. Single. Day.

No matter how nice the website looks or how trustworthy the fake reviews are, none of these HYIPs work.

If you want to make real earnings online, please be real. There are risks and there are rewards. If you aren’t prepared to put in some work, you will most likely never make a penny online.

We hope you are the kind of person that wants to get some work done. If so, please check out our review of Social Trading with Tradeo to see how to trade with a regulated broker on your own terms!

Another great option is My Paying Crypto Ads. This is a great way to make bitcoin actually work for you! Bitcoin is the single best way to move forward into the future, and only with a company that actually works!

Is a Scam?

Recall to mind the facts we have exposed here…

1. This is a HYIP scam. No real investment firm offers such high returns for such a small investment. This is not feasible.

2. The owner and team who works for are hiding their true identity.

3. Nobody has actually taken a large withdrawal from this company.

4. We have multiple users who have had their accounts closed when they tried to take their money out!

This is only the tip of the iceberg. These scam artists are working constantly to deceive you into handing over your money. They will make thousands of dollars today from trusting people like you. Don’t be one of them!

If you are interested in investing with any online trading group, please send us a message and we’ll be glad to check it out for you. In the meantime, Thank you for reading our chevronfund review, please be safe and take care!
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