Channel Ranger Scam Review

Channel Ranger Scam Review

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This is our Channel Ranger Scam Review. Please read through to the end of this review before investing with Channel Ranger! Channel Ranger is a scam!

Channel Ranger is an auto trading software that takes short term trades, from 60 seconds to 5 minutes, but no longer. 60 second trades get a bad rap because they are fast trades with no time to really save if they aren’t going the right direction. We believe it is possible to execute successful 60 second trades but not with ChannelRanger!

ChannelRanger compares their trading strategy to that of bouncing a basketball. When the price drops down it will come back up. What he seems to be missing is that the market price fluctuates and unlike a basketball, it bounces up and down based not on the pull of gravity, but on many other determining factors. If bouncing a basketball was truly like trading, nobody would want to play. Gravity is what makes the bounce of the ball predictable. Such isn’t the case for the market.

 Channel Ranger Scam Review
Does Channel Ranger work? 

Channel Ranger promises that we’ll be making 6-11 thousand dollars a week! Sounds amazing, but I’m not falling for it. We’ve seen these empty promises time after time after time. The more likely scenario is that you will end up losing your entire deposit in under a week.

Devin Miles is the name of the CEO of ChannelRanger. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any information about him online. He has no trading history and nobody has ever heard of him in the trading market. Because of this, we have every good reason to believe there is no “Devin Miles” but only an actor and a group of scammers writing his script.

We found an affiliate of ChannelRanger that is using a Fiverr actor to promote ChannelRanger. However, when we did some digging we discovered that the Fiverr actor made a generic review that has nothing to do with ChannelRanger. We noticed another review site using this as evidence that ChannelRanger is a scam but we’d like to set the record straight. The youtube review for ChannelRanger using a Fiverr actor is completely unrelated to ChannelRanger.

 Channel Ranger Scam Review

Proof that ChannelRanger is a scam 

Channel Ranger does have their own video testimonials. We couldn’t find these people on any known acting sites. However, Channel Ranger admits to us in their disclaimer page that they are actors! How stupid do they think we are? We understand that most people never read these disclaimer pages, but we do! We didn’t have to look far to discover that Channel Ranger admits their videos are fake in the their disclaimer page! As you can see in the picture below, they claim that they don’t hire actors.

 Channel Ranger Review

If you read their disclaimer you will find the truth. All of their videos were of hired actors.


That’s not all! If you continue reading on their disclaimer page you will see that they tell us that Channel Ranger might make you lose your entire deposit! Big surprise there. 3

Channel Ranger claims to show us “Devin Miles” bank statement. We scrolled through the pages and noticed that the time stamp on the top of the page never changes. This is a clear sign of photoshop. Nothing about these screen shots are real.

The scammers behind ChannelRanger are making their money off of affiliation sales with the broker. They aren’t giving it away for free, as they claim. They make between $250-$500 per person that downloads their software. This is paid to them by the broker!

Conclusion: Channel Ranger is a scam!

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