Chain.Group Review – Chain Of Hyip Scams Exposed In Detail!

Please don’t lose a single penny to the newest HYIP scam before reading our complete Chain.Group Review! This complex HYIP is going viral and thousands of people are standing in line to lose their money! Don’t become one of their next victims!

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Chain.Group Review

Chain.Group Review

Chain.Group is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers varying ROI (return on investment) based on which plan you select. They have a unique feature which allows you to buy escrow into several other HYIP sites, that we have listed further down in the review.

Before we get started there are several important points to keep in mind!

The owner is anonymous! He has not revealed his name or actual location, which makes us find him highly untrustworthy.

There is NO proof that anyone involved in this site is actually trading cryptocurrency. We believe this is a Ponzi scam and we will explain that below!

What is a Ponzi Scam? Is Chain.Group Paying?

A Ponzi scam is an age old scam that has been around for many years. In this scam, people who invest into a program are paid their earnings from the money of new investors. When new investors stop depositing money, the earnings and withdrawals stop and nobody gets paid. The owner typically steals a large portion of the money for himself.

When the program stops taking in enough money to pay withdrawals, the owner collects the funds for about a month before closing the site and stealing the remainder. He will also usually pay new investors on their first few withdrawals to increase trust and encourage them to deposit more money. Don’t be fooled by this tactic! You will eventually lose!

Is Chain.Group HYIP based on Ponzi Scheme?

The financial scammers are always thinking about such rubbish plots to suck out the money from those who have earned it after working for over a long time in their lives. After a thorough investigation, we are sadly announcing that there can be no other scam like the Chain.Group scam.

This isn’t a mere proclamation but it is something based purely on facts. The financial potholes which you may end up in as well, are going to be deep enough to leave you financially depleted.

Imagine the stubbornness of the scam artists of Chain.Group scam. Not only are they trying to rip people off, but also they want you to invest in their multiple chains. Chain.Group scam is something which is made up of some small investment groups which are also fake and have no existence anywhere in the registered documents. The trade groups which make up the Chain group scam are as:

Dragon Foundation Scam.
BitStrong Scam.
X-Bots Scam.
CNC Scam.
T.G. Thomas Scam.
CloudShare Scam.
Chain Trade Group Scam

It doesn’t end here. Let’s move you through the contaminated business plan of Chain Group scam and how are these money-hungry beasts are trying to catch you off-guard and rob you in just a few minutes.

Guaranteed Return on High-Risk Investments?

Ask even a 16-year old doing an internship on a clerical post and he’ll tell you that there is no such thing as a “guaranteed return” unless the business you are into, involves running a drug franchise in the world of Pablo Escobar.

The tantrum of getting higher returns without any chances of risk means the Chain.Group wants to go to any lengths to allure the new investors to pay off the older ones. Just have a look at the attached image where you can see the increase in the returns already predicted and also published on the website. Doesn’t it ring a bell to those who are sane enough to know it’s a scam?

Is Chain.Group Regulated and Legal?

Having run this name under all the database ranging from Swiss off-shore companies’ database to the Security and Exchange Commission’s web portal, we are to announce that we couldn’t find even a crumb to hold on to. It makes it pretty clear that Chain.Group HYIP scam is no different than any other scam we’ve exposed.

No registration number nor any certification which proves the money flowing in and out is legit. Either there is no money involved or the money is being used for illegal investments or there is a firm suspicion that the money might be used to launder.

Furthermore, Chain.Group scam is NOT regulated, which means that nobody is monitoring them for fraud. You should never invest your money into a site that is unregulated because when they scam you, you will have no one to help you.

Chain.Group Scam Proof

When we tried to reach out to the customer support in order to get their views about the investment strategies, they simply ignored the fact that we are interested in investment. Rather they upheld the principle of turning a deaf ear towards our queries and stated that the investment strategies are quite complex for us to understand and we should only eat the fruit rather than counting the trees.

Apart from this, the clients are prohibited to properly go through the paperwork for the amount they are investing. One big fraud which is being done here (and the people surprisingly seem to ignore it) is the fact, that the Chain.Group scam is turning your money into buying BitCoin.

Once you have invested in the Chain.Group scam via one of its seven fake traders we mentioned above, they take your money and buy BTC. This BTC is being purchased and transferred on Blockchain and becomes immediately untraceable and lost to you.

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Is Chain.Group a Scam?

Via this Chain.Group scam review we tried to spread the word against one very blatant and brutal scam organization which is not going to get shut unless you people pull out all the strings. Chain.Group is a scam that needs to be shut down immediately.

How can you help? Share this post on social media to spread the word! The more times this post is shared the faster Chain.Group HYIP will close and stop stealing from people!

Stay safe and keep reading our blog and we will keep you updated about the latest scams and also about the legit organizations to invest your money into.

Happy Earnings!


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