Centument 2.0 Auto Trader, A Detailed Review on Latest Scam


Well who doesn’t like his bank balance to go up exponentially without doing much effort? This lust of amassing more and more money leads one into the mysterious domain of binary options in which the investor gets all the profit or loses all his money with no any payback. In this spree of earning money, the financial traders come forward with various tips and tricks. The sole purpose it to deceive people and to deprive them of their money by effective marketing of the software they are going to introduce. Same is the logic behind a well known recently introduced binary options trading software by the name of Centument 2.0 Binary Trading Software.

The Official scam site is : http://thecentumentproject2.com/index_start.php?

What is Centument 2.0:

A previous Wall Street trader known by the name of Gerald Reed was behind the whole idea of this humongous scam, Centument 2.0. Well guess what, we tried to dig up everything about the main role “Gerald Reed” and surprisingly, we couldn’t find any single information or any testament that could prove his identity. It means it’s a fake alias created just to deceive others.

Talking about malicious scam named as Centument 2.0, it is actually a binary options auto trading software. It is being claimed by the developers and the owner himself that it will make you rich overnight. The scammed software has got the potential of doing effective trade on the initial investment of the user and can return as much as $2500 in one night. What it actually means as there is no need to hire a broker anymore, as you just have to invest a little amount via this software and it will take care of the rest. Well to our surprise, I don’t know why do people have to study hard and get their doctorate degrees if Mr. Gerald is offering pretty easy money?

Centument Scam Review: With Proofs:

It’s quite a well known fact that current trends of business are the ugliest than anyone could ever think. Talking about Centument 2.0, about whom we have heard a lot via marketing campaigns that it is the best auto trading bot and it’s totally guaranteed. Well for the information of our readers, we would suggest you not to fall prey to such bogus marketing tactics. These tactics will leave you with no other option but to draw money from your account and wash them down the sink. If it had not been a scam, we would have been suggesting you to invest right away as we work for the betterment of our readers. If it’s a scam out there, it’s pretty much our responsibility to tell the readers that yeah, Centument 2.0, despite its lucrative marketing techniques and offers, is another huge scam. The mere aim of which is, to facilitate the corporate giants with the money of the tax-paying citizens.

Detailed Proofs:

After digging into the software’s internal mechanism, we have managed to understand the idea being put forward by the malicious and scammed Centument 2.0. The notorious scammer with the fake alias of Gerald Reed might have put effort into it. Little does he know that we can’t let the money snatchers win so easily. The arguments are as follows :-


  • The auto trader software actually claims to never place a losing bet. This is a bogus claim as every single individual involved in binary options trading knows that it can’t be true at all. We have also received emails from our readers stating that their subscription emails have been wiped out. It is a vivid indication that it not only robs you off your money, but also removes the subscription email to eradicate any trace.


  • Gerald Reed, again a fake alias; admits himself that his software had a loophole which was identified by the “Shady Brokers” who penetrated the system via the same loophole and stolen thousands of dollars. Later on, he teams up with them and both scam groups turn out to be a scamming conglomerate. By now, I think most of the readers are convinced because no any trade market can guarantee fairness and especially when we are talking about online trading. (http://www.forbes.com/sites/investor/2010/07/27/dont-gamble-on-binary-options/#53ec68531908


  • The company has hired models on behalf of his company for successful marketing of the scammed Centument 2.0 software. The images which users find on the site and while subscribing, are of signed models. The models he has hired are also huge scammers who were previously hired for another malicious scam known in the binary options trading industry as Centument LTD. centument-2-0-review

    The makers of Centument 2.0 seems to have eked out a really amazing algorithm. Which is unknown to the post doctoral degree holders in finance, which can trade so swiftly and effectively that it can earn $2500 for you in a single night and what you have to do is to chill out and see the money flowing in. Gerald claims the software to be intelligent enough that it can oversee the upcoming trends and place the call and put decisions accordingly. Well again to the surprise of the readers, if the domain of binary options would have been this much easy to predict and to comprehend, then it would have been handled by credible associations rather than the corporate rogues who are jiggling over the money they snatched from the already hard-working citizens.

    Ending word

    In a highly risky trading environment like the binary options, there is no such thing that can guarantee you success or failure rate more than 50%. And Centument 2.0 is claimed to give 73% to 80% success chance which is quite a bluff. If it happens so, it would mean as the developers of Centument 2.0 have cracked the secret behind the binary options trading. Which is indeed impossible as such moves take a lot of time and a huge investment most likely to bash the minds of many billionaires if you ask them for investing for such a pointless research. For our readers, you are all lucky to have read this blog and we hope that startling marketing tactics being employed by the marketers of Centument 2.0, won’t be able to cloud your sense of judgment. Stay updated on our facebook fan page and subscribe to our amazing YouTube channel. You could also tweet this important review to save others.



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