Centument LTD Scam Review

Centument Scam Reivew. You are reading our review of Centument! Please keep reading to see if this is a scam or legit because we will show you evidence of why we believe Centument is a scam!

Is Centument a Scam or Legit?

Centument LTD Scam Review

Centument LTD Scam Review, Gerald Reed, Gerald Reed Scammer

Centument is a new auto trader which mimics the production style of the Fast Cash.biz scam. Someone put some money into Centument to really make it look real. We waited a week before fully reviewing it because we wanted to see what the results were. Here at binaryscamwatchmontior.com we don’t try things out unless we have trusted contacts that have or we know the people behind it personally. It’s safe to say, we are incredibly picky about who we work with.

The first thing that is important to mention is that Centument Ltd is not a real investment company. If it was, we’d be able to find it listed online. This company does not exist. They claim to be so incredibly successful that many billionaires are using it. Meanwhile there isn’t even a tiny little wikipedia article about it. This is such a lie. The only people talking about Centument Ltd as if it actually exists are the scammers who run the blogs supporting it and other scams such as Virtnext and Dow Jones. We do want to point out that all of the blogs supporting Centument are the same group of scammers that work together to trick the public by dominating the google search with the same positive reviews. Check out this review here where we discussed this to be enlightened.

When we first saw the Centument promotional video it screamed scam to us. As we mentioned above, it copies the style of Fashcash.biz. The hired actor is good, the fancy car is mildly convincing. The people behind the Centument scam were almost perfect at making their scam believable. They did make a few obvious mistakes that we picked up on, which we will point out. First of all, the man behind the Centument auto trader is a man who claims to be Gerald Reed. He claims to have worked for Wall Street in the past before leaving and starting his own auto trader.

Gerald Reed is invisible online. We couldn’t find a shred of evidence that he actually exists. Although we couldn’t find the man who speaks in the video, we are very sure he is an actor. These types of actors are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. They are usually failed actors or models who can read a teleprompter. It doesn’t really matter which one this guy is, he does a half way decent job but his scripted lines fall flat. None of this really matters though. What we want to show you are the real lies this website tells you.

Is Centument a Scam?

If you scroll down, you will see a section of beautiful people that have become rich using Centument. We recognized one right away and quickly found the others on various other websites. None of these people are real users. The quotes are fake and the pictures are stolen from the internet.

Centument LTD Scam Review

Centument LTD Scam Review, Centument Actors

Here is a woman that has worked with another scam we reviewed a few weeks ago. This is her modeling photo used in multiple fake twitter accounts and blogs as far back as 2010. Here is one link where her picture was probably stolen from.

We took a look at their claims to be supported by Bloomberg, which the actor in the video is very proud of. This is a lie. All of the quotes pictured below are fake and can’t be verified on any online source. It’s pretty easy to just pull quotes out of the air these days because most people believe whatever they read online. You should be able to believe what you read! Unfortunately scammers like those behind Centument take advantage of that and lie through their teeth to get sign ups.

Centument LTD Scam Review

Centument LTD Scam Review, Centument Fake News, Centument Fake CNN

Centument claims that their software is free for now but will soon be a paid service. This is the same fake story all of the scams tell us. Virtnext made the same lie… they are still free. Why are they free? Because after the first week you won’t have anything left in your balance to justify paying for another month. Your money will be gone.

Centument doesn’t make any overly obvious claims of earning potential but the when you try to exit the site a pop up comes and tells you that you will make $770 an hour if you sign up today! That’s outrageous! Don’t fall for this please! In the video the actor tells us that we can turn $250 into $12,000 in one day. God have mercy on anyone who actually believes this. If that’s not bad enough, their figures seem to change depending on what fake picture they are using to tell us about their profits. In the video the actor tells us that we can make $12,000 in one day, but in the testimonials below the video, we are told that one girl made $10,000 after 3 months. Which is it?

Centument LTD Review, Centument LTD Scam Review

Centument LTD Scam Review , Centument Is a SCAM

What matters to us the most is the emails we received from three people who signed up with Centument when it first released. Their balance was gone before day 4. They lost their starting balance in 4 days time. We noticed that the only people who are claiming this works are the same bloggers that claim all the other scams work. That should be a red flag right there. Centument would pay us $300 for each of you that use our link to sign up. We passed and so should you! Don’t throw your money away on this worthless auto trader!

Conclusion: Centument is a SCAM!!

Thank you for reading our Centument LTD Scam Review. If you are looking for a legitimate way to make real money we are having great success using Social Trading with Tradeo. Check them out!

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Centument LTD Scam Review
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  • Paul Newbery

    Interesting. As i’ve just this second read a review followed up by comments that this is doing very well!! One of the usual suspects

    • Hey 🙂

      I hope you weren’t looking to join Centument 😉

      • Paul Newbery

        Certainly not! It’s just that i read your review and decided to compare it to another ‘trusted binary review site’ and see the differences! I’ve got to wait for a mobile version of phenomenal autotrader!!

        • Oh okay. But there will not be any phone app for the AT. They are working on a web based AT right now and you’ll be able to access it with your phone.. It requires coding skills and it will take time until they improve it.

  • Space_Cowboy_1952

    Slick, hipster actor. Lambo hired for the shoot… screams fake. Compare with real billionaires, like Elon Musk and Richard Branson. Much more diffident and less ‘in your face’. This guy talks like Jordan Belfort, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ or Gordon Gekko from ‘Wall Street’. Would you buy a used Ferrari from this guy (if you could afford one)?