Cash Loophole Scam – The Ultimate Review!

Hi, since you have landed on this page you probably have a few questions. Such as: What is the Cash Loophole Software? Is it a scam or legit? Can you really make money with it? Who is Richard Sellars? Who is Kevin Wright? Are they scammers? We know that you have many questions! Rest assured we will answer them all in this important review.

Indeed, what we are about to reveal should be taken very seriously. It is our hope that this information will change your whole view on the Cash Loophole Software. If you have already been scammed by this software, please send us an email and we will be glad to help you out.

That is to say, we are going to show you that the Cash Loophole is a verified scam. Right now it is gaining a lot of attention from Binary Options traders as well as regular people. Many of whom probably heard of this scam software through an email spam, email spams are sent out by a group of email marketers and scammers working for the Cash Loophole company. They may also have read one of the devious binary options blogs out there that is promoting this scam. Unlike these blogs, we are honored to put this scam on our blacklist that is expanding on a daily basis.


cash loophole scam

Explicitly, everything we are going to reveal here is 100% true and we do not accuse the cash loophole with fraudulent claims to dust whatever reputation they may have. This review is based on the negative feedback that we are getting daily from other people as well as personal experience. The review might be long, so please if you are in a hurry, just scroll down to the bottom and read the conclusion. Now, let’s get started!

What Is The Cash Loophole Scam Software Is All About?

Well, as per their claims, the Cash Loophole Software is supposedly an “Auto Trader“ for Binary Options that is equipped with a “Secret Formula” or “Secret Algorithm.” They say this big secret is capable of making you win and succeed while trading in Binary Options. It is some sort of a cheat to give you a better experience when it comes to online trading.

Also, it is supposed to be something which will turn you into a millionaire overnight! However, all of these claims are entirely fake and we are prepared to tell you why. But first, allow me to give you a quick explanation of what Binary Options is, since many of the people who are reading this review do not already know.

Quick Guide For Binary Options.

In short, Binary Options is a form of online trading that looks very easy to the general public. It is designed to appear simple for them to make money from because it’s just a matter of saying yes or no. It is exactly like betting. But when you bet, you are betting whether the price will rise or fall on a pair of currency. If you win you receive an 85% ROI instantly. But if you lose, you lose the entire amount. If you are a completely new trader, we encourage you to read our beginner’s guide and tips  before stepping any further into online trading.

Beyond this, we encourage you to read our HomePage or check a WIKI Article to find out more about Binary Options. As of now we must move on to the main topic of this review.

How does the software work and what is it?

Now, the software works by trading automatically into your brokerage account, which you are required to sign up with in order for the software to make money for you(even though it never will). Then you get to just to sit back and watch it doubling your money. Of course, it will actually burn away your money, thereby ensuring that you will not be able to get it back. In reality, the software actually has no algorithm or any secret formula or anything at all. It is simply a sort of robot that makes trades for you without your intervention. It does not have any accuracy or strategy behind it. But according to scammers it does. In fact in the world of finance and market, if there is such a software that exists it will be hidden far under the radar. The public will never have access to it or even know it exists. That is the basic definition of how the binary options auto traders work.

The Cash Loophole scenario:

Once you open up their creepy website, you will hear a guy talking in a creepy voice. It is identical to scammers voice. He begins by saying, “Congratulation you are a lucky person! You have been personally selected for our beta testers program!” He then goes on to say that you must not share the software with anyone under any circumstances. He tells the audience to put their credit cards away, “there’s nothing to buy,” obviously there is! We are going to get to that later. Next, you hear Richard Sellars talking with his two actors(beta testers). The actors “David and Julia“ both seem to have made over $1500, and they even show their balance and their live trades. But is that true? Did they really make that money? Let’s see!

The Cash Loophole Review

Notably, Richard Sellars is a great scammer, and he has a couple of great actors with him, I must admit, he almost got me to fall in his scam! Just kidding.

First of all, he claims that the software is only available in 9 countries, which is not true. It is actually available worldwide and anyone can use it. You can see the proof for yourself by going to his affiliate page, and scrolling to the bottom of his scammy website. He is allowing every scammer who runs a binary options blog to send him traders from all over the world so he can scam them.

As for his beta testers, they were paid to act and show their trade history. It is all real, and none of it is photoshopped. It’s 100% real. However they did not actually make that money. Neither did the software. It is the broker who did this. Once you sign up, and put in your email address and phone number, you will start getting phone calls and email spams from the broker who is directly connected with the cash loophole software. The aim of these email and phone spams is to coerce you into depositing money into your trading account. This way, according to them, the the software can begin trading and doubling your money. Please notice that you should never ever trade with unregulated brokers. They are all bunch of scammers.

Is the software free?

As we said above, you are required to sign up for a broker account. In doing so, you will need to deposit between 200 to 300 USD into the unregulated brokerage account. Once you have done this, you can say goodbye to your money. You will likely never get it back, but we could help you and give you some tips on how to it is possible to get it back if you contact us.

The Proof Of Scam And Their Stupidity

As with any scam or a scammer, they always leave a trace of proof behind their crime. Whilst we were watching the video, we noticed that Richard Sellars says that he is from the UK. At this point he is showing his fake bank account, which is actually an american bank account. Take a look!


Fortunately, that is not the only proof. This scam is not actually a new one. It has been going on under different names such as: The Mocking Bird and The Money Glitch scams. Which can be found on our website.

Also, they have illegally used photos of innocent people in their scam to calling them “members” take a look! They have stolen these pictures from LinkedIn profiles.


The Fake Badges Are Not Real!

To point out, one of the things that most scammers are using nowadays are the 3rd party verification badges. If you see any business that has those badges, that means they are legit and they have been verified. But the scammers are taking the same badges and logos and putting them on their website to increase the trust of the public people. Most people have no idea this is going on and it makes them fall into the scam. It is a very good tactic. But it is also easy to detect it. If you click on one of the badges and it leads you nowhere, or its not clickable, then it is just a fake badge. But if it is clickable and it leads you to another website that shows you the registered company information, that means they are legit and they have been verified. In this case, the Cash Loophole is obviously using fake badges. Like the ones shown below!


How Do They Scam You And Thing’s You Don’t Know?

It is important to realize, they are a bunch of internet marketers. They create products, then launch them and give commissions to  other scammers like them. These other scammers work together to promote each other. The commissions are paid by the brokers which make them the #1 head of the snake.

The Best Solution

Remember, there are a few solutions and alternatives to this software. There are legitimate ways to trade online for beginners who have no experience in trading. There is something called Social Trading that you could use to learn how to trade and also make money at the same time.

The Conclusion

After all the evidence and proofs we have given to you all, there is not much left to say.

Conclusively, the Cash Loophole software is a big scam. Please avoid it on sight, unless you want to risk your money.. it;s your business. But don’t put the fault on them when you lose your money. It is your mistake in the first place because you believed them without doing any research. We encourage you to subscribe to our blog to get the latest email alerts on the viral scams in the Binary Options market. Please consider sharing this review with people you know if you think we helped you. Give us a like on our facebook page or drop us an email if you need any help. Thank you for reading.



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