Cash Formula Scam Review

Cash Formula Scam Review. This newest binary options auto trader scam might just win the award for “best presentation”. It certainly goes to great lengths to seem honest and trustworthy.  Everything about the Cash Formula scam seems too good to be true. From the focus on avoiding scams to the decision not to make outrageous promises, Cash Formula has everything going for it, until it shows its true colors. It takes a clever eye to spot the discrepancies here and we know from vast experience that this sort of credible offer will falsely convince hundreds of new traders to sign up. This is why it is so incredibly important for you to protect yourself!

When the offer is as good as this one is, be sure to take the extra time needed to research it. In the future, if you come across a signal service such as this one, please message us. We will give you our honest opinion and hopefully help you make the best decision for your own financial future. If you have recently been scammed, message us for our advice on how to reclaim your money! And please check out our review of the Compound Trader scam, which is currently going viral!

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DESCRIPTION: This newest binary options auto trader scam might just win the award for “best presentation”…

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Cash Formula Scam

Cash Formula Scam

Does Cash Formula Scam present us with a legitimate alternative to the other scams on the market?

When we sat down to initially review the Cash Formula we were pleasantly surprised. It has one of the nicest and most honest sounding presentations we’ve seen. The presenter of the Cash Formula scam, Tim Stafford, spends the first half of the video purely cautioning his audience against falling for binary options scams. As this is exactly what we do every day, this made a good impression on us. We were excited to continue viewing the rest of the Cash Formula offer in the hopes that we might have accidently landed on a true gem! Unfortunately, our excitement was cut incredibly short as the impressive presentation fell flat on its face. In our quest to offer you the best auto trading services, we have stumbled onto quite a few duds, like this one READ HERE.

In short, the Cash Formula starts out in an attempt to convince us that the market is rigged against the lower class, in favor of the rich. While this is actually true, they don’t really offer an alternative to this dilemma. They only bring up the fact that the market is not working in our favor, in order to convince us that their product is bucking that system. However, they offer not one shred of proof that it actually is. Saying a thing doesn’t make it true. If the Cash Formula is truly different than every other auto trading scam on the market, they need to show us what makes them different. This is where they fail. Also, stay clear of the Mobile Binary Code scam!

Are Tim Stafford and his mentor truly revolutionizing the auto trading market?

The story behind Cash Formula is that a top secret algorithm was discovered quite by accident. The man who made this discovery is not named, his identity remains shrouded in secrecy. We aren’t sure why this is, because later in the video, he is purportedly shown, sitting next to Tim Stafford trying to sell us the Cash Formula. If they are so concerned with keeping his identity a secret, why do they clearly show a man claiming to be him? This doesn’t add up.

Cash Formula Scam

Cash Formula Scam

What we are told, is that this secret (yet not secret) man, gave Tim Stafford the secret algorithm and together they developed the trading software, called Cash Formula. They then decided to give this software away for free because they are just “nice guys” who want to spread the wealth. While they may sound like Robin Hood wannabees, we assure you, they are not. They are more like snakes than any literary hero. The scam of the auto trading software has been copied over and over ad nauseum, make sure to read about The Profit Hack, another dangerous scam.

What is Cash Formula actually achieving? 

From the claims made in the Cash Formula promotional video, you’d think there would be overwhelming proof that it actually works. We were shocked when we begin to realize that not one ounce of credible proof is actually given. Rather, we are merely told we will “be shocked” by how much money we will make. Tim Stafford even tells us that he will personally connect with us to help us achieve our financial goals. Not once, does he show us live trading or proof of earnings. We are however introduced to two actors, who claim to have used the Cash Formula software and made money. Unfortunately, we were able to determine that at least one of these beta testers was an actor featured in a few other scams. To read about another binary options scam that has used actors, READ HERE. 

Is Tim Stafford even a real trader?

To put the icing on the cake, we were able to officially determine that Tim Stafford does not exist. We opened our own investigation into his identity and spoke to several of the top traders about him. Suffice to say, nobody has ever heard of him or any so-called “secret algorithm. He seems to have appeared on the auto trading scene out of nowhere. He does not have any online presence which is strangely abnormal for someone who claims to be so entrenched in the binary options industry. For those of us that have been around binary options for a few years now, we are pretty well informed when it comes to famous and the infamous traders, whether good or bad. Nobody has even heard of this guy, which means he is either not real, or has the worst social skills ever. IF Tim Stafford even exists, why has he never sought out the companionship of other top traders? And why is his mystery friend so scared to give his name, but not show his face? Nothing is adding up here, which reminds us of the Quick Cash Method, which also fell flat.

What did we conclude?

As we said above, we were very impressed with Cash Formula on first whiff. This made for a pretty depressing climax when we realized that Cash Formula was as empty and shallow as all the other scams already wreaking havoc on the market. It’s a shame, but we need to be honest here. There is nothing good about the Cash Formula and we expect that within a few days time, we’ll start receiving emails from people who lost their money. If this happens to be you, please send us a message and we can advise you on how to get your money back! In the meantime, please check out our post about keeping yourself safe while trading with binary options. These are just a few ways to keep yourself from being taken advantage of, and we hope something HERE helps you!

Our advice and recommendations?

There are only a small handful of working binary options systems on the market right now. You can read about some of the ones we’ve tried in our Recommended Signals section. For those of you that are ready to jump into something substantial, we advise you to test out Social Trading with Tradeo. This is our number one system with the highest user rating. Another great option is to start making a second income with My Paying Ads. Whatever you choose, we are here to help you on your journey and answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hestitate to message us for help or advice.

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