Cash Crew Scam Review

You are reading our Cash Crew scam review. Please continue reading to see what a ridiculous bunch of lies we found when reviewing the Cash Crew auto trader. Save your money by reading this before you sign up with

 Cash Crew Scam Review is an auto trading software that was developed by father and son team. The only problem is that there is no father and son team. This is a lie. The voice in the promotional video sounds like someone in his 30’s but he claims to be George Patterson, a man appearing to be in his 60’s. It wasn’t too hard for us to smell the scam here!Cash Crew is a scam?

Cash Crew shows up a picture of George Patterson, whose voice sounds like that of a much much younger man. We found “George Patterson’s” photo as a stock image for “business man”. Check out the link here to see the stock photo. This is a clear lie! If Cash Crew works so well, why are they lying about the name of the CEO and the face of the CEO? It doesn’t add up.

Cash Crew Scam Review

We took a look at their testimonials and saw several stock images yet again. Seems like Cash Crew is fond of using stock photos and then making up names for them. This is “Bob Renner from Atlanta”.

Cash Crew Scam Review

And here is the stock photo of “Bob”.

Is Cash Crew a scam

More scam proof Cash Crew is no different and no more complex then most of the scams we’ve seen before. Same lies being fed to us over and over again. tells us that they have developed a software with a 90% ITM accuracy and it will enable us to make thousand of dollars A DAY! This is next to impossible. We are already convinced it doesn’t work because of all the other lies we are being told on their page.

Like every other scam, Cash Crew wants us to believe that they are giving away this auto trading software out of the kindness of their hearts. If that’s the case, why are they forcing us to sign up with a new broker of their choosing? They do this to get the affiliation payment from the broker. This ranges anywhere from $250 – $500 or higher!

Conclusion: Cash Crew is a SCAM!

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