Cash Camp Review

Cash Camp Review Cash Camp is an auto trading software that was released a few months ago. We have been flooded with emails from our readers  asking us to review this scam as it’s one of the few softwares to get some great reviews from other review sites. Unfortunately we also received quite a few emails from people that tried Cash Camp out and lost their entire balance within a few days.

Michael Solovsky is the fake CEO of Cash Camp. Of course our internet searches didn’t turn up any information about him because he’s just an actor that Cash Camp hired to promote their scam.
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The software projects a 97% win rate on auto trade which is obviously a lie. No auto trader or trader has ever achieved a 97% win rate consistently enough to make profits.

They offer a 30 day free trial because they wouldn’t be able to sell their failed software if their lives depended on it. Who wants to buy a software that doesn’t work? They claim to have amazing customer support but the customers we spoke to said that their many emails for support went unanswered. This is nothing but a scam!

Is Cash Camp really this stupid?

Cash Camp takes a creepy approach by having the fake CEO Michael Slovosky claim that he is just trying to be like Jesus, by teaching men to fish for themselves. I’m not sure whether he meant to make a comparison between himself and Jesus Christ, but he failed miserably as Jesus never said this quote. Nothing like some bad theology to make this scam all the more annoying.

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Immediately after lying about Jesus, Cash Camp tells us that they have been in business since 1999. This is a bogus lie as they were just created last month. Oh the silly lies they weave.

Cash Camp uses fake actors for their reviews, photoshopped account balances, and impossible 97% win rate promises to lure customers into signing up. Cash Camp is making their money by affiliating themselves with brokers.

The market is flooded with these scams today and despite scores of bad customer experiences, many binary option review sites are giving this scam their support. Don’t fall for this!

Conclusion: Cash Camp is a scam! Don’t fall for it. Please share your experience below!
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