Scam Or Legit? Review Based On Facts!!

Welcome to our investigative report on We investigated this nasty shame of a company as a special request to several of our readers. It is incredibly important for you to read this review if you have had any desire of investing with them. This HYIP is NOT trusted and has been marked as a scam by every reputable review site. Stay far away from another recent HYIP scam

The financial industry is literally booming with scams lately. Now is the time to use discernment more than ever. Don’t be tricked by fancy websites and promises that are too good to be true. If you are reading this and it is too late, please email us to share your experience.

Let’s take a closer look!

Official Website: Scam Review: How Does It Work? is a HYIP (high yield investment program) that offers 10 different investment plans with varying ROI (return on investment). Each investment plan has a different time period before it matures and each has different rules that govern the minimum and maximum you can start with.

According to the business plan, you pick a plan, invest money into it, and wait for your earnings to pour in. When you have earnings in your account, you make a withdrawal to your payment processor. This all sounds great in theory, but the problem is that this doesn’t actually work. Don’t be tricked into believing that this sham is real… it’s not.

Is a HYIP Scam?

Most of you who have worked with online investments in the past are very familiar with HYIP’s. However, many of you are not. A HYIP is a high yield investment program. Such a program offers incredibly high returns on investments. Remember that despite what you see, if something sounds too good to be true, it most usually is!


Take a step back and analyze the truth of this situation. fails to offer any information about how they intend upon investing your money. They make vague statements about how they will use it to trade and seemingly win quite a bit. However, we are not told any of the details. Any legitimate trading investment firm should have detailed evidence showing where they trade your money and the regulations used to do so. In the case of, they do not reveal any of this. That’s your first BIG red flag!

Most HYIP’s are simply used to lure investors into collect the money and then run when people catch on to their scam. It is easy for such companies to operate under the radar because they can simply claim that their investments fell through, meanwhile, they pocket the cash and re-open another HYIP later on. This is dishonest and should be illegal, but continues to occur on a daily basis without repercussions. The victims are YOU.

Is Paying?

This is an interesting question and one that requires some understanding of how the HYIP industry usually operates. Scam artists that own and operate HYIP’s need to build trust with their investors in order to get the large depositors. To build that trust they always pay the first withdrawals that come from low investors.

What does this mean? Each first-time investor usually deposits a small amount and then takes a quick withdrawal to test the system to see if they are paying. Each HYIP realizes this test and passes it by paying out on those initial first-time withdrawals. When an investor trusts the HYIP he is 10 times more likely to deposit a larger amount. This larger amount is the one that will not return to him.

We noticed that has an active user forum on their website where investors can post proof of withdrawal. If you take a look at that, you will quickly see that the people posting are showing small monetary withdrawals, typically under $20. This forum is also heavily moderated by the admins who will not approve any negative posts.

To answer the question, has been paying the small withdrawals, but have not paid any large withdrawals. In fact, they are denying them and closing the accounts of those that protest. We have been contacted by several of our readers that invested larger sums of money and were never able to withdraw their profits. We are hereby issuing a warning to NOT join this HYIP!

Who Runs and Operates

Here is another great question without an answer! The owner and CEO of this HYIP has chosen to remain anonymous, which leads us to another red flag. When leading an incredibly successful investment firm, a person would be proud to show their face. This is not the case here. The owner of this sham fraud is most likely a professional scam artist who lives in a third world country. The quality of the English grammar on the website shows that we are not dealing with someone who has a good command of the English language. That alone doesn’t mean he’s scamming, but the fact that he pretends to be from the UK yet remains in the shadows most certainly does!

As a rule of our online investments, we never work with anyone or any company that does not show the face and name of their owner, and neither should you. This is incredibly deceptive. There are literally hundreds and thousands of internet scams operating online in such a way. None of them show the owners name and none of them can be brought to justice. This side of the internet is not policed very well, which leads to a mine field of scams.

What Online Investments Pay?

We have worked with numerous online money making opportunities and have exposed hundreds of scams over the last few years. We have compiled a short list of our favorite trusted ways to profit online. The best way to trade online with a regulated broker is with Tradeo! Check that out and let us know if you have questions. Another trusted option is My Paying Ads!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email us! We need to hear from you in order to help more people safely invest!

Is a Scam?

In conclusion, we have detailed above the facts that make a scam and you should avoid it at all costs!

1. No evidence of large withdrawals. Multiple readers have told us that they have had their accounts closed when they disputed withdrawals that were not paid out.

2. The owner is not known and has deliberately remained anonymous.

3. Offers ROI (return on investment) that is too high to maintain and simply a lure to bring in new investors.

4. Does not give any information about where they plan on investing your money!

Conclusion: is a SCAM!

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  • tica

    Scam . Dont invest.

  • Shea Self

    HUGE SCAM…. CAPITALLER ARE THIEVES. Their forum is fabricated 100%. Don’t fall victim!! They pay out some of the smaller daily payouts that pay a few dollars a day just so they will get good reviews from them. But once you invest in their compounding plans, you’ll never hear from them or get your money back.

    • Thank you for your feedback. That’s terrible. Have you lost anything?

      • Shea Self

        Yes. I lost $500 with them.

        • Ah, i’m sorry to hear that. I’de suggest that you file for a credit card fraud. You may get a chance to get that money back.

  • Christina Lüllau

    Yes Capitaller it’s scam. I’ve lost 250$ with them and 240$ with , 100$ with and 35$ with This is very hard for me because I need the money urgently for debt. I was pretty stupid but also somewhat desperate.
    I was really angry when I read the following at the webpage

    “You didn’t get your profit?
    Please, do not despair. It is not the end of life!
    You just got a good life lesson: HYIPs = GAMBLING.
    Please, go away from hyips… any hyips… now and forever!
    Almost all money you ‘lost’ gone for charity ans sick people.
    Gambling and greed energy transformed to charity.
    Be wise… enjoy breath… enjoy sun… enjoy life as it is…”

    Very bad. I never loose money by hyip.

    • Hello Christina. All HYIPs are scams. I’m very sorry that you lost all this money.

      Please check out our bitcoin investment with MPCA. This is almost a 100% guaranteed passive income and scam free.


      It may be a bit confusing if you know nothing about bitcoin. But you are welcome to email us with any question you may have.