Cambridge Method Scam Review

Cambridge Method Scam Review. After spending a copious amount of time researching the Cambridge Method scam, we can state that this is one of the strangest scams we’ve come across. This one singular scam appears to have at least three different home page introductions, depending on what your location is in the world. Each of these home pages has a different creator and a different back story but they all use the same url and the same name, Cambridge Method.

This is something we don’t see too often but is the clearest evidence we can ever have that something is a scam. There is no doubt in our mind that this devious binary options auto trader is a scam. If you have already fallen victim to this disgusting scam, please email us for advice on how to reclaim your lost money. In the meantime, please also avoid the Black Swan App!

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DESCRIPTION: It should be clear to you by now that the scammers in charge of this scam have no vested interest in honesty or in helping you succeed. They lie at every turn…

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 Will the real Cambridge Method please stand up?

Cambridge Method Scam

Cambridge Method Scam

In full disclosure, we need to make it abundantly clear that there seem to be multiple versions of the Cambridge Method floating around the internet. There doesn’t seem to a be reason for this, so we aren’t sure why the scam artists chose to do so. Depending on your IP address location, you will be shown a different version of this scam. We initially reviewed and researched this scam with a US location.

This is the version we have chosen to review for our blog, however, there are other versions depending on where you live. Be aware that they are all scams and all part of the same spiderweb of scammers that will entrap you if at all possible. It is impossible to nail down which version of the Cambridge Method is real because they are ALL fake. None of them work.

It should be clear to you by now that the scammers in charge of this scam have no vested interest in honesty or in helping you succeed. They lie at every turn. Almost all scams operate this way, including the Brexit Money Machines, which you should also stay clear of!

As a very brief example, there are three different names given for the CEO and creator of the Cambridge Method. The first is Jake Orton. The second is Jeremy Flynn. The third is James Hockton. The US version of this scam gives us the name of Jake Orton, which is the one we’ll be focussing our review on.

However, the three different names definitely confuse things. Don’t be tricked. All three names are fake and all three pictures are of actors or stock photo models. If you have a question about a particular version of this scam not discussed here, please send us a message and we will help you investigate it! However, it’s safe to assume that any version of this sick lecherous scam is not to be trusted. Another scam to avoid should be READ HERE.

Who is Jake Orton and is he the real CEO and creator of Cambridge Method Scam?

Cambridge Method Scam

Cambridge Method Scam

Jake Orton is the name of the character who claims to be the CEO and creator of the Cambridge Method. Please take note, that this name and face is only available to certain IP addresses, mostly it seems in the United States version of this scam. Jake Orton tells us that he created this auto trading software without having any knowledge of the stock market or financial markets. He seems to claim that the entire creation of the Cambridge Method was based on luck and chance. He doesn’t focus too much of his monologue on explaining how he created it. Instead, he flashed several photoshopped account statements across the screen.

He also features multiple cheap actors all lying through their teeth about making money through the Cambridge Method system. Jake Orton even goes on to say that the only people who can view this website were “invitation only”. This is false. We received no invite, but we were still able to view the page. Nothing about Jake Orton is real. He is a fraudulent liar and actor being paid to promote a scam. Another dangerous and manipulative scam is the Brooks Blueprint scam.

Will “Jake Orton” really pay you $10,000 cash if you don’t make hundreds of thousands?

This seems like a pretty easy question to answer. Jake Orton doesn’t really exist, so we can safely say that the answer to this question is a resounding no. A fake person can’t pay you 10k because a fake person doesn’t really exist. The actor who portrays the fake persona of Jake Orton will surely not make good on this “promise” because he doesn’t have access to this type of money.

If you are still not convinced, we encourage you to ask yourself why you should trust a guarantee from a liar and fraud who doesn’t exist and has no means of paying you or any real reason to. Binary options scams often come with shady and impossible guarantees, please be sure to stay away from the scam we exposed, READ HERE.

Fake Facebook and Twitter comments or are they real?

If you scroll down the US version of this scam, you will see a section of Twitter and Facebook comments raving about how amazing this system is. Unfortunately, these are all fake. We tried to locate a Facebook page for the Cambridge Method scam, and we came up empty. Facebook has no page for this scam, so it is entirely impossible for there to be any Facebook comments praising it. Likewise, all of the Twitter tweets are also fake. Please avoid the scam that can be READ HERE as well!

Members making huge profits and winning trades while the market is closed?

What’s even more ridiculous is that the US website features traders making winning trades and huge profits while the market is closed for trading. If this doesn’t scream SCAM, we don’t know what else does. This is clearly a plug in for their website and not connected to any live proof. When you visit this website in the middle of a Saturday night (when all financial markets are closed for trading) you will still see members “making money”.

This is impossible. Many scams use this same fake plug in that claims people make money while the market is closed. Whether this is a website glitch or just outright laziness, we can’t say. But it is surely proof that the Cambridge Method is a huge scam operation trying to scoop up as many new traders as possible. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our Traders Revenge scam post, please do so!

It goes without saying that the all of the photos and testimonials featured on US version of this scam site are false. The pictures are from stock photos. The smiling happy faces are not real traders and all of their earnings are fake. We were shocked by the sheer amount of lies that the Cambridge Method churned out in such a small amount of space. However, they certainly aren’t alone in their lies. Another malicious scam we recently reviewed can be SEEN HERE.

Trading online with a legitimate service is possible?

Despite the sheer amount of scams being produced daily, the forex and binary options industry is actually quite lucrative if you can land yourself onto a legitimate system. We here at Binary Scam Watch Monitor are very picky about which services we choose to promote.

We only promote the best systems, which is why we have so few of them on our site. Please check out our favorite system, Social Trading with Tradeo, a Forex based system that allows you to copy successful traders automatically, or trade independently. If you have time, you can read through our Recommended Signals page as well. And as always, email us with any questions or concerns, or even just to vent. We are here to help you become successful and this is our passion! Happy Trading!

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