Busyco.in Review – Hyip Scam Busted With Evidence ( Busycoin LTD)

If you were thinking of investing BTC online and you thought you found a perfect program, you need to read our complete Busyco.in Review first! These lousy scam artists have taken their former HYIP scam and changed the name to Busycoin so they can trap more innocent people. All of their past efforts turned into scams, so why should this one be any different?

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Official Website: http://busyco.in/test/

Busyco.in Review

Busyco.in Review

Busyco.in is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 3%-8% daily with differing expiration times. They claim to have a team of cryptocurrency traders that specialize in a high win rate.

The details of this site are pretty shady. They have a business registration in the UK, and an unverifiable address that is most likely fake. Their business registration is a simple paper that is easily acquired online without needing to provide any proof of business. In fact, we believe that these business registrations are also a type of scam, but we’ll save that for a future review.

Busyco Scam Connection

Before we go any further into this review we need to give the following message.

Busyco.in scam is the same HYIP as BtcBerry HYIP. The BtcBerry HYIP closed down several months ago, right about the time this new HYIP popped up. The owners are the same, the website is identical, and the scam continues.

Just like we have said over and over, when a scam artist shuts one of his HYIP sites down, he simply opens a new one and continues stealing money.

So just how similar are these two HYIP scams? They are SO identical, that you could read our BTCBerry review and feel like you’ve read our Busyco scam review. They even have the same fake address! The problem is that since the BtcBerry site has been removed from the internet, you’ll need to rely on only our review and screen shots we captured for proof.

We’ve been busting scams for long enough to spot a trend. The current trend is to open a simple site, pretend to trade or invest, and ask for money from new investors. You are promised a high ROI and in exchange, they steal your money and leave you angry and confused. Don’t become their next victim!

The Facts

Busyco scam is a Ponzi scam that pretends to be a legitimate cryptocurrency trading site. Even despite an obvious link to other cryptocurrency HYIP scams, we can easily prove to you in a few easy steps that Busyco.in is a Ponzi scam.

The following questions are the most important part of any HYIP research. If you can’t easily and accurately answer these questions, you have no business joining these sites.

1. Who is the owner and admin of Busycoin scam?

Busycoin LTD

Claims to be the CEO of Busycoin

The owner on this particular HYIP is listed as Aaron Brown. This is the same guy that is supposedly behind previous BTC and HYIP scams. Since we know for a fact that this guy is a scam artist, why would anyone join him? Don’t be a dummy. Just say no.

We are about 99% sure that this Aaron Brown is not a real person. The photo is a stock image that anyone can easily use as their own. The name is not associated with any real businesses. The website registration is anonymous. All of these facts just add up to a whole lot of shady business.

2. Is Busyco scam regulated and legitimate?

The answer to this question is NO. There is nothing legal or legitimate about the Busyco.in scam. Firstly, to be honest, there is no way to regulate a HYIP. No legitimate financial authority wants anything to do with them because they are notoriously impossible to sustain. The money always runs out and poor management combined with greed admin always prevails.

But why are regulations important? Regulations are in place with legitimate businesses because of government laws put in place to protect YOU! Regulations mean that someone with authority is watching the company to make sure they don’t scam you. Always look for a business that has a proper regulation.

Is Busyco.in paying?

Sadly, we find that most people who are looking to invest in HYIPs do NOT care whether they are being lied to or how the website is paying. They simply want money and they don’t care how it is being done.

This is sad but we have been in this business long enough to know that most people who read our reviews only care about one thing. Is Busyco paying or not?

Please understand that whether they are currently paying or not is beside the point. Because they are a lying scam, they will fall at any point. So perhaps they pay today, but tomorrow they might go offline just like their previous scams. This is not a possibility, it’s a certainty. They WILL fall, it’s only a matter of when.

A Ponzi scam is when the admin is using the deposit of a new investor to pay the withdrawal of an earlier investor. He also takes some of this money for himself as well. His own payout is the most important part of his scam so when that begins to drop, he will stop paying and start collecting until he has his targeted amount of money.

We have a few conflicting reports. Some people reported to us that they have received a few payouts from Busyco.in scam. Others said the opposite. If you want our opinion, I’d say it’s pretty clear by now. Busyco is a scam. Don’t join it.

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Is Busyco.in a Scam?

The evidence is clear. Busyco.in is a scam and should be shut down as quickly as possible. Warn your friends and family and help us by sharing this post on social media! If you need any advice on how to get your money back, please send us a message!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!





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    Am so scared i invested my money in the busycoin unknowingly and now the site is shut down, please help me i don’t know what to do.


    How can i get my money back

  • Kurubaija Robert

    even me am one of the victims of busy coin ,because i invested in it bt after one week it shut down and once you try to search fr it ,it keeps telling you that the system is under maintenance,bt now i”m seeing it here again bt unfortunately you cant log in,pliz if there is any one who has got the solution of it,let him or her help the world because many people are suffering of the same issue ,thank you brothers and sisters fr your kindness