Review – Recycled Hyip Scam Exposed With Evidence!

If you are looking for a Bitcoin investment site, please read our full review first! We have all the information you are looking for in order to determine if BtcTime is safe or not! We have been receiving many emails about this program as well as other programs.

Please email us if you’d like to know whether a site is paying or not! We have information on hundreds of open HYIPs and will always be honest with you. We DO NOT affiliate any of them, so we have nothing to gain or lose by telling you the truth.

We realize that many of you reading this have probably already lost money to the scam. If that’s the case, there isn’t much you can do to recover your money. However, send us a message so we can advise you!

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Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) of 3.84% Daily. This plan does not have an expiration time, which makes it very suspicious. For those of you that have worked with HYIPs, you should know that they all have a time when the investment will expire. This is natural and necessary.

The problem with BtcTime HYIP scam is that they want you to believe that your one-time investment will earn indefinitely or forever. This is just not possible. Even more suspicious is that the site does NOT explain how they make profits for your investment. They claim to be a BTC investment site, but how is the profit made?

Is a Ponzi Scam?

It didn’t take us very long to realize that BtcTime is a Ponzi scam like hundreds of other HYIP sites before. Instead of increasing money by investing it, they are simply recycling money from one investor to another. This is how it works.

When investor A deposits money, that money is immediately given to Investor B. Investor B has deposited earlier in the program and is not requesting his first withdrawal. This withdrawal is given to him by paying him with the money that Investor A has deposited.

This may sound fine for a little while, but the reality is that Ponzi scams always fail because there is never enough money to continue paying out all the withdrawals. The admin of the scam is also pocketing a nice portion of the money for his own wealth, which can make the program fall much faster.

Many of our readers like the high risk of investing with a Ponzi HYIP. Some Ponzi HYIPs do pay in the beginning of the program, but please note that eventually they will all fail and you will lose whatever money you still had in the site.

Never invest more than you can afford to lose because MOST people will lose their money in a Ponzi Hyip!

Scam Connection!

We were first alerted to the scam while we were writing our review for This happened when we realized that the websites are identical. You can take a look at our review for the scam and you’ll be able to spot the similarities almost immediately.

Btcclock is NOT paying anymore. However, after we published our first review we experienced a high volume of emails from our readers that lost money. These scams are attracting HUGE followings the result in large losses for investors. The owners are really making a huge profit! Don’t be their next victim!

So why are these two scams still up and running even though they are both scams? The answer to this question is complicated. Because they have removed their Facebook pages, many investors are unable to determine if is a scam or not. This leads them to believe it is legitimate and invests their money.

This is where you can help! Share this article on as many social media account as you have! Just getting this review out will help stop these scam artists faster!

Fake Address

The following is a list of details that scam has lied about or chosen not to reveal. This is categorized as “giving false information” or “covering up important facts” and when we come across these lies we have no choice but to blacklist the Btctime scam!

The address on the Btctime HYIP website is listed as 132 High Street, Purley, UK.

This address has been used with four other HYIP scams that we busted over the course of a year. It is not a business address, but rather a residential address. This means that it is the location of a personal home. We doubt this home is the real location of the scam artists behind Btctime scam.

However, the fact that this is the same address used in FOUR other HYIP scams should be enough evidence to realize that is a HYIP that deserves to be tossed in the trash. A legitimate investment firm would have a legitimate address.

Missing Information!

Who is the admin for Your guess is as good as ours! Nobody knows the name or country where BtcTime comes from. We do know that the registration is easily purchased online. We highly doubt that the owner is from the UK, as most of these scams actually originate in Africa or Asia. This is just a fact.

The owner has chosen to hide his name and identity from the registration as well as the website details. We never recommend trusting any program that hides the owner! Neither should you!

Is regulated?

No. This site is not under the regulations of any financial authority. This means that nobody is checking on it to make sure it abides by safe and fair rules. Do not be surprised when they steal your money. If they aren’t following regulations, it typically means they have the desire to scam you.

Is Paying?

The current status is that is paying but only small withdrawals for new investors. They are also paying their top affiliates. Please note that our review blog DOES NOT affiliate with any HYIP.

Don’t be tricked into thinking that because they are paying, they will pay your large withdrawal. They lure their investors in by paying small withdrawals in the beginning in order to trick them. When the customer deposits a larger sum of money, they will steal it and close their account if they complain. This is how the HYIP scam works.

Earn Weekly!

We have compiled a short list of our favorite working and honest programs for you to invest with. If you have any problems with them at all, we want to hear about it! Likewise, if you have been working with a real company that earns you money and is not scamming, please send us the link. We would be glad to investigate it and possibly support it and share it with others if it works.

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Is a Scam? is a scam. Do not join at this time and warn all your friends and family on social media. Be extra careful because these scammers are creating multiple other sites that will also look legitimate, but aren’t.

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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