BTCriver Review: Scam Or Legit HYIP? Complete Report!

This is the BTCriver review, officially the first review online that examines every aspect of this new financial investment site. Our team has officially labeled this site as a scam that should be avoided at all costs. If you are thinking of joining you won’t want to after reading this report. Another viral HYIP scam to avoid is asset-finance!

If you are reading this after being scammed, you are NOT alone! We have already received several emails detailing a loss of investment. We are currently advising many people just like you on how to reclaim their money! Do not hesitate to send us a message for advice! Not only can we help you but we NEED to hear your story to warn others like you!

Sound the alert!

Do your part by warning your family and friends. The more people that stay away from this site, the better of a chance we have in getting it shut down. It is not enough to just chose not to invest. Let all of your social media friends, as well as family, know about this. Information is power and spreading the news of this scam will create bad press and help send offline!

Let’s get started!

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BTCriver Review

BTCriver Review

A lot of investment plans released recently center around bitcoin. Make no mistake about it; Bitcoin investing is the future of online investments. You just cannot match the increasing value of bitcoin. It increases daily! We have seen a noticeable influx of new websites offering safe bitcoin investment options over the last six months.

Many of these center around using bitcoin to invest in regular things such as stocks and forex. Some programs offer you the chance to rent part of a bitcoin miner, which then returns to you a percentage of the profits made by that mining machine.

Many people are making a small or large fortune using bitcoin! Now is the time to start, but we do NOT recommend this particular bitcoin investment program for many reasons. We have gone step by step below to show you all the red flags and problems associated with

Let’s examine the following categories:

– Who owns BTCriver?

– How are the funds managed?

– User reviews from real people?

– ROI and investment plans

Before we get started with the above-mentioned items, we need to make one imperative point! is an HYIP or high yield investment program. Is this a bad thing?

You betcha!!

HYIPs are famous for being scam investments that involve offering an incredibly high ROI (return on investment) for a little amount and in a short amount of time. BTCriver meets all of the requirements for being an HYIP. The dangle a very high ROI in front of our face with a five day time of maturity. This is too good to be true and should make your step back and pause before moving forward with your investment.

Owner and Team

The first thing we examine when reviewing a financial site is to find the owner and group that manages the funds. It always surprises us how many people are willing to trust a site that does not reveal this information.

The website was created and launched in August of 2016 – so this means roughly seven months old at the publication of this review.

Whoever owns and manages this website has taken great care to hide their identity. They have registered their business at:

66/F, The Center

99 Queens Road, Central Hong Kong

The important thing to understand about business registration is that it is NOT necessarily a sign of legitimacy. For each business license to be approved, all you need to do is show that you intend upon investing your client’s money and then show how you plan on doing so. Nobody monitors the progress of each business.

Registration is done to appear to be legitimate as well as to file taxes without much hassle.

Lesson: Do not associate a real business record with honesty or success. These two things do not need to go together so don’t force them to in your mind!

The RED flag here is that the owner has chosen to hide his name. He tells us that his team is highly skilled in making money by investing, buying, and selling bitcoin. Here is the question you need to ask yourself.

If they are SO successful, why don’t they want to list their names and accomplishments to increase trust?

Investment Plans Scam

BTCriver only offers one simple program. Most HYIPs offer between 5-10 schemes, all of which have different term limits and varying ROI. With you only have one choice.

30% ROI daily for 5 days. After five days the balance will be credited to your account and you can request a withdrawal.

All investments and transactions are only done with bitcoin. If you do not have bitcoin, you will need to exchange your currency for it using a bitcoin wallet.

The total amount of earnings credited to your account after five days is 150% which includes the amount of your initial deposit. This means that if you invest .01BTC ($9) you will earn back .0146BTC (13.50). This amount is placed in your account after just 5 days.

As we said above, bitcoin is perhaps the best way to invest in the year 2017. Nothing can compete with the leverage it offers. However, this doesn’t mean that a 150% increase is reasonable. Any program that offers an ROI that high after only 5 days is suspect.

We took a look at the terms on the site and we saw that they claim to guarantee this 150% return. That brings us to another red flag.

Lesson: There are NO guarantees in online investing. If there were, we’d all be millionaires. Do NOT trust any site that promises you a certain ROI, because they are already lying to you.

User Reviews

BTCriver has an active and large Facebook group. We have been monitoring it for a few weeks now and noticed something very implicating. Whenever anyone posts a negative comment or claims to have been scammed, their comment disappears within a few minutes time. This implies that they are utilizing a heavy-handed admin who is quick to remove anything negative from the site in case it makes people decide not to join.

However, it is not secret that BTCriver stopped paying out several months ago. From our report, it appears there were initially paying out but then claimed to be caught up in some litigation involving plenty of unconfirmed transactions. They have now used this as an excuse to leave withdrawals in a pending status for many weeks.

That brings us to the most important part of our review. What are the real users reporting?

– Initial withdrawals were processed and paid out.
– Withdrawals have been halted for many weeks now.
– The admin has promised this will return to normal any day now, but they haven’t processed many weeks of withdrawals.

– They are still accepting new investments even though they can’t pay out.

Most of all…

Users report to our site that they have given up hope that they will receive any earnings on their account. We are helping them now in reclaiming their money.

The Better Options!

We have been scammed in the past. In the best interest of all online earners, we have created a list of the best online programs that pay out, follow the rules, and have full transparency. Don’t believe us? Just check the comments on each review! They speak for themselves.

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Is BTCriver a Scam?

After wading through all the hype and mixed review circling around this program we have unfortunately chosen to declare is a scam. When you examine the evidence, we are sure you will see the same.

1. The owner has chosen to hide his face from us and the public.

2. No real proof that large withdrawals are possible.

3. Heavily moderated Facebook group = no transparency.

4. No details about how investments are made.

IF you are looking for a way to make bitcoin that truly works, please see our suggestion above! You will be not be disappointed!

In the meantime, happy earning!
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  • Eder Goulart Lucarini

    Good evening, I did not understand the matter, because today I requested a serve of 0.34 BTC and in less than a minute was already in my wallet. Would it be another

    • Hello Eder. They paid you for this time to encourage you to invest more. Once you put in a big amount, you won’t really receive anything.

      That’s how all the HYIP companies work.

  • Thank you for your feedback.

  • NIOhazard did not pay anymore but there site is still running and the admin did not reply for any message of there member..

    • It is a scam and will stay online until people stop putting money into it. 🙁

  • Heart Aneji Chris

    All my money is gone, on btcriver. Even my friends own too, Please how can you help me. Here is my E-mail [email protected]

    • I will send you an email!

      • Heart Aneji Chris

        OK admin. I will be waiting for your mail

  • M Numan

    btcriver I Withdrawal request ฿0.00771000 Feb-7-2017 01:23:45 PM and
    Withdrawal request ฿0.00130162 Feb-8-2017 06:34:23 AM are still pending. I also send email
    but they did not respond on my email.

  • M Numan a fake site ….SCAM …….SCAM….SCAM

  • Omotoso Michael Temidayo


  • Sadly, when you deposit with BTC, there isn’t a good way to get your money back because none of the wallets really allow you to open disputes. Email me if you want a suggestion on something legitimate to use your bitcoin for.

  • TheBluntTruth

    It is a pity that BTCriver got a lot people unaware. I loss about $20 in BTCriver when i decided to test their HYIP.
    Please help me if there is a way to recover the fund.

  • chibuzor

    please me and my friend loose a huge amount in btcriver. any solution to recover please???. my [email protected]

  • Ashok Kumar

    I invested more than $200 in but received only $50. I lost near $150 can u please help me how to recover my money back from them. Please advice me.

  • onyi

    Join the discussion…my family members and friends lost over $500 to btc. all withdrawals have been pending since Sunday. Is there any way you can help us recover our money back. I registered on but I hv found it difficult funding my netteller account., http://www.king-way. biz etc are all fake and have scammed us. it’s soo frustrating. looking forward to your reply.thank you.

    • Please send me an email for advice on how to get your money back! Tradeo is a great option as well, but you need to have proper ID documents and a way to fund your account! Tradeo is regulated unlike the HYIPs.


    Admin kindly come to my aid as i have lost over 5million naira on bitcoin investment. first is that has my account balance with them of $4848.45 but not paying out my withdrawals. The second platform is that sells their bitminer v1.4 for 5btc with i bought promised payout of 1 btc daily which they never did. Their referral contest is pure scam as i have won twice but they never pay me. Again made away with my 4.7btc, btclab made away with my 0.3btc but the most painfull is the This sites should be stopped for scamming people. i will appreciate if you can guide me on how the recovery some of these money back. Thanks. hope to see your response soonest

  • lord’s ahamey andrew

    Admin, thanks for the enlightenment. For three days now the has not been online. Is there a way I can recover my bitcoin from that site? please help. Thank You

  • merch$miner

    Didn’t expect many people here now. Last saw this page there was like just 2 comments. What I got from this was before the site went out some people are already having problems getting their “interest”. During that time, could anything have been done to stop them ripping off more people?

    • Unfortunately not. That’s why it’s so important to share and post comments! People need to be warned as that is the only way to stop them.

  • Most likely not. BTCRiver was a scam site and so the owner is probably enjoying the money right now. In a few months he will probably open a new HYIP and perform the same scam all over again with a different name.