Review – New BTC Scam Busted!

Stop whatever you are doing and read our complete Review before you lose any money to this nasty scam! Perhaps you have considered joining a new Bitcoin investment site and someone is pressuring you to join! Take our word for it and DO NOT join the Btcclock scam!

This site is using fake details and providing ZERO proof that they can or will pay you. They are nothing but a hack scam site that aims to steal whatever money you foolishly allow them access to.

If you are already working on this site and have lost money, please share your story with us. Email us and let us know how we can help you! We offer one on one advice concerning binary options, forex, HYIP sites, and rev shares. We are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers a daily ROI (return on investment) of 3.84%. The minimum amount to start with is $5 which makes this extremely appealing to people who don’t have a lot of money.

They boast about how they give out hourly profits and allow withdrawals at any time you want. Many people have decided to deposit a minimum of $5 and then test out the system to see if it works. This is all part of their unique scam, and we’ll expose that in detail. Whatever you do, don’t deposit anything yet, not until you finish reading this.

Before you get too excited, it’s important to cut through the hype and get to the facts. Is is not paying any profits at all, and they never will. In fact, they aren’t even a real investment website.

The Facts

We were first alerted to the BtcClock scam when several of our loyal readers messaged us about it. They had seen the low $5 start up and were interested in trying out the withdrawal process to see how fast it was. We warned them not to jump right in until we’d checked it out first. This review is our promise to them and a warning to YOU!

1. Who owns and operates BtcClock HYIP?

The owner is anonymous and the address is fake. That’s right, the address listed at the bottom of the website is NOT real. It was reported online as being used by hackers and has been used by other similar investment schemes.

The bottom line here is that the person or people that run this scam have not revealed their real name and do not actually have a real office. They are liars and frauds.

2. How does scam make money?

Most HYIP’s have some sort of explanation as to how they supposedly make money for you. HYIP does NOT tell us how they make money. They are strangely silent on where their earnings are coming from.

We assume they might want us to believe they are mining or trading cryptocurrency, but if they are, why have they chosen not to say? It’s all very doubtful that they have any income at all, other than deposits from their investors.

3. Is BtcClock regulated?

No. Not only do they have a fake office, no explanation as to how the earn money, they also are not regulated. So what does this mean for you?

When a business or website is not regulated, it means that nobody is monitoring them for fraud. Nobody is forcing them to follow any rules because they aren’t being watched by anyone. Never join any program that is not regulated unless you want to be scammed. That’s just how this industry works.

TIP: We only recommend regulated services on our recommended brokers and earning programs. When you chose one of our services, you will be signing up for a regulated system!

Is Paying?

We’ve been in this business long enough to realize that most of our readers only care about one thing. Is BtcClock paying or not?

Let’s cut to the chase. The program WILL pay you… for the first time at least. That’s all part of the scam. Your first withdrawal is going to make you feel pretty damn excited. In fact, you’ll probably feel excited enough to deposit more money!

That’s what they want. They WILL pay your first withdrawal (assuming it’s not more than you put in). They will not let you take out more than your seed money. But go ahead and try it out and take your first withdrawal. Your second one will never come.

When the admin sees that you are not going to put fresh money in, he will disable your withdrawals, and they will remain, “Pending” forever. If you were hoping that their customer support would be there to help you, think again. Our reports indicate that once the support knows they can’t dig more money out of you, they will block you and not respond anymore.

Let’s Earn Together!

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All of the high-yield investment programs claim to trade or invest your money for you. They lie! They are not trading or investing it, they are just stealing it. Why would you trust these scam sites when you can trade for yourself and make your own money?

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Is a Scam?

This business is NOT trustworthy and they have NEVER paid anyone more than what they initially put in. We have not found a single person that made money here. is a scam and should be blacklisted by every reputable website.

Don’t become their next victim. They will steal everything you have, even your hard earned $5. It’s just not worth it.

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • MIDO

    and Today they took all the money and ended the program 😀 Scammers

    • Yeah, their facebook group is gone. We have over 100 comments just TODAY insulting us because we said they are scammers.

      trust me, I have been in this industry for so long when I say something is a scam, it is. And when I say something is not a scam, it’s not.

      • Sam Sheldon

        I made one of those 100 comments and would like to openly apologise.

        It just so happened that they had paid me only a couple of hours before I read your review.

        But can I just point out that a small section of the review is wrong, I did indeed make a nice little profit from btcclock. I only invested 0.05btc 3 months ago and walked away with 0.2btc so I can’t really complain but it would have been nice if it went a little longer.

        What is your number 1 recommended investment site? I’m already an investor in USI tech.

        • Hello Sam, there is nothing wrong about my review. I am happy you didn’t lose anything. But there are people whining right now over their loss.

  • Too late for me, lost my bitcoin there.
    All my savings just gone, I am a fool.

    • I am sorry you lost your bitcoins. Always refer to us before you invest in something and we will tell you whether you should invest or not.

      • I will in the future, though I won’t have enough to invest for the time being, my investment was a 2 years thing and it’s just poof! gone now.
        Should’ve gone with my gut and just play it safe, darn it.

        Thanks for having this site man <3
        I'll take your advice next time.

        The worst thing is, I was doubting to do it for two weeks, and an hour after I transferred it there they shut down.

      • Azam Abu

        Any suggestion for trusted investment please..

  • steve

    What do you guys think of USI-tech?

  • The website is fishy. All of the content is stolen from other websites. I would not put my money there. That’s just a quick guess.

  • Pleo Max

    I’ve lost may 0.25 satoshis there…it is just 5 days I starts investing there..

  • Rajdeep Chakraborty

    I too lost $2000

  • Lubna Jahan
  • Mats Ahlqvist

    I had confidence in them, they worked like a clock always very strict to honest rule it seemed and they were planning to keep it running for a year but now after six months they just took their website off the web and my 1.2 btc disappeared into their pockets…it really sucks and I am very disappointed…another hard blow into our guts…when will we ever learn?

    • moto

      Yep mate! I just lost .3BTC, I too had trust in this company. this sucks man.. and really disappointed.

  • V_Vendetta


  • Sean Kevin

    I lost all the money 🙁
    I was just going to pay my credit card bill but instead I put that whole moneyinto this just for that quick money
    And now I need to find enough money to pay my bill

  • Douglas Castro

    SCAMMERS!!!! I think they are the same people who ran richmond berks scam!!!!. I lost money with richmond berks and thanks to you and CM Trading I am now recovering my losses. Take a look at the profits, I am not bragging I am just saying to people to stop joining these fucking hyips. !!

  • moto

    Scam! They stopped paying, I had trust in them. totally disappointed, lost .3BTC

  • Hi! We did explain in our article that they were approving withdrawals for awhile, but yes they are done now.

  • dlg

    I made 13 transactions in total before i decided to take out my deposit and realize i will never get it back

  • Derek Shumate

    I don’t mind risking $10 but I didn’t even get my first withdrawl (less than $10) lol.
    Pretty dumb on their part. They could have strung me along for more money had they let me withdraw at least $5.
    No answer to my support email. I bet Bit Connect will end up the same. I see so many people pumping that right now and they’re all locking their money away for nearly a year. RED FLAG

  • Erika McDavid

    i also was very exited started investing 20 dollars at a time. did several withdrawals no problem. now the last is pending since 7/29 for over 400 dollars. i am on ssi so every penny counts for me. i just found out now through your side that it is a scam. i am really upset because i cannot afford to lose that kind of money. i would like to invest in bitcoin but i feel now i cannot trust anybody.

  • Goo Guider

    Scamming have made easy for the artist, despite the whole world who uses internet try to help new businesses opportunity to grow. With these report here, it is good just merely to create awareness to others. As there’s goes a saying leopard will never change its spots. It is no point for most of us whining over it, just move on.

    As nobody forces you to handout your money and the white paper make no promises like what the T&C state. Not a authority is going to shut down these websites on time and the money will just flows away. Some authorities urge society to report and in order to get it investigate on case by case basis. It has very little chance of recovery and don’t waste your time moving up or down and in or out of the station. It isn’t worth it.

  • Larz Wen

    how about Swiss Gold Global and BitClub Network? Are these legit groups?

    • We don’t support either of these sites nor are they trusted.

  • Farrukh Irshad

    Another SCAM Fraud. No payments. Another set of liars and scammer sitting behind lucrative deposit like megafunder and btcinvest

  • Vipul Patel

    I lost 0.27 btc with this scam.