BtcBerry Review: HYIP Scam with Fake Owner Detected!

This is the official and unedited edition of our BtcBerry review. This scam HYIP has been stealing money from innocent and desperate people since August of 2016. Now is the time to put them offline! Nothing about their fraudulent company is real. They lie and deceive every time they open their mouth. Perhaps you were considering joining them! If so…


If you are reading this and it’s too late, please email us as soon as possible. We are currently offering advice to people who have been scammed online in how to best reclaim their money. It is possible! Don’t delay and message us sooner rather than later. We have been busting and exposing scams for two years now, and there is nothing we have not heard or seen. Scam websites such as will stop at nothing to steal from you, but they are not gods.

There is a way to stop them!

Keep reading to find out how this scam works and why they can get away with it. If you are looking for legitimate investing options, we have those as well! Let’s get started!

Official Website: Report

BtcBerry Review refers to their website as an investment service that focuses on the Bitcoin trading market. What does this mean?

Not much.

This description is incredibly vague and leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Please know that anytime you want to invest your money, you should expect that a reputable company will willingly you show you the nature of their work with proof. This should include annual reports and data showing their gains and losses. Any investment firm that is taken seriously has plenty of proof and data to back up their big talk.

BtcBerry offers zero proof of their investments and zero evidence that they have ever been gaining on them! This means that you should not trust such a company. They have not taken any time or effort to prove to you that they are a working firm. So you should not take any time giving them your hard earned money.

What is an HYIP?

In reality, is just an HYIP or high yield investment program SCAM. Any investment plan that offers an ROI (return on investment) that is too high to maintain is classified as an HYIP scam. There are two reasons for this.

1. There is no such thing as a guarantee with online investments. All investments are based on a prediction of what the future will bring so, therefore, it is impossible to ascertain the future with perfect foreknowledge.

BtcBerry guarantees you that you WILL make a positive ROI each term (program length). This proves that they are lying to you as they are fully aware they can’t promise money that hasn’t been made yet.

2. The amount of interest “guaranteed” is too high to be realistic. No reputable investment firm would offer such an enormous value. This is the equivalent of promising your wife you will take her to the moon and back. Both of you know it’s not true, but it’s a sweet gesture. When someone promises you something that is too good to be true in an online scheme, it means they are attempting to steal your money.

Please remember one important fact…

Lesson: has NOT disclosed the nature or proof of their investments with bitcoin. They want you to trust them blindly without giving you any substantial reason to do so!

Who are the CEO and Team?

BTCBerry Review

A photo with a name is given to us as the CEO of BtcBerry Limited. You can take a look at this “CEO” below. But don’t be fooled. After about 10 minutes of digging, we quickly discovered that this man’s photo was stolen from another website. His photo is likely nothing but one of many random model head shots you can use for your site design. His name is certainly not Aaron Brown.

Furthermore, the name “Aaron Brown” if found nowhere on the website registration for the official website. No name at all is given for this.

So far we have two undeniable facts.

– Aaron Brown is the fake name given to hide the real identity of the creator of BtcBerry scam.

– The photo shown of Aaron Brown is a stock photo used on multiple other websites under different names.


In addition to a fake CEO – offers us zero information pertaining to their team of successful bitcoin traders. Honestly, all we have at this point is a faceless company with NO proof that they pay out or make money at all. They want you to trust them with your hard earned money…

No Deal!

What are the Investment Programs Offered?

Three unique investment programs are offered. Take a look at the picture below for a complete overview. Hypothetically if you invest $10 (the minimum) into the Pro Plan, you will make 180% ROI after just seven days. At this point, your overall return should be $18, giving you a net profit of $8. This sounds like an excellent way to make some fast money. Scam

Imagine depositing $100 into the Pro Plan. After it expires, you should be able to withdraw $180, with a profit of $80. There is much to be desired here! Many people see this as a way out of a bad situation and quick access to fast cash. But is it reasonable?

Consider this… most banks offer 1-5% yearly ROI on bank deposits. That is manageable and realistic. Most high-end investment firms with proof and portfolios offer the same, sometimes a bit higher. Now ask yourself this…

Would you trust someone you had never met before to invest your money even if they refused to show you the proof that they are a good investor?

No chance!

It is unreasonable and ludicrous for this website to try and manipulate you into depositing money. They refuse to even have the decency to give you a real CEO name and an actual photograph! They refuse to show evidence that their technique trading bitcoin even work. No intelligent person would make such a chance.

Investing Safely Online

After spending the last two years exposing scams and helping people get back their money, perhaps our favorite part of our mission is helping people make money. It isn’t enough just to avoid scams!

You want to make money online! So do we as do millions of other people.

But where to turn? We have compiled a short list of our favorite working and honest programs for you to invest with. If you have any problems with them at all, we want to hear about it! Likewise, if you have been working with a real company that earns you money and is not scamming, please send us the link. We would be glad to investigate it and possibly support it and share it with others if it works.

Here is our list of safe earning opportunities!

1. Social Trading with Tradeo – A safe, regulated, and transparent forex broker that offers you the option of automatically copying trades. This is a hands-free trading system designed to help you make money without needing to sit on the PC all day! You can use it on your phone or tablet as well!

2. My Paying Ads – The best rev share that makes us over $1000 each day hands-free! After you open an account, all you need to do is surf ten ads each day to earn 120% on all ad packs you own! This is a fabulous and honest way to earn.

3. My Paying Crypto Ads – Earn with bitcoin! This rev share grows your bitcoin wallet and allows you to make money and grow it faster than with other currencies!

Take a look at these options and message us with any questions or concerns! But don’t take our word for it, check the comments and read for yourself!

Is a Scam?

After examining all the evidence, only one thing remained to be seen. What are the real users saying about BtcBerry?

Despite the fact that they have a Facebook and Twitter button on their site, they do not have any real social media accounts. When you click these buttons it returns you to their main homepage, but no real account on Facebook or Twitter. This is just another red flag in a long line of warning signs. It means they want to appear to have active social media accounts without actually having any.

They can’t risk having a transparent Faceook because then you would see comments from people who lost their money. How are we so sure?

We have received several emails from people who have lost their investments and additional emails from people who have pending balances. To date, we have not seen anyone actually withdrawing their earnings from this site. That is why we have concluded that is a scam! Invest at your own risk, but please don’t risk your hard earned money.

They will NOT give it back.

If you need any help online please send us a message! In the meantime… Happy Earning!

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