Brooks Blueprint Scam Review

Brooks Blueprint Scam Review. has just concluded an in-depth review of Brooks Blueprint, the newest and flashiest auto trader to go viral. Brooks Blueprint is sparing no expense when it comes to mass email marketing and sending out spam emails. They are targeting new traders and those of you that have already lost money with other auto traders. Nothing about this auto trader rings true. It is incredibly important to protect yourself from scams like this one, which is why we do what we do. Please check with us before investing your money with any financial trading scheme. If we haven’t reviewed what you are looking for, we will. If you are a victim of Brooks Blueprint or any other recent scam, please contact us for tips on how to reclaim your money. We have successfully helped several people get their money back from bad brokers and shady auto traders! Be sure to also stay clear of the Mobile Binary Code scam!

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Cracking open Steven Brooks, is he real?

Brooks Blueprint Scam

Brooks Blueprint Scam

Steven Brooks is the self-proclaimed CEO and creator of the Brooks Blueprint auto trader. He describes his past as a lowly blue collar working, making $12 an hour. One day, as he looked at his colleagues, he decided that enough was enough. He quit his job and walked out the door. He vowed to never be that man again. He set to work, creating a magical binary options auto trader that seemingly wins every trade. “It never loses” he claims.

A few months later he was a millionaire and never looked back. This all seems really emotional and moving, yet is any of it true We couldn’t find a shred of valid information on Steven Brooks. If he is real, he seemingly came out of nowhere. With zero experience in the stock market or binary options, how did he go so quickly from newbie to binary options genius and master auto trader creator?

These questions aren’t answered. In fact, the more we dig into the past of Steven Brooks, the more we find that nothing adds up. He simply doesn’t exist. It is simply not feasible nor believable that someone could go from having zero knowledge of binary options, to creating a perfect auto trader overnight. This isn’t a success story. This is a fairy tale. If something like this actually happened, it would make the news. We can assure you that no news organization is talking about this because it never happened. Many scams use similar crazy and unbelievable story lines, like gemini 2

How did Steven Brooks create the Brooks Blueprint auto trader?

The actor portraying Seven Brooks goes into great detail about his former poverty stricken life and his new found financial freedom. He interviews actors claiming to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars with his system that wasn’t even available at the time they were “using it”. Yet, not once does he explain or give any information regarding how he created the Brooks Blueprint system.

He doesn’t comment on what strategy he uses or how his auto trader makes so much money. He just continues babbling about his bank account and his flashy car. When you cut through all the hype surrounding Brooks Blueprint, you will come up with a shallow and empty storyline with no real information. Brexit Money Machines is also a deceptive auto trader based on a complete lie!

The only proof that Steven Brooks gives to us to support his auto trader are the actors who claim they were using the Brooks Blueprint before it was even released (more on that below). This is more like anti-proof, as it actually indirectly proves he is a liar and fraud. Incredibly, all of our attempts to make contact with Steven Brooks failed. We attempted to make contact with the owner of this scam in order to ask him for more information. Our emails were sent back to us as “delivery failed”.

It appears their customer service email doesn’t work. Without any way of making contact with Steven Brooks in order to find out his strategy, we are left without really knowing anything else about it. This isn’t a good sign for their customer service or their credibility. Take a look at the scam we exposed, READ HERE. To view the Brooks Blueprint Scam video, please see below.

Did the beta testers really make over $100,000 in their first month?

Early on in the video, the fake Steven Brooks introduces us to several so called beta testers who are all holding up checks showing their first month of earnings making over $100,000 in the first month! There are two problems with these checks and the “earnings” behind them.

Firstly, the checks are signed by Steven Brooks. If you are a first-time trader this might not seem like a big problem. When you trade binary options, your withdrawals are paid to you by the broker you are working with. Even when you use an auto trader, those profits are coming from the broker, not the auto trader. Therefore, your check would not be coming from a personal account but rather a brokerage account. This means that the checks showing the enormous profits are absolutely fake. Steven Brooks would not be paying these profits, the broker would be. Please check out our review on Cobalt Code, which is also a dangerous scam!

Secondly, if you check out the date on the checks, you will notice that they are from May, 2016. This is problematic because the Brooks Blueprint scam was not available until July 7. This is confirmed by, which gave us the details of their website domain registration. Brooks Blueprint has only been operating since the beginning of July, which does not match the dates on the checks. Nor does this time line allow time for any beta tester to have already made a month of profits, as it hasn’t even been a fully month since the Brooks Blueprint launch! Another viral scam that was recently released its called “Profit Hack” and we blacklisted it in our scam list

Was Brooks Blueprint Scam actually featured on credible financial review sites?

Brooks Blueprint claims that their auto trader is featured with positive reviews on some of the following websites: Tech Launch, Smart Review, and First Post (among others). A few of the sites listed don’t have anything to do with finances but are simply random review sites that do reviews on dishwashers and treadmills. It seems the creators of the Brooks Blueprint website just slapped up a random photoshopped photo claiming to be featured on a few random and unheard of review sites without doing any research into those review sites. Suffice to say, we did a search of Brooks Blueprint on those websites and couldn’t find a single mention of the auto trader on any of them. This is a flat out lie. No credible website has given a positive review of this system. Traders Revenge is another ridiculous viral binary options auto trading scam that also made devious claims.

So what is the best way to trade online without getting scammed?

The binary options market is pretty hard to navigate, even for seasoned traders. Your best bet is to stick with systems and signal services that have proven themselves. This means choosing a broker or trading program that isn’t brand new, but rather one that has a long history to research. One such system is Social Trading with Tradeo, which has a very long and consistent record. Please be sure to also check out our Recommended Signals page. And as always, email us with any questions and concerns you might have! We are here to help you. Happy Trading!

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