Brexit Money Machines Scam Review

Brexit Money Machines Scam Review. No trader today is ignorant of the largest news event to rock the financial markets in years. The Brexit vote has completely captured the attention of the entire world, as well as had a dramatic effect on the stock market. And henceforth a new binary options auto trader scam was immediately born. Trust that there is no news event too small to be turned into a scam by the vultures of the binary options industry. We first heard of the Brexit Money Machines scam from a fellow trader who alerted us to it after having a friend lose his investment.

We immediately opened an investigation into it and the following article exposes the truth. Please be sure to take caution when investing with new binary options auto traders. Always research new systems and when in doubt, please send us a message and we’ll help you make a decision. In the meantime, be sure to stay away from Mobile Binary Code, another vicious scam!

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DESCRIPTION: A scam auto trader that claims to use “the Phoenix”, a dark web AI that can predict the market…

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Can the Brexit Money Machines really be based 100% on the Brexit vote?

Brexit Money Machines Scam

Brexit Money Machines Scam

Not likely! Every professional trader has taken a special interest in the Brexit news event. There is no doubt that a financial market rocking occurrence like the Brexit has not come along in a long while. It plunged the value of the British Pound, however, the market has a self-healing aspect that is often not fully realized. The initial plunge was followed by a recovery and eventual stabilization. The market is still fluctuating but the crux of the drama is largely passed. The Brexit Money Machines claims that they are still profiting off of this event, leaving us shaking our head in confusion. It may be possible to make a winning trade due to Brexit here and there, but to say that it’s still rocking the market in such a way that would find multiple trading positions a day, is just ludicrous. Another recent scam we exposed also had a similar nonsensical claim, READ HERE.

Can you really earn $1000 a day trading on the Brexit news?

The entire basis of Brexit Money Machines is that in conjunction with the Phoenix software system, it will open multiple trades for you that can profit you $1000 a day. We were interested to see what sort of proof the creators of this binary options auto trader would offer us. Surprisingly we realized that there was absolutely no proof here. No beta testers, no proof of live trades, no win rate, nothing! In fact, not only was there no proof, there were no beta testers claiming to have profited from this system. We aren’t really sure why the creators of the Brexit Money Machines thought we’d be so interested in trusting a system completely devoid of proof. A recent trend in binary options scams is a lack of credible proof, or worse yet, fake proof, like this recent scam, SEE HERE.

What is Phoenix and does it actually exist on the dark web?

The voice over actor for Brexit Money Machines explains to us that Phoenix is a self-proclaimed “artificial intelligence platform with deep learning capabilities”. Using this vague description, he then goes on to explain that Phoenix operates on the dark web, gathering information about the financial market in order to make precise predictions about the stock market. He also claims that Phoenix is so popular that all the major financial groups are utilizing it in order to make money. To listen to the exact description please watch the below video, starting at time stamp 2:28.

This all sounds secretive and important, but we can assure you right here and right now, that nobody has ever heard of Phoenix because Phoenix doesn’t exist. Scammers resort to claiming they have secret information from the dark web when they want to obfuscate the truth. The truth is that Phoenix is as real as Cinderella, and neither of them will help make you money, as neither of them exist. Furthermore, the claim that the secrets are taken from the dark web, is also ludicrous. The dark web doesn’t have secret stock market tips. Brexit Money Machines does a fabulous job of weaving together several fallacious claims into a confusing and completely false narrative concerning how their software works. When cracked open, nothing here adds up. The Cash Formula scam is an example of a binary options scam that has a fabulous presentation yet is still a fraud!

Who is the CEO and creator of Brexit Money Machines Scam?

This question cannot be answered because neither the website nor the follow-up video gives us the name or names of the people who created the software. Apparently, he or she has decided to remain anonymous. There is no good reason for a person not to put their face next to a working software. We can only assume that the person responsible for this debacle is too smart to let his good name be tarnished with this mess. The downside to this is that we can’t research him. In the absence of real information, we can safely say it raises quite a few red flags that someone confident that their trading software works, would not take credit for it. It sounds an awful lot like this scam, READ HERE.

Is it possible to find an auto trader that actually works?

For many of you, being scammed by an auto trader is something you have personally experienced. For others of you, you were probably about to be scammed, which is why you thankfully found this article. Don’t feel too badly about your past, we all learn from our mistakes. Take this opportunity to make the extra effort to always research every financial offer you come across. It is important to know what you are signing up for. In the case of the Brexit Money Machines, we can tell you that it is a dangerous scam, just like the Compound Trader scam, which is also going viral!

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