Blockmine Review – Revshare Mining Scam Exposed

Welcome to our Blockmine Review. We have received several emails from our readers asking whether the viral Limited is a scam or a legit revshare mining company. We decided to dig and research this company. You will be able to find our conclusion at the bottom of this review.

Let’s get started!

Official Website:

blockmine review

Blockmine Review Limited located at Suite B, 29, Harley Street, London, England, W1G 9QR is claiming to be a bitcoin mining company. The website claims that they were founded in January 2011. Take note of the foundation date because we will get back to that later.

They claim to have millions of users around the world investing in their company.

They offer two different types of payments.

1 – Mining Weekly Payment up to 150% ROI. It means if you give them $50, you will get $75

2- Adpack revenue share payments up to 140% ROI. It means if you give them $50, you will get $70 back.

This sounds amazing, right? But don’t get too excited just yet. You need to first understand where this money comes from. The website has made several false claims which completely changes how you will view this HYIP.

Please know that they have not attempted to offer any proof of their supposed bitcoin mining operation. The address they provided is NOT a bitcoin mining establishment. In fact, we are pretty sure they don’t mine BTC at all.

Their company is structured like that of a Ponzi scheme. Your payments come from the investors who join after you. The money DOES NOT come from mining BTC. This is their first big fat lie.

How Does Blockmine Scam Operate

They offer a very nice affiliate program for scam blogs such as the “HYIP Monitors” that are always sending people to get scammed on a daily basis.

Blockmine is simply paying you a small percentage daily from your deposited money to trust them and put in more money. It will take you at least a month to get your principle money back.

During this time, if you did not put any money additional money, they will know that you have no interest in putting new money in, so they will stop paying immediately. That’s how 99% of the online financial schemes works.

Is Blockmine A Scam?

After doing some research, we found evidence that is a scam and they will not be paying for a long time.

First, they claim to be founded in 2011 that you can see in the about us section on their website. If you look at their company registration date, you will see that they registered their company on 22 July 2016. That’s the first sign of their intention of scamming people.

They also have fabricated their registration certificate which includes the UK company house on it. That’s alone could make them face a legal charge which will most likely happen anytime soon.

Besides that, they have hired some actors from for $5 claiming to be “members” of the company giving their positive testimonials to make people believe their lies.


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Blockmine is a 100% scam, If you have been scammed already by them, message us, and we will tell you how to get your money back from them.

In the meantime, please take all precaution when investing online. It is possible to make money but you must navigate all the scams first. When in doubt, please send us a message for advice!

And remember… if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Stay sare online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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    Dear sir I have invest blockmine company 2016 website but jun 2016 website blocked and there is no news about my investment. Than july2016 new website lunched but id and password not mach . i can not understand what mistry in it

    • There’s no mystery. It’s just a scam and you have been scammed by blockmine like everyone else.