Blazing Trader Review – Dangerous Scam Exposed!


Before we start unveiling the scam in detail, let’s have a short overview.

  1. Fake promises.
  2. Poorly designed website.
  3. Unfeasible profit claims.
  4. Malicious trading ways.
  5. Malignant software.
  6. No solitary profit.

Above mentioned points refers to the real nature of Blazing Trader Scam. What else does the imposter, Johan Strand has to sell? Let’s find out.

Blazing Trader Scam: Beware!!

Domain of binary options is full of many scams than one can ever imagine. Even the name itself gives negative vibes to the young and amateur traders. But strangely, it also allures them to take the chance. Why? The reason is, they are made to take such chances by the scam artists who make lucrative claims. They show traders their bank accounts and fancy cars to make them go astray from the legal path. The entire story behind the scams in binary options trading is not new to most of us.

Extending the same scam reviews forward, here we are about to expose another blacklisted scam. The Blazing Trader Scam, is another attempt to loot people. This time, the fake alias for the scam artist is Johan Strand. In this review, we will expose this scam step by step and will make you understand the story behind this bloody scam.

Blazing Trader Scam: Fake Nature Exposed!

In addition, there is nothing you can do about it once you sign up for it. Before you get carried away by the outrageous claims by Johan Strand, pause for a minute to read our review. Furthermore, we will reveal the malign nature of Blazing Trader app step by step. Read more in our Blazing Trader review.

  • Outrageous Profit Claims:

If we ask you to lend us your baseball bat and by the middle of the night, we stop by again and tell you that “OH MY GOSH! We have just won a cricket match with your baseball bat!!” Would you believe us? For sure you will call 911 right away. The reason!! It’s totally impossible and doesn’t make any sense at all. Similar is the case here. Making such an outrageous claim of earning you $20,000 per day and over half a million for each month, is senseless. In addition, this claim is non-viable and impracticable.

The scam artists like Johan Strand keep telling these lies to every person they meet. The Blazing Trader app is autopilot software whose success stories are far from being real. It’s even farther from being legitimate and secure. If you invest in it, you will lose all your money and you will end up with nothing. In addition, you will also contribute in there crime expansion. So, in a nutshell, you will be a victim and a propagator simultaneously. Consequently, ending up on a total loss.

Blazing Trader Review 1


  • Malign Software:

In addition, we are not just labeling the software. Rather we will prove why it is totally malevolent software. Johan Strand, himself claims that there is something quite sensitive about the software. That “sensitive information” will remain classified even after you sign-up for it. Further he says that he, along with his so-called fraudster brother names Lars, derived the formula after mathematical calculations. In conclusion, it is the same fraudulent claim every scam artist boasts of while introducing his version of scam.

Furthermore, he mentions “Heuristic Logic Minimizer” formula to back up his false claims. For a newbie trader, these terminologies are pompous and alluring. They don’t bother to go into the specifics. They just place the bet and only know about it when they lose the money. Even more so, if there is something legit in the software so why on earth are the specifics being kept concealed? Again, its miles away from being trusted and doesn’t make any sense.

Blazing Trader Scam 1

  • Bogus Educational Background:

Well this is going to be funny folks. The imposter Johan Strand claims to be a former faculty member from “National Institute of Technology” in Zurich, Switzerland. We ran a cross-check against his claims and found out there is no any institute running in Switzerland with this name. Check mate!!

In addition, what NASA has to do with this imposter? Do they want the entire national space-station to go bankrupt? These claims are totally bogus, fraudulent and misleading. The reality is what we are telling you that Blazing Trader app is a huge scam. Furthermore, there is no any mathematical algorithm regarding Boolean functions behind this app. Rather, there is a load of rubbish and a total fraud.

Blazing Trader Scam 2

  • Forged Reviews:

Another scam technique which the scam artists have adopted these days; is of posting mocked-up reviews. The website of Blazing Trader scam is full of such dummy reviews. Don’t let yourself carried away after seeing the fake profiles of reviewers. They are 100% forged and have no identity. Only the purpose is just to entice you and to make you yearn for the money they are flaunting. All of these reviewers are paid actors. You can reach out to them on Fiverr or on any freelancing platform. Even more so, these artists will do anything for you just for $5.

The scam artists behind Blazing Trader scam are using the same fraudulent tactics which are so common to figure out. If you don’t believe us, try and click on their profiles and you will find them nowhere to found.


  • Miscellaneous Fraudulent Tactics:
  1. The imposter Johan Strand keeps on saying that there are a few seats left. If it’s legit, why not place a downloadable copy of it over the internet?
  2. The impersonator claims that once you are off this page, you will not be able to redirect. Well for the information of our readers, we tried almost 20 times and ended up straight back at the video of the scam artist.
  3. Despite saying that software is free, they are still charging $250 so that they can use it on your behalf.

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Even after spending decades mastering the tactics of financial markets, the top-notch traders still play on their own. They don’t rely on autopilot scam software because they are totally fake and filled will plan lies. There is no such thing in binary options trading as an autopilot bot making money for humans. We have revealed the Blazing Trader scam in our Blazing Trader Review. Furthermore, these scam artists can never contaminate your minds. Our scam reviews will always be there to guide you. In a nutshell, stay away from Blazing Trader scam and keep you coffers secured.

  • Petia Dimova

    i just made a registracion without knowing i did not put any card details .they were calling me for 5 days non stop i said im not interasted 100 times they send me 100 emails.and they hacked my viber