Black Swan App Scam Review

Black Swan App Scam Review. We are adding another viral scam to our every growing list of binary options auto trader scams. Please read our full review to avoid losing your money with this nasty scam. If it is too late, and you’ve already been scammed, please email us to find out how to get your money back. We are here to help you in any way possible. In the meantime, please check out our other scam review to keep yourself informed of the multitude of scams going viral right now. These scammers use a collaboration of efforts to entice you into signing up, including email spam, phone calls, and advertising! Stay away from the Black Swan App at all costs. Please also avoid the horribly destructive, Traders Revenge scam!

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Black Swan APP Review

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DESCRIPTION: Auto trading app that claims you will make $6,154 USD in a month with a $250 investment…

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 Who is Donald Brock and does he exist?

Donald Brock is the self-proclaimed creator and CEO of the Black Swan App. His goal, as he describes it, was to create an automated trading software that could turn the average person into an overnight millionaire. His voice sounds young and youthful, which doesn’t really match his photo, which is of an older gentleman. We opened an investigation into Donald Brock’s true identity. What we found was quite shocking. Donald Brock is a fictitious character. He was created out of thin air by the real scammers behind the Black Swan App. We discovered that Donald Brock’s photo was simply a stock photo of “an old business man”.

Black Swan App Scam

Black Swan App Scam

Even though we’d already discovered that Donald Brock is a fake, we approached the continuation of our investigation with an open mind. It is important to us to gather all the details before coming to a conclusion. However, starting out with a fake CEO and fake back story definitely puts the entire Black Swan App software into a very bad light. Most scams tend to utilize fake CEO’s and fake photos. They do this to obscure the true identity of the scam artists that are behind the scenes creating these scams from their evil imaginings. We checked out the domain registration of the Black Swann App website and also concluded that it is not a registered business and has no real CEO listed. This enables the scam artists to run and hide if anyone tries to call them out on their lies. No real names and no real faces are ever used. This is almost identical to the Brooks Blueprint scam and their fake CEO!

What is Black Swan Technology and does it work?

Firstly, there is no such thing as Black Swan Technology. Black Swan is a “theory” not a “technology”. We realize that the creators of Black Swan Technology named their auto trader after the Black Swan theory, but we wanted to highlight the clear distinction between “black swan theory” which is a real concept, and “black swan technology” which doesn’t actually exist. Black swan theory is a metaphor for discovering something in the natural world that was previously thought to not exist. Hence, it was once thought that black swans didn’t exist until someone discovered that they actually do. In the case of the Black Swan App, the creators claim that it was previously thought that real auto trader that produces millionaires does not exist until Donald Brock created an auto trader that DID produce millionaires. If their claim were true, it would be suitable to call their discovery a Black Swan Theory. However, as we will show below, it is NOT true. Another scam that claims to have discovered a millionaire producing auto trader can be READ HERE.

Black Swan Theory does work, but Black Swan Technology does not work. It is abundantly clear that there are no real earnings here. The back story to how the fictitious Donald Brock created this auto trader is shrouded in mystery. No real names or real information is given. He claims that he based his auto trader on the “black swan pattern” and from there he and his team were able to input this pattern into his software and BOOM, a magical winning creation was born. Another viral scam to avoid was exposed READ HERE.

What is the Black Swan Pattern?

The “black swan pattern” is also a myth created by “Donald Brock” aka the scammers. The actor explains that after identifying a distinct pattern in the financial markets, his team was able to replicate that pattern into a software, which he named the “Black Swan Pattern”. He tells us that this pattern is based on “history repeating itself”. By analyzing old market movements and trading patterns, they predict the future because they believe that market always repeats itself. To view the full explanation please start at time stamp, 2:31.

In actuality, his software is making bogus trades that are based on nothing but chance, and within a few days will surely drain the investment out of any trading account. Overlook the fancy name and concentrate on the fact that this is an empty shallow pattern with no proof and no winning history. This is all a sham made to woo you into investing! Unfortunately, this is not unique, please read our investigation of the Cobalt Code to see an example of another nasty scam!

Is there any real proof that Black Swan App works?

After scouring their website and other online reviews, we came to the conclusion that there is no proof that the Black Swan App works. To the contrary, all we have to base our decision on is a fake CEO and a fancy storyline that comes up empty. They system requires you to invest a minimum of $250 just to use the App, and from our vast experience with auto traders, you will most likely never see this money again. Sure, it’s your money. However, once the Black Swan App begins to trade for you, it will place large trades as quickly as possible, and you will see your balance disappear overnight. If you are already a victim of this scam, please contact us immediately for our tips on how to reclaim your money! It is also prudent that you avoid the Compound Trader scam!

Is trading online a worthwhile pursuit?

Binary option trading has been quite popular for the last several years for good reason. It’s a quick way to make a few extra bucks. However, it’s also a quick way to lose a few extra bucks. It’s essential to research each system before investing your money with it. One system that we absolutely love is Social Trading with Tradeo, which when used correctly can make you very successful in online trading. We offer support to all our readers who sign up through us. Please message us after you do sign up through our review, and we will help you on your journey. Also, be sure to check out our Recommended Signals page. Happy Trading!

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