BitZilla Review: HYIP Scam Busted!

Perhaps you have been interested in joining the newest BTC investment scheme that promises an ROI of 3.4% daily “forever”. If so, you absolutely need to read our BitZilla review. The scam is a carbon copy of about twenty previous financial HYIP scams that we busted just last month alone! This industry is literally dropping new bitcoin investment scams each and every day.

In order to protect yourself, we advise you to read our review before investing. When you are finished reading our review, please forward it to your friends and family on social media to spread the warning. Thousands of unexpecting new investors are losing money in websites designed to scam you. Don’t be their next victim!

If you are reading this after losing your money, please share your experience with us so we can help you! We have some helpful tips that might just protect you in the future.

Let’s get started!

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BitZilla Review

BitZilla Review describes their website as a “team of investors” who are professionals at a wide range of investment options, such as engineering and computer technology. They don’t explain how Bitcoins falls into that, but they do claim they also specialize in cryptocurrency.

From the first glance at the HYIP site, we can tell they are a scam. It’s easy to see that these guys are just throwing words on the page, hoping someone takes them seriously and believes they are legitimate. How do we know? Let’s take a look at their claims and see what the truth really is.

– The “team of professionals” that specialize in EVERYTHING is too broad to take seriously.

First off, we have no names, no personal information or background information on who the “team” is. This is highly suspicious. A legitimate investment website would be more than happy to share their team names and information to increase trust.

Secondly, investment sites are typically geared towards one investment or another. This site claims that they are experts at everything. This is something only a scam artist with an ego problem would say.

– is registered in the UK as a legal business.

This is true but virtually worthless. The type of registration that HYIP has is a simple registration for tax purposes. They are NOT regulated. They are not bound by law to pay you a single dime. More importantly, they are NOT insured.

Honest banks (in the UK and USA) are federally insured. This means that when you enter into an investment with them, your money is safe even if they lose it. BitZilla scam is NOT insured.

User Reviews

We monitored several different review sites and blogs, as well as social media, for information about withdrawals. Our readers have unanimously reported that this site is NOT paying, which leads us to believe most people have not been paid.

Often times, we are asked if there is something legal we can do to shut these scammers down. Unfortunately, as fast as they shut down, new HYIP scams pop up on the same day! These scams are so successful at ripping people off, they will never stop coming.

That is why we say the best way to stop these scams is by spreading education. The more people that realize these types of sites are money pits, the less money they will steal. Eventually, if people stop giving them money, they will stop.

If you are one of our readers that is interested in earning money online, we urge you to be safe! The vast majority of money making schemes are either deliberate scams or they just don’t work very well.

Below you will find our complete list of sites that are paying and making money. If you have any questions, please send us a message. Check back often for updates and new sites we will support!

CM Trading – A social trading forex broker that allows you to copy the trades of professional traders. This is done automatically so you don’t need to sit and wait for a trade! If you sign up, please contact us for the best settings and best traders!

My Paying Ads – We have a BIG crush on this amazing program. It has been running for two years now, and we have made quite a bit of money with it. They have a Facebook group with eighty-three thousand members and have never failed to pay us!

My Paying Crypto Ads – Want to use bitcoin to earn? This is the program you need to join! It has all the same benefits as My Paying Ads but only deals in BTC!

Is BitZilla a Scam?

Please keep in mind that the biggest part of this scam is that they refuse to show any proof of their earnings through “successful investments” they claim to be making. A legitimate investment site will always show a report (portfolio) of their history of investments. does NOT do this.

However, we have heard a few reports of people being paid withdrawals, but those reports all came to us from people that were attempting to use their referral link to get registrations and commission sales. Most people that lie about this company will be attempting to convince you that they are legitimate so they can take your commission sale.

Don’t be fooled! BitZilla will pay commissions to those people as a way of increasing their reach. Think of it as low-cost advertising.

BitZilla is a scam!

Stay safe online and report to us any suspicious sites! And as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • Romeo Teon

    at today for me is paying… just take 0.005 btc from my invest of 0.006

    • Also working for me. Several withdraws. Let’s wait and see 😀 Romeo, what other websites do you trust or use? Maybe we can exchange opinions.

      • If you put it money, start taking withdrawals, but do NOT put any more money.

        • You were right about bitzilla. It is not working anymore, but i still managed to withdraw once a day. Sometimes the withdrawal is working. Definitely scam but still managed to make withdraws.

  • Jan

    Since I requested to withraw my deposit, I am now waiting much longer than with the usual withdraws. I doubt I will get it back, since this week half of the sites where I invested turned to scam. Now it’s definetly to late to go into or even out.

  • Atif Ndeem

    I also lost my my 0.7btc in bitzilla. When i request to refund my investment only. It’s showing in pending from last 20days.