Bitrush Review – BTC Scam Exposed With Evidence is a Bitcoin investment HYIP claiming to be legit. It is getting a ton of positive feedback on other websites. But the reality is NOT as good as it sounds. Our Bitrush review is radically different from the other reviews out there.

We found evidence to prove that is a scam and we do not negotiate and promote scams like most of the other review sites do. All investors should be aware of what is being published on the so-called “Hyip Monitors.” as these websites do nothing good for investors, rather they send them to get scammed!

Let’s get started!

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BitRush Review

Bitrush Review

We will start by exposing their payment plans, and show how these programs were specifically created for the sole purpose of manipulating you into depositing. All of these payment plans end up in the same place, with you losing your money!

Bitrush Scam offers a range of payment plans starting from 3.12% daily to 5.04% DAILY, which means you will get 3.12% every day from any deposit you make into their investment pool. What they don’t explain and what most people don’t realize is this; it will take you 32 days to get back your principle money back.

This depends on which plan you chose. However, everyone typically starts with the first plan. Please know that this ROI is much too high to come from normal stock trading.

ALERT: Bitrush does NOT show any proof of successful trading. They merely claim to be expert traders but do not show any evidence.

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How Scam Operates

The first step in the scam begins when you deposit a small amount of money to test the system for a week or so. If they continue to pay you, then you will trust them and pay them a larger payment. That’s when you get scammed.

They will keep paying you every day for a specific amount of days. Then they scam you, take your money and ignore your emails. Some people trust the HYIPs when they pay them, that’s because they are not aware that they are getting paid from their principle money they put in.

You just keep getting a small percentage of your OWN money every day, and if they see that you are not going to put in more money, they will immediately stop paying. In fact, many people reported that when they request a withdrawal, they are asked to deposit more money to “activate” their account again, before the withdrawal is released.

ALERT: Do NOT put in additional money when you are asked to. Your account does NOT need to be “activated.” This is a lie.

Is Bitrush a Scam or a Legit Company?

Above we showed you how their payment plan trick works, but that’s not enough to prove that they are scammers. They have a Facebook page that seems to be a bit active, and members are happy and claiming to be getting paid.

But that could also be fake, as we discovered that this company is not registered and they won’t last for a long time because they have stolen the name of a legit company called Bitrush Corp. Their website is However, is a fake site created for scamming purposes.

They will most likely face a legal action from the real company, so we strongly advise everyone to stop depositing money with scam.

This HYIP is nothing but an imposter site that is maliciously trying to steal your money.

Warning:- Be aware of of, It’s another scam could be created by the same scammers behind

Conclusion is a 100% scam and they will not pay for a long time. Before you join any site, please check with us for up to date information. We collect the current status of every HYIP and trading site that we are aware of. Furthermore, we need your input. If you have been scammed and would like to try to get your money back, please send us a message!

It is possible to make money online, but you need to use every resource at hand before doing so! Stay safe out there and thank you for reading our Bitrush Review.

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