Bitrise Review – 30% Daily profit OR a Scam? Our Expert Opinion!

Stop whatever you are doing and read our full Bitrise Review before joining this lying cheating HYIP scam! You will be glad you read our report before investing because the majority of people we have talked to have lost their money with this unregulated scam!

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If you are reading this after already losing money into the scam, please be aware that there is nothing you can do to get your money back. If you are approached by a “loan shark” claiming to be able to get your money back for a fee, do not trust that person. There is a second wave of scam artists that love to take money from people and promise them they will get their money back. These people are the lowest of the low and never pay their customers back.

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Bitrise Review


Bitrise Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) of about 30% daily profit forever. The company is registered in the UK with an address of 75 Warwick St. Soho London. This address is listed as belonging to a set of office buildings that are currently for lease. We highly suspect that this address is fake as we can’t find any legitimate information confirming this office is being rented by HYIP scam.

As we investigated all of the details about Bitrise scam we came to a quick conclusion that they are NOT what they claim to be and should not be trusted. We will go through each portion of our investigation below and explain to you why you should think twice before joining this fraudulent business.

Bitrise Scam Trading Cryptocurrency? scam claims that they have a team of highly skilled cryptocurrency traders that make highly profitable trades with your investment. They then share this money with you, while also keeping some for themselves. After you deposit your money, you simply need to sit back and watch their trading experts trade for you.

But is Bitrise scam really a trading company? The facts say otherwise. Firstly, we could find no documentation linking Bitrise to any regulated forex or crypto broker. We are on good terms with all of the regulated brokers and when we asked them about Bitrise, they had never heard of them. They all confirmed that nobody from HYIP scam has any relationship to a legitimate broker.

It is possible that perhaps they are using a scam broker to trade with, but if that is the case, they are not a safe and legal company that you should trust. Unregulated crypto brokers are notorious for stealing money from their customers and forcibly making them lose trades. However, we don’t believe Bitrise scam is trading at all. Not only are they not registered with any crypto broker but they also have no trading proof of trading on their website.

A legitimate trading group will be able to show you several months worth of trading results and hardcore proof of trading and gains and losses. It’s safe to say that scam is NOT trading which means they have lied to you about the nature of their business. Scam Facts Exposed

Before you join any HYIP or trading site you should look into the legal and factual information that they present about themselves. You can use this information to determine whether or not they are a scam. We have outlined some of the major questions you should ask below.

1. Who owns and operates scam?

The owner and “team of traders” is completely anonymous. There is only one good reason to hide your identity online. Remember, an honest man or woman with a successful business will not need to hide their name. In fact, they would be proud to introduce themselves.

Think about it like this. The creator of HYIP is asking you to share your personal information with you and give him your money, but he won’t even tell you his name. Does this sounds like a trustworthy operation? Absolutely not!

2. Is Bitrise HYIP regulated?

There is no information regarding the legal status of this company. They are certainly not regulated and do not work with any regulated broker. They are legally registered in the UK, but the address they are using on their registration does not currently belong to them. This is highly suspicious and is yet another warning sign.

A trustworthy HYIP will be able to show you there physical location and provide documentation that proves they work from that place. Do not trust a site that lies to you about their address!

Is Paying?

In the first few weeks of their operation, they paid out all of their initial withdrawals. This amounted to a large number of happy customers. You might be wondering how they pay withdrawals if they are not trading. is a Ponzi operation. They use the money from new investments to pay the withdrawals of older customers.

This method works only as long as:

a) New investors continue to invest to pay for the withdrawal requests.
b) The admin remains honest and paying, instead of taking the majority of new deposits for his own pocket.

In our experience, most Ponzi HYIP scams will pay for about 2-4 months before losing steam and closing withdrawals. However, most of them will not shut their down and will continue to accept new investments, long after they have stopped paying. ALL of this money now goes straight into their pocket.

They only pay withdrawals for as long as they need to, in order to increase good publicity about their site and bring in rich investors.

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Is a Scam?

As with any HYIP, the choice is yours. You can choose to take the risk or not depending on your level of trust in the site. We advise you NOT to join but if you do join, please post a comment below and let us know what your experience is/was.

Our conclusion is that is a scam and should be avoided! We will not be join! Please send us a message with any questions you might have. If you locate a new HYIP and you want to know if it’s legit of not, we can tell you. Just send us an email containing the URL of the HYIP you want our opinion on.

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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