Bitphoenixsolutions Review – Hyip Scam Exposed In Detail

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Bitphoenixsolutions Review

Bitphoenixsolutions Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 5%-10% daily forever. The website claims that they will pay a daily return “forever”.

So is it possible to earn a daily percentage on a one-time investment that never expires? Absolutely not! In order to understand why this is a huge lie, we need to look at how Bitphoenixsolutions scam earns money.

The website claims that they have created extremely intelligent AI (artificial intelligence) trading robots that trade on the cryptocurrency market. These auto trading bots are winning trades with near-perfect accuracy, making huge profits for the creator of scam.

However, when we investigated this so-called auto trading robots, we found them to be a complete fabrication. There are NO trading robots connected to Bitphoenixsolutions scam. In fact, we could find no evidence that they are trading cryptocurrency at all. So exactly what is missing?

– No proof of any cryptocurrency trading! There are no trading reports or anything else that proves any trading is going on.

– No proof of any cryptocurrency robots! We can find no license or registration for any robots connected to this scam nor anyone else that can vouch for the fact they exist.

Given the fact that no proof of trading exists, we feel it is safe to assume scam is NOT a true trading site as they claim. In reality, they are nothing but an illegal Ponzi scheme that lies and manipulates their investors into investing their hard earned money. Scam Facts

Bitphoenixsolutions Scam

The following is a short list of problems related to the Bitphoenixsolutions scam. This list should serve as a universal checklist for any site you are interested in joining.

1. Who is the owner and operator (admin) of HYIP?

The owner has chosen to hide his identity from us as well as his users. This is extremely troubling and definitely a sure sign of a scam. IF the business of Bitphoenixolutions scam is completely legitimate, why is the owner afraid to show his face and name?

Never trust any website that refuses to reveal their name to you but at the same time wants all of your personal financial information. You are about to become a victim of a scam if you chose to proceed under these terms.

2. Where is Bitphoenixsolutions HYIP scam located?

Despite a map showing several data centers around the world, there is actually NO physical address for scam. We double checked the website registration and were unable to find a real address associated with this scam. It seems they have gone to great lengths to make sure nobody can find where they live and work.

Is should go without saying that this is yet another RED FLAG that should stop you from joining!

Is Paying?

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As of the publication of this article, we can state for certain that is paying. Don’t get too excited! They are paying on a set schedule where they only pay their investors one or two times each before never paying them again.

Why do they do this scam?

In order to increase the trust of their investors, they always pay the first few small withdrawals. When a person gets a payout, they usually get VERY excited and invest a larger amount of money. This is all part of the scam.

After collects as much money as they can, they will shut down and NEVER pay the remaining withdrawal requests!

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Is a Scam?

It should be clear after reading our full review that is a scam. Do not join unless you realize you will most likely lose your money. If you are one of the lucky ones you might get a few small withdrawals, but even that is not a sure thing.

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