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Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) of 4.5% daily. The only accepted currency is Bitcoin. scam is slightly different than other HYIPs because they claim to also offer a service. They claim to offer a secure Bitcoin transaction service that offers you anonymous protection when sending BTC.

Does this service work? Firstly, when you open a discussion about sending anonymous BTC, you need to realize that such a thing is something only people with something to hide will be interested in. If you don’t need to hide your money, why are you worried about sending anonymous BTC?

We have written extensively on this site about the dangers of using BTC online. We don’t like to be the bearers of bad news or a party killers, but BTC carries a significant risk. When you add another layer of secrecy to it, it only becomes MORE dangerous. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE Bitcoin and BTC can and does play a powerful role in today’s financial sector. We use it as well!

However, we do not believe that anonymous BTC, when combined with an unregulated HYIP, is ever a good idea. Why? If the site decides to take your money or hack your account, who’s watching out for you? Nobody! Bitpetite scam is NOT regulated no insured against hacking. In fact, they are a brand new site that has virtually no positive feedback.

We would personally NEVER use this service to send BTC because we do not trust it. Plain and simple. Not only do they offer a shady looking “anon” BTC sending service, but they also operate a HYIP scam that is just a Ponzi in disguise. Why would anyone want to be a part of that? Everyone knows that HYIP scams always fail and always close. So please heed our warning! Bitpetite is a scam and should not be used in any way!

The Facts

Despite offering a BTC service, they claim that they also have a lucrative investment platform. The notion behind the Bitpetite is that they use YOUR money to improve their money sending service, which then allows them to charge higher fees for the service which they share with you.

If you were wondering if this was a true story or not, you can rest assured we are pretty darn sure it’s fake. Most HYIP scams are just Ponzi schemes going by another name. A Ponzi scheme is when an investment group using money deposited by Group B (secondary investors) to pay investors in Group A (first investors). This means that the company is not actually making NEW money, it is just moving money around in a circle until it runs out.

How does the money eventually run out? As soon as the program stops getting enough secondary investors to join, they stop taking in money and can’t pay their Group A investors. This is typically when they freeze accounts, claim to be hacked, and beg their investors to deposit new money. When this doesn’t work, they simply take whatever money is left in the BTC and disappear.

Before you join any HYIP, you need to ask yourself a few pertinent questions.

1. Who owns and operates scam?

The owner is anonymous, just like the money service they claim to offer. Whenever you are dealing with an owner that doesn’t want to show his face, you should be getting a strong sense of danger. This is NOT a safe encounter!

Would you trust a stranger on the street to take your BTC for you? What if the stranger had a nice website but still refused to tell you his name? We hope that you would NOT give him your money. But the truth is… thousands of people do exactly this every day. They give their BTC over to complete strangers on the internet just because that stranger had a nice website and some nice promises. BIG mistake.

2. Are they regulated?

Bitpetite scam is NOT regulated nor insured. This means that nobody is checking on them to make sure they follow the rules. They are operating on their own without the knowledge of any financial police. When you deal with an unregulated service, you are just asking to be scammed.

Never invest with a site that is not regulated, unless you are absolutely sure you know who and what they are. In the case of HYIP scam, you should NOT trust them.

3. Is Paying?

We have not received any reports from our readers that is paying. However, we have taken notice that several other sites are claiming that they are paying. This can be pretty deceiving considering these same sites are offering a referral link to sign up with. It seems they will lie just to get a commission. Why don’t we trust other review sites?

All of the other HYIP review websites are also claiming that multiple other scam sites are not scams. We have heard from SO many of our readers that lost thousands of dollars in scams that were supported by these other review sites. That is why we have lost faith in them.

Should you join scam?

We do NOT advise joining this site at this time. In truth, we don’t support very many paying systems because we are extremely leery of most things on the web. We have seen and heard too much in this industry to keep the faith in it. We do have a very select few services that we truly believe in and those are the ones we support.

Most people caught up in a HYIP scam will be lied to so many times, they will end up depositing multiple times just to get one small withdrawal. In the end, they have lost a lot more money than they ever even fully committed to.

Let’s Make Money!

If you are one of the millions of people trying to earn money online, you are clearly not alone! Earning living online offers a life of freedom and opportunity! Don’t fall for the idea that you can become an instant millionaire in a few weeks by signing up to some software or high yield investment Ponzi scheme site. These types of earning programs will always scam you!

All of the high-yield investment programs claim to trade or invest your money for you. They lie! They are not trading or investing it, they are just stealing it. Why would you trust these scam sites when you can trade for yourself and make your own money?

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Is a Scam?

After examining the evidence, we have concluded that is a scam site and should not be trusted.

If you have already lost your money, please note that while sharing your story is helpful, you won’t be able to get any of your money back. Anytime you use BTC online, you are assuming the risk of losing it. Blockchain doesn’t give you the option of disputes, so you are on your own. However, please share this post in order to warn others!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • Wesley Studemire

    Thank you for your informed info on the practices of this site.

  • marc

    On their About page you can find a registration certificate, but check the address on Google Maps… and you see a small bungalow on the address…..,+Bury+Saint+Edmunds+IP32,+Storbritannien/@52.261126,0.7048585,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47d84c6c54ea7959:0x485a888f24d92c30!8m2!3d52.261126!4d0.7070472
    Always do some simple checking:
    1) Is there a physical address, if not ask for it, if you dont get it, just stay away, the world is full of alternatives.
    2) Check the address on google maps.
    3) Is there a phone number on the website… if not stay away. If there is one make a call, does someone pick up. Look at it this way, would you have a girl friend with no phone number…!!! It is really that simple.
    4) Do a whois look up (of the “.com”) of the domain, can you see the owner, if secret, just stay away.
    THESE 4 simple steps will keep you out of trouble 90% of the times.

  • Ankit Goel

    They are regulated. They have incorporated their Memorandum of association and certificate of incorporation within their site. This company belongs to UK as per their certificate of incorporation.

    • Ankit Goel. This fake certificate you may fool the naive investors with it, not us! You can literally buy this certificate for $99 online.

      • Stevan Scheer

        Not only that they just eliminated their phone contact information from the we site.
        Email still working and its close to be shut down right now.
        Be smart and save people get you money out $$

  • Crypto Coin Dude

    Great advice – one to stay away from for sure.

  • Jonny Rosenholm

    SCAM warning. After 4 weeks my account got zero Bitcoin. Stay away or gamble with your money …

  • Ray

    I happened to get a pop up, that led me to bit petite, was good i got an invalid certificate warning from my security, a search of it led me here, great job you are doing thanks.

  • Stevan Scheer

    STAY away from Bitpetite!!!! This is a major SCAM just like Control Finance.
    Bitpetite has removed any phone number for contact from their web site.
    Their messenger box is not working right now and the badly written emails is now your only choice.
    This is going down right now.
    Get your money out if you still have any and be SAVE!!! $$$
    Sorry for the news.

    • Guan Joon Han

      Is that true?

    • Жека Леонов

      I lost 5ETH on it. Very sad!

      • I’m so sorry you lost money! Were you payed at all or did you lose everything?

        • Жека Леонов

          Im register and transfer 5eth about a week ago. After a fiew days i can`t login to website. Now i find out wesite not responding at all. I don`t think will return my money back.

  • Adebayo Ayodeji

    Which site is reliable to invest my money now?

  • King Thieve

    Hello all,

    Well before I came to this site I already used bitpetite for almost a week now. And so far they paid me 3 times. I invested a small amount of litecoin just to try it. So if they wouldn’t pay I could afford to lose it. So far so good, they are still paying me. Of course those sites are risky but as long as it pays me it’s good for me.I’m gonna wait untill I get my original deposit back and then only reinvest with my profits as long as they are paying.

    • We have been contacted by so many people who never got their last withdrawal. Don’t risk anymore money!

    • Guan Joon Han

      How much did you invest?

  • Fanani SatriaAlam

    I cannot access the website right now,, completely scam,, yeay,,

  • Eli Jone Bacarro

    Bitpetite can’t be reached now.

    • Mike Friis-larsen

      Why do u think its a scam?
      i can reach the website and i can withdraw my money out?

      • Most people are able to take a few small withdrawals but not a larger amount and not more than they put in.

  • ilovefreestuff

    Website is down now. Not for sure if it will ever come back. I was lucky and made my initial investment back

  • Mark Dooley

    What do you think about bitconnect ?

  • Joseph Garro

    The site will not let you log in. I’ve been trying a few times within a 14 hour window. I lost an ethereum and a litecoin. Good thing I didn’t try to add Monero. I hope this is a good final lesson or just trust no one once and for all.

    • Right, 99% of hyip sites are scams. Even if they pay for some time.

      Always refer to us by emailing us before investing anywhere and we will guide you if whether you should or not.

      • Joseph Garro

        Thanks, will definitely learn to research better. It’s been a learning process. This has been scam #2. This time I went with word of mouth and people I trusted and decided to take a plunge with them.

  • Montana

    It’s gone. Dead. They’ve closed the FB and Telegram support. There is little hope they’ll be back when they can easily walk away with everyone’s money.