BitMagnet Review – HYIP BIZ Scam Busted!

Are you looking for a BitMagnet Review? Are you afraid that scam might steal your money? Or perhaps you already figured out that BitMagnet IS a scam and you looking for a better alternative, in all cases, you have come to the right place.

You probably got an email from a deceptive and greedy email spammer inviting you to join BitMagnet Scam, or you read a review on from the so-called “HYIP Monitors” and thought it sounded legitimate! Don’t be tricked. These HYIP monitors are using their link to promote their commission sales, which means they are not honest with you!

Warning- Do not trust ANY HYIP monitors. They are the road to losing your money.

BitMagnet Review Limited is a UK registered cryptocurrency investment company.

They claim that they are investing their money (investors money) in cryptocurrency such as BTC mining etc. has three different investment plans as shown in the screenshot below.

3.60%/DAILY, 4.08%/DAILY, and 4.56%/DAILY.

bitmagnet Review

Obviously, it’s ridiculous that they say they have the ability to pay 4.56% of your money on a daily basis forever by investing it in BTC mining. No BTC mining hardware has the power to mine large amounts of BTC daily.

They claim that they have over 269565 accounts opened in their company so far. We honestly don’t know how can they pay 4.56% to that enormous number of people, especially if each one of these accounts earns between 3 to 4.56% DAILY. This would make it even harder for the company to produce this enormous volume of bitcoins to pay for the members.

To get this massive mining power, they will need a minimum of more than 300million USD to buy mining hardware. They have been online for only 49 days by the time we wrote this review, so we don’t know how are they going to pay the members daily, and still have enough money to purchase hardware which costs more than $3000 right now.

If they made it ” Weekly or monthly ” it would have made more sense mathematically, but when they say that they will pay ” 4% daily and also forever, then this makes no sense and a pure scam. Behind The Scenes

We do not believe that BitMagnet scam invests their money anywhere, We are confident in how they operate.

1- They take your money.

2- They pay you once or twice using other people’s money. This is referred to as the Ponzi scheme.

3- Once you feel confident and deposit a larger amount, they take your money, and they will never pay you.

Is BitMagnet A Scam?

It’s pretty easy to answer that question. The company does not have any social media activity. Their website is completely anonymous, and we don’t know who owns it. Their phone number, which is +449472393748, is an incorrect number.

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The Conclusion

With all the facts we gave, we are extremely confident that is a scam. We hope that our BitMagnet review saves you from falling into this scam. If you think we helped you, please share this review on your FB or google+ to help others.

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  • Torkil Nilssen

    How can they continue for so long? Is it impossible to find out who they are or where they operate from? Let me know if anyone finds out, please😡 I’ll take a flight right away to erase them from this planet.

  • Tomadey’

    Don’t you think that the various exchanges, the likes of BlockChain, CoinBase, CoinPaymentNET & Co, can checkmate the nefarious activities of these “internet-crawlers” ? dwindling the vulnerable and or unsuspecting #investors of their hard earn money.

    I blv that these guys too register with all these exchanges just like every other people, to get their Wallet Address(es, thru which they sweep away the BTCs and then disappeared from the radar!!!