Review – Hyip Scam Exposed In Details!

Before you invest any of your Bitcoin into yet another scam, please read our full review first! We have been reviewing Bitcoin mining and investment companies for several years. This is why you know that when you read our review, you are getting the truth, raw and real.

Despite the lofty promises on the Bitisland Limited scam site, you will NOT be able to make any real profit with this company. They are nothing but scam artists that lie and manipulate in order to get your money. The best way to shut this scam down is to share this article on social media sites. When people stop joining, they will stop have less money to steal from!

Don’t become one of their next victims! Read our Bitisland Review carefully and share your thoughts with us!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers and ROI (return on investment) ranging between 8%-11% daily. The program wants you to believe that you will be paid hourly, forever. scam claims to return profits to you for infinity, or forever. This alone makes this site highly suspect.

For those of you that understand anything about investments, you realize that NO investment program can pay forever. The premise behind the investment is that they are using your money to make even more money, which in return they share with you. However, at some point, the original money you invest would be used up and you’d need to redeposit.

In the case of Bitisland Limited scam, they want you to believe that they have magically found a way to make your one-time investment last forever. This is not feasible and is the first sign that we are dealing with nothing but a scam.

But that’s not all! Let’s dig a little deeper and take a look at why we believe Bitisland is a scam!

The Facts

Before you invest with any online program, you should always do your due research. One of the greatest mistakes people make is believing that just because something has a nice looking website, it must be real. False!

Remember… the internet is a free market and anyone can open a website, whether it be a legitimate business man or a fraud. In reality, frauds are more likely to open websites because they can scam anonymously from the privacy of their own home.

1. So who is the owner of Bitisland Limited HYIP?

Good question! Your guess is as good as ours! The website registration was done anonymously. This is another HUGE sign that we are dealing with a scam artist.

Furthermore, the “about us” section on scam does not give any names or any idea of who created this site. You would do well to NEVER trust a site that doesn’t reveal the owner! Many people have been burned this way.

2. Is Bitisland Limited regulated?

No! They are not regulated and carry no protection or insurance in case they lose all your money. They have a business registration in the UK, but this is done via the internet. They are NOT a UK based company. Our best estimation is that they are Nigerian or Russian. Most of the recent HYIP scams have originated in these countries.

3. Do they really mine Bitcoin and trade cryptocurrency?

Absolutely NOT! They have nothing to do with mining BTC or trading. They have created a fake story to attempt to convince you why you should give them your money.

A true BTC mining site will give you inside access to their BTC farms and allow you to see how they operate. A real cryptocurrency trading platform will have easily accessible trading reports that show the history of trading and gains and losses. Bitisland scam has done neither of these things. Don’t be fooled by their tricky words!

Is Paying?

Before we talk about what our readers have shared with us we need to give a special warning. The URL domain of is for SALE. This means that the owner is taking bids on how much he will sell his site for.

When and if his site does sell, all of your personal information will be given to the new owner, and you have no idea of who that will be. Ask yourself why a successfully running investment site would be trying to sell their URL? There is only one reason… they only care about making money. They can start another scam site tomorrow if they sell this one. It means nothing to them.

In the last few weeks, we have taken in several complaints. Most people who used scam reported that they received 3-4 initial daily withdrawals before their account was closed. All of them were pushed into making new deposits to keep their account active. Those that fell for this lie also lost that money as well.

NEVER put more money into a site that is not paying you. They are literally just taking more money from what they consider to be an easy scam victim. They will NOT pay you more than you put in. This means that despite being paid a few times, you’ll never make more than you initially deposited.

Let’s Make Money!

If you are one of the millions of people trying to earn money online, you are clearly not alone! Earning living online offers a life of freedom and opportunity! Don’t fall for the idea that you can become an instant millionaire in a few weeks by signing up to some software or high yield investment Ponzi scheme site. These types of earning programs will always scam you!

All of the high-yield investment programs claim to trade or invest your money for you. They lie! They are not trading or investing it, they are just stealing it. Why would you trust these scam sites when you can trade for yourself and make your own money?

Join CM Trading today and learn how to trade for yourself by copying experienced traders! Don’t leave your future in the hands of a scammer! Educate and empower yourself to make your own money! Read our complete CM Trading review and join thousands of people who are taking the control into their own hands!

Is a Scam?

It is abundantly clear to us that is a scam! Do NOT give them your money and do not convince your friends to either. They will never pay you more than you put in.

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!



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  • Hiscom Smsalways

    Please is IQ Option still good for investmen?

    • It is good ONLY if you follow the strategy strictly. Keep your emotions out! But I am telling you that you actually won’t 🙂

      • Hiscom Smsalways

        I registered with IQ Option about two months ago using your link. I have been practising with the Demo account. I want to deposit above $1000 into my real account. Is IQ Option as a broker still a reliable platform for Binary Option trading or have they started manipulating trades or such things?.

        • They are currently the TOP and #1 broker in the binary options industry.