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If you want to grow your Bitcoin online, you need to read our complete Review first! This site is going viral as obnoxious marketers attempt to scam people on social media by spamming their link!

Perhaps you have already lost money with this scam. If so, please note that there is no way to get your money back. Because you used Bitcoin to fund your account, you can’t open a dispute against the company. That is why we do not advise using BTC to fund investment accounts online unless you do not mind losing it.

If you need investment advice, don’t hesitate to email us with any questions!

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Official Website:

WARNING! is FOR SALE. This means that the URL and the website is available to purchase. We are sure that none of the site members are aware of this. Please protect yourself before you find your GONE! This site is NOT legitimate and will fall at any moment. Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers between 7% – 200% ROI (return on investment). The site has only been online for a few months but they have attracted a large following of loyal investors who spam social media with their link in order to earn a commission sale.

The owner (admin) of the site is not known. He has chosen not to reveal his name and therefore protected himself against reputation damage when he decides to scam all his investors.

What Do They Do? scam claims that they have a “team of highly skilled professionals” who are experts at cryptocurrency trading and forex trading. We realize that most of you might not have read all our previous HYIP reviews but we need to make something clear.

ALL of the scams we have busted in the last six months have all claimed to trade in forex and cryptocurrency. This is a bold face lie and yet it continues to trick people time and time again. Some people are literally falling for multiple scams that all claim to make money by trading in forex and cryptocurrency.

How do we know it’s a lie? Let’s examine the facts.

A real forex trading company will have plenty of evidence showing their trading results. All trading experts love to show off their results and even if they were bad results they need to show them to us in order to be transparent.

Likewise, a real cryptocurrency trading business will also have several proofs showing gains and losses over the last year. If there is no proof of trading history, there is NO trading!

Tip: Never trust a business that does not show you its trading reports. If you want to invest with a real forex trading company, see our full CM Trading review!

Ponzi Scheme Exposed

Many people wonder how can afford to pay withdrawals if they are not actually trading forex. The answer to that is simple. is a Ponzi scheme. This means that they are paying older members with the money that comes from new members depositing.

In the beginning of any Ponzi scam, the owner pays all withdrawals for about 3-6 months. During this time, the members began to trust the program and refer all their friends and family. There is plenty of money coming in to pay withdrawals as well as pad the pockets of the admin.

In about three months times, the membership starts to lag and the admin can no longer afford to pay withdrawals. Because of this, they begin to halt all withdrawals and keep any additional money for themselves. They have a whole host of tricky excuses that they give to members as to why they can’t pay.

In some cases, the admin even convinces members to deposit MORE money in order to activate their accounts again so they can withdraw. This is a sure sign of a scam and always ends in everyone losing their money.

Is Paying?

In the last few weeks, we have had mixed reports. Some of our readers have been paid, but they are also some of the top marketers for BitGrow scam. It seems that BitGrow HYIP is paying members who bring in sales by sharing their affiliate link. However, smaller members that are not helping grow the business have NOT been paid.

What does this mean for you? You can’t trust a Ponzi program. Those of you who have been scammed in the past already know this. But this review will hopefully prevent new investors from being scammed. It is just a fact of life that these programs were designed for scam artists to take advantage of you.

Tip: HYIP is NOT regulated or insured. They only accept BTC investments, which means that when you lose your money you can’t open a dispute. Bitcoin is not traceable. This makes Bitcoin the favorite currency for scammers.

Trading Forex and Earning!

Despite a lot of scams that claim to trade forex, you should know that Forex trading is actually a lucrative and successful business. Many people think they don’t have enough knowledge or experience to trade, and this is where a business like CM Trading comes in.

Why give your money to Hyip Scams and risk it while you can trade it yourself? CM Trading provides you with skilled traders that you can follow automatically using a copy trader feature. The best part is that CM Trading is regulated and paying! You can read our review above for more information.

If you want to try a super fun way to earn money, check our IQ Options strategy, make sure to read about that as well and message us with your results!

Is a Scam?

After examining the evidence the most obvious sign that is a scam is that they fail to offer any proof that their company pays or trades. Your financial information is not safe with this website and you will end up losing your money if you invest.

There are better options as you can see above. If you have any question or want us to investigate a website for you, please send us a message! Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • Easwaran

    My bitgrow account withdrawal was pending 24hours . Whn its cleared and credit my wallet???
    Pls eny one rply …

    • They are not paying.

      • Easwaran

        So, my investment is waste

        • Ciber


  • Marija Dimova

    Great review of another fake and scam broker! People never trader with brokers that are not licensed or regulated! I used to suffer loses due to bad decisions too! Back in November 2016 I switched to CMTrading and since then I enjoy great time with it!