BitGarden Review – Hyip Scam Exposed In Detail

Welcome to our complete BitGarden Review. Included in this report is an explanation of how is paying and how they offer to help you make money! You’ll be glad you found this review before investing!

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Is BitGarden a legitimate opportunity or just a scam? Keep reading to find out!

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BitGarden Review

BitGarden Review

BitGarden is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 7%-12% Daily “forever”. All transactions are done in Bitcoin which makes this program a true BTC investment.

The description of the HYIP details that a group of professional BTC traders are managing your funds and making them grow. They then share this profit with you. But is this the truth?

The Facts

While scouring the website for facts, we instead found several gaping holes. In fact, there really are NO facts at all given on this site that has been proven. There are more questions than answers and all of this adds up to a dubious site that doesn’t deserve your trust!

1. Who owns and manages scam?

The admin of this site has chosen not to reveal his name or identity. The business registration does NOT bear the name of the owner, or any person for that matter. There is only one good reason to hide your name from your investors. When you scam them all, they can’t come after you.

Tip: If you go by this rule, you will decrease your chances of being scammed. **Never trust a site that refuses to reveal their owner (admin).**

2. Cryptocurrency Trading?

BitGarden scam claims that they have a team of professionals that focus their efforts on highly successful cryptocurrency trading. This is false. A real trading website will have no problem showing reports of past trading efforts as well as a summary of gains and losses.

Tip: Never trust a site that doesn’t offer any proof of what they do. A legitimate trading site will gladly show you their proof with pride.

3. Are they regulated?

Many of you reading this might be unaware that there any trustworthy institution, broker, or bank needs to be regulated in order to be safe. Regulation means that there is an authoritative force that monitors and polices the site and makes sure there is no scam. They essentially keep everything fair and make sure the owner is not embezzling money.

BitGarden HYIP scam is NOT regulated. They are “registered” in the UK. However, their registration is for tax purposes only and comes with ZERO regulations.

Tip: Never give your money to a site that is not regulated unless you don’t mind taking a huge risk.

Scam Warning!

While conduction our investigation, it came to our attention that is for sale. Literally, the URL is for sale on This means that anyone could purchase it and take ownership of all your financial information.

This should scare you if you have given them any money or information about yourself. They have NO care for you or your personal data. Always check the status of any site before you buy it. This is done simply by going to and entering the URL to see the details.

User Reviews: Is BitGarden paying?

Over the last few weeks, we have been collecting information regarding BitGarden HYIP. We determined that they are currently paying. However, they are paying on a Ponzi scheme schedule. This means that they are paying older members with money they have taken from new members deposits.

The problem with this method is that once new members stop joining the program, they will run out of money and be left unable to pay withdrawals. They also are saving money for themselves. When you deposit with this scam, you are at the mercy of mood of the admin (nobody knows who he is).

IF you are already working on this site, we predict that they will pay you the first time and possibly the second time. At this point, we believe they will ask you to redeposit new money in order to keep your account active. We STRONGLY advise against depositing additional money. In our vast experience, this is when they steal your money.

Let’s Make Money!

It’s obvious that you want to earn online. However, please understand that when something sounds too good to be true, it most always is. In order to make money, you need to put some effort in. Simply putting money into a system and sitting back rarely works. You need to be willing to work for it.

It’s up to you! Do you want to make real money? If so, please see our review of  CM Trading. They are simply the BEST trading system we have ever seen. They offer a unique copy feature that puts you in touch with thousands of traders.

Another great way to earn online is by following our unique IQ Options strategy! Let us know what you think and how much money you make!

Is BitGarden a Scam?

Although they are currently paying, we find the other evidence proves that BitGarden is a scam. They will most likely last no more than a month before they close your account and run away with the money. Don’t become one of their victims!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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